Fitness Competitions

**Thank you all so much for the on-going support and encouragement you gave me during my competition preparations! Words cannot express how thankFUl I am!**

Counting down to my Fitness/Figure Competitions!

All I have to say is...

It was an incredible journey! (Worth every piece of *CaNdY* I didn't have!)

Unless I was given the green light!



OPA Ontario Provincials:

Part I
Part II

OPA Ottawa Classic

IDFA Ottawa/Gatineau Classic


The Competition DAYS:

OPA Ottawa Championships
November 2012


The Competition:

Judging of the 1/4 turns.

A very VERY happy moment FU me!
I thought I was going to faint!
1st Place Win!
Yaba-daba-doooo! :)


Stay Tuned FU more on *CaNdY FiT*
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