**Scroll down FU a list of my training routines**

If there's one thing I love doing...

It's training my Baby FU Muscles!

I now know what a Bicep Curl is! 

When I initially started training at my Gym...

I didn't know the slightest of basics when it came to weight training! (Let alone how to work a cardio machine!)

Of course...

Like all Gym Members at this Club, I received a comprehensive orientation and program on what to do and how do it! (Thank Heavens!)

It took me a few weeks (if not months) to FUlly grasp the exercises I was doing,


I asked plenty of questions!

Like anything new...

We all have to start somewhere! (And, I'm glad I did!)

1 year later I'm learning all about the TRX!
It kicks me in the butt every time!
I wasn't kidding!

This is a page dedicated to FU *Me* in Training!

Training Dates:

Muscle Groups:

Training while Travelling:

In Vegas:

In Cuba:

A FU words of encouragement from SuperFit:

"Push to Failure", "Make the last rep count", "Suck it up Princess", "Pain is weakness leaving the body","Common, there's one more in you!"

"Let's go FU!"

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