Friday, December 5, 2014

A Reminder to Breathe and #RECIPEFRIDAY...

I'm sitting here...


Taking a deep breath.

And breathing.

Breathing in deeply, and exhaling ever. so. slowly.


It feels like the first time this week where I've been able to slow myself down and really...

Take the time to put my thoughts into my space, here, on the blog.

I'm in a coffee shop right now...

Sipping on a beverage warming me from the inside out...out to my very fingertips. (And their cold because I took the time to go for a brisk walk just before settling in here.)

I must admit...

I was reminded today about the importance of slowing down, and truly taking the time necessary to just be.

Be present. Be in the moment. And simply be. (Because in the busyness of life and the holidays this time of year, sometimes this state of being is quite distant from us, yes?)

Although I am very well aware that today is #RECIPEFRIDAY...

I do not have a recipe to share.

Although I do have something else to share which...

Comes in the form of a reminder.

A reminder to find a moment in your day and fill it with stillness.

A reminder to take a breath of fresh air to freshen you up.

A reminder to see the importance of focusing yourself on YOU.

A reminder to step on the breaks, because being in fast lane doesn't always get you to where you wanna go faster.

And lastly...

A reminder to enjoy the weekend we have coming up while taking the time, if you can, to breathe. (But I think I already reminded you of that hehe)


And if you do have a recipe to share...

Do share it!

I'll be spending time in the kitchen over the next couple of days :P

I do loooove the sourdough bread baking :)

Questions FU You...

Do you regularly pause during your day to breathe in deeply?
Plans for the weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. Yesterday I had a tight muscle in my back and could not take a super deep breath. I discovered I must take a deep breath often as I was constantly reminded that I couldn't. So glad it's better today.

    Happy Friday!

  2. My day was CRAZY yesterday and I am just basking in the moment of silence sipping on my coffee right now it and it is GLORIOUS!

  3. SNAP I'm in a coffee shop too, and this is my first 'me day' this week - it's been a super hecti one! So I'll definitely be taking your advice on board and taking a nice deep breath - and smell the coffee ;)

  4. I'm always finding I need to be in the moment more and breathe. I've got a stressful week coming up so this is a good reminder!

  5. i want to come sip and savor with you. I need it. It's time. Always love your reminders friend. SLowing down... breathe

  6. This week has been exhausting but amazing... And now... I am dead. But it's not over yet. I gotta go to an event tonight. Tomorrow night = GIGI DOES NOT A THING!

  7. Oh, I really do need to sit down and slow down and breathe. I too love your reminders to slow down.

  8. My mornings are my just breathe time. Also, depending on the day ahead of me when I pull into the parking lot at work I sit in the car. In silence. Take a few deep breaths. The feeling is wonderful!


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