Monday, September 15, 2014

Time Spent...


Time can pass us by and other times...

Move ever so slowly, as we are waiting.

Waiting for days to end. Weekends to come. Results to show. Events to happen and really...

Waiting to go on about our business.

Whether we want time to move faster or slower...

No matter the preference...

Time continuously ticks away.

It doesn't stop. Ever.
Although sometimes it feels like it does! ;P

That said...

Time is something that I've been very mindFUl of lately.

MindFUl in ways that include...

Time spent on me and those around me.

Time spent disconnecting, in order to connect myself more with my surroundings.

Time spent savouring the moments before me, without a need to rush through them.

Time spent embracing the slowness that sometimes is required for things to take place.

If anything...

I've been spending a lot of time on those things that make me feel whole, and complete and...

As a result...

I've been learning and appreciating what this time spent has had to offer me and my environment.

Which is a lot.

I mean...

Time is what allows us to move forward... 

Moving fast here.

And, FUrthermore...

It's in the time we spend right here, right now, that truly allows us to grow.

Grow in all aspects of our life. (Which comes in time!)

Of course...

Some areas may grow faster than others but...

If we are patient (with ourselves and with those around us) it is then that we can...


Bloom into what we ought to become.

Inside and out.

In the time we have to spend on ourselves (and on others)...

Make the most of it.

It'll be worth every figurative dime spent.

Question FU You...

Are you mindFUl of what you spend your time on?
How you like to spend your time?
How much time do you spend on yourself?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. you know I agree.

  2. I often need to do a self-check because I can be guilty of frantically reacting to the tasks in front of me and never having time to work toward my goals -- if I was more mindful of my goals, I would be managing my time better. hmm

    1. You are aware so it's really about putting the mindfulness into practice...when you have time hehe :P

  3. totally agree!! I have been gifting my friends and family my time lately. BUT my little boy and husband get 90% of my time!

  4. I have really been questioning what I want to spend my time on lately. I'm hoping I find out!

  5. Such a great post FU! This was something that was discussed at the Oprah show I went to this weekend so perfect timing!

    1. Very cool! Loved that you enjoyed your experience at the show too!

  6. 100% get this and I always think of you when i need to channel that slowness. So thank you!

  7. Great post and great reminder Kiersten - I need to be much more mindful of my time. I've been slowly learning to log off earlier to go to bed earlier, but I need to learn how to log off more during the days too.

  8. Love!! We are on the same page, slowing down, enjoying the moment. That is what it is all about!


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