Thursday, May 15, 2014

Healthy Starts On The Inside...

**I'm going to continue on with my thoughts from a couple of weeks ago**

There are so many ads out there right now telling us how we should look (let alone telling us to exercise for reasons only to indulge...but that's another post for another day) that...

It's so easy for us to forget about what matters most in our pursuit and commitment to healthy living which is...

How we, the people, feel. (Really, truly, from the inside out.)

I feel good when I workout because I feel alive and strong...
Especially in my brights.

As I strongly believe in the physical and mental connection to healthy living in order to keep the lifestyle going...

So often can the pressures of looking a certain way be eliminated or put aside because of the amount of visuals we are so often inundated with. (Taking away the mental connection one little bit at a time as we focus more and more on the physical aspects of our body.)

Every day...

I see images of what FIT and HEALTH 'should' look like but...

In the array of photographs posted ( as motivating as they can be <--- absolutely!)...

I don't really see much about how taking care of one self should feel. (Which is a lot of things such as feeling alive and refreshed!)

But if we are talking looks...

I know what it would take for me to get the 'look' I am often bombarded with on a constant basis and...

I (me) am not prepared to be 'on' all the time to get it.

**Based on my competition experience, I know what regime I'd need to follow to be and look ultra-lean and ripped! I love(d) the goal, and I've learned a lot from competing, but I don't want to be in competition mode all year round just so that I can look shizzled (my body isn't the happiest there, even if it looks 'in shape'...and even if I love, love rocking the 6 pack underneath my clothes). But does that mean I don't train as hard or that I've lost myself in my goal to healthy living because I don't look like I did on competition day? Absolutely not. If anything, I'm training just as hard(er) and, I'm getting stronger while at it both physically and mentally too. With that said, maintaining a healthy lifestyle also takes commitment and dedication and I choose to continue on with it; feeling good in my own skin in or out of competition mode.**

I do feel amazing come show time and I do have the time of my life on and off stage.
But this look is not maintainable for me.
(It's not, not unless I'm willing to always be in comp. mode)
It's show day body
This is me now.
Happy on the inside. Happy on the outside.
Happy all around :)

As a result of my own growing self-awareness when it comes to my own goals....

The more mindFUl I've become about paying attention to how I feel each and every day and...

The stronger I've become in both body and mind. (I've become better at keeping the two aligned with one another. But, that said, we all have good and bad days so, it's not always smooth sailing! Healthy living takes practice, and I practice every morning I wake until I go to sleep.)


Now of course...

We all want to find that place where we will be most happy with our body because we all want to feel and look good (I mean, it feels great when you put on a pair of jeans and they fit just right, right?! Geez, I know I love that feeling when they just slip right on without wiggling my way in! lol)...

But, having said that...

We can't forget about taking care of our inner-self too in our pursuit to achieve whatever outer-self we've set out for ourselves. (We all have different goals and no two people will aspire for the same thing. Plus, no body (literally too) is the same so, we must take the time to figure out what works for us, as individuals, and ultimately, what we want in the end. Which is likely to change, as we change.)


Simply because we are not shredded doesn't mean we are any less committed to our overall wellness nor...

Does it mean we haven't held ourselves accountable to our well-being. (Absolutely not.)

I love to train. I love to workout. I love to sweat.
I love the benefits I feel from taking care of myself.

If anything...

As long as we are happy doing what we're doing and feeling good while doing it...

That's really what matters most! (Healthy living is about feeling good...and it's starts from the inside first and foremost!)

Teddy feels amazing when he goes out for a run.
It makes him happy ;)

Questions FU You...

How does healthy make you feel?
Do you feel like there is much attention placed on the physical aspect of healthy living?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. So So true! I have been realizing this more and more. Especially when it comes to happiness, you need to follow your heart and do what you love, not what you think you should love because everyone else does :) Love your posts here Kierston!

    here my happiness radiates from within WHEN ITS THERE :)
    and wen it's not? you can definitely tell that too.

  3. Amen! What we look like has taken front seat to our overall HEALTH!

  4. I needed this today! Got a little lost post-baby. I love how healthy feels. I love how strong feels. THAT is what matters. :)

  5. I know you can appear healthy but be unhappy . . .or appear happy while being unhealthy -- so it's all about balance.

  6. Yes!!! I'm happiest when I feel I have things under I'm living the best version of myself!

  7. AnonymousMay 15, 2014

    YES!! Very well put my Dear. I definitely think that people think a person is healthy when she/he looks atheltic - healthy has so many different meanings to anyone. A happy mind is a healthy mind - and that created a healthy body too!

  8. Great post. As someone with a chronic illness, I long ago had to realize that health on the inside is way more important than just superficial health. Health for me means taking care of my whole self--mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Doing so requires a multi-level approach and commitment, but I so easily see the difference when I taking care of each part of me, rather than just creating something that is superficially acceptable.

  9. I love your honesty about the process. A healthy body is one thing, but a healthy happy spirit and heart is another. Love!

  10. Fantastic post! YES I think there is so much out there with social media these days, meant to be motivating, inspiring, but it can also be the opposite when you don't feel that you can live up to those standards. It's hard to remember that the fit ladies aren't "on" all the time. But you see it with blogging sometimes too. Perfect eating, never missing workouts, crushing everything ... I always love your honesty!

  11. Oh gosh yes! Way too much emphasis on the LOOK vs the FEEL. I've never met a figure competitor who didn't echo exactly what you said here. You PEAK for competition, just like many other athletes PEAK for their sport. It's unrealistic to think otherwise.

  12. I feel like this is the sister post to my last post.... maybe it's the moon? We can't be 'On' all the time, but sticking with the overall principles is what is key.

  13. Such a great post. Thanks for sharing - I think a lot of people don't realize that fitness models don't have those bodies year round. They strive for that but it takes a lot of work and commitment to get that body, which they only have for a few days for comp! I agree that being healthy is the most important, and just following through on a healthy lifestyle :)

  14. This--> Simply because we are not shredded doesn't mean we are any less committed to our overall wellness

    I am happier when my inside is softened a bit, same with the outer. more to love.

  15. THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it - I know what it takes to be committed & lean & not lean - it is the inside that matters cause the outside does not make us happy inside deep down!

  16. Just had a conversation with a client about this today. She's very strong and athletic but carries a bit of extra weight around her midsection. Because of that, people who don't know her abilities are more likely to judge her for being 'lazy' or eating too much. And they definitely underestimate her fitness level because all they see is her tummy...


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