Thursday, May 1, 2014

5 Little Running Tips To Keep In Mind Before Heading Out...


After 6 months of being run-free...

My running mojo is back! (Going out for a run twice in one week is considered being back right?!)

My Nike+ watch has been after me for a while...
It later read that we were going to have so much FUn after I pressed ok.

After getting the itch to lace up again and get outside this past Sunday (the weather was amazing!)...

I remembered why it is that I love running so much! (FUnny enough, I go through waves with running. I'll be on for months, then take months off. It's just the way it's always been since I first started! I mean, I ran 29km (18 miles) for my birthday last year then, I slowly weaned myself off and came to a complete halt in November!)

My birthday run partner :)

That being said...

After taking my legs out for a spin this past weekend...

I can't say that they really loved me very much afterwards....

Although I had a great time ;)

Nor did they like me after a hilly run the following evening (I'm sure I was walking as slow as turtle the next morning!)

The intention wasn't to do hills...
But Nookie took me for a loop!
Did I mention I really dislike hills?! lol


I'm sure with time and a slow progression in mileage...

They will be back too ;)

With that in mind...

I am (and will be) very mindFUl about my need to take it slow as I start up again no matter how much I know I will want to increase my mileage faster than I should (I know myself and will want to ramp it up quickly!)

I will also...

Take my time so as to avoid any unnecessary, self-inflicted injury and...

Will work at controlling (monitoring) my breathing! (I get really bad asthma when I run so I always need to ensure I pump up, and I don't mean with weights! lol)

I can't run all day just yet ;)


If you're like me and are looking to run for the first time, or will be re-introducing running back into your routine (or just need the following little reminders as you go along!)...

Here are 5 tips I would offer to you (and to myself) before heading out:

1. Get fitted for the right shoe: this can make or break a run. I learned this the hard way after getting injured due to the wrong footwear. Your local running shop will be equipped and staffed with people to help you with your running gait assessment and, who will also be able to fit you to the proper shoe, just right for you and your foot!
2. Take it slow: as much as I'm practising the art of slowing down in life, I now need to apply this principle to running too. As we all want to FUrther ourselves quickly, we have to learn to pace ourselves so as to allow ourselves to adapt to the changes we are introducing to our body. Like anything, you don't get anywhere fast by cutting corners. Don't risk getting injured for the sake increasing your mileage before you and your body are ready for it.
3. Listen to your body (and push through the mental barriers): if you are tired and need rest, rest! It's okay to push but don't overdo it thinking that if you don't you are weak. We all need a breather and we need to give our body a break from time to time. If you want to get stronger, you need to give yourself time to recover!
4. Stretch and roll: remember to stretch pre and post run. I learned that by not doing so can lead to aches and unnecessary pains. Stretching and foam rolling will also help prevent injury so, be sure to include this into your routine! (I'm not a doctor or personal trainer, I'm simply speaking from experience)

via Angela at happyfitmama.
via Lisa at Runwiki.

5. Enjoy each and every stride: some days are going to be amazing, others not so much. Learn to enjoy each stride of the way, even on those days that will suck. Don't get discouraged, keep going.
5a. Savour your time outside: appreciate the fact that you are able to get out and run. Enjoy the simplicity in lacing up and getting outdoors either alone, with family, friend(s) and/or a running group. There is so much to soak up around you, so savour your time alone or with others outside, breathing in the freshness of the air.

Questions FU You...

What are some tips you would offer to those just starting out or beginning to run after a long break? Or just tips you always keep in mind?
What do you love most about running?

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  1. Im trying
    Im looking
    so far it be running away from me :-)

  2. I kept running over the winter, but it was a challenge. I am in the process of rededicating myself to running. I find the mental battle far more difficult that the physical challenge. Right now, I am working on keeping myself moving and not talking myself out of running and into walking :)

  3. great tips! i would add that not every run will be magnificent but don't quit!

  4. Great tips! I think for people starting out or getting back into running it is key to remember to practice grace...not every run is going to be epic and it is going to take work but they will get there!

  5. Such great tips! Thank you so much for including my muscle soreness tips as well. I have nothing to add other than, the most difficult step is the one out the front door, so just remember when you're in the house trying to talk yourself out of going, you might regret not going, but will never going.

  6. Definitely the shoe fitting. And I love the savouring part. I always tell people to stop thinking. I mean, I know you think when running, but stop over-thinking. Stop planning what you're doing right after the run, then right after that, then the next thing. Just be in the moment and enjoy the fresh air. I think it's also important to remember that it is work, it is going to be hard and challenging. But it's worth it.

  7. I am just starting to run again after taking most of the winter is so hard to take it easy when all I want to do is get back to where I was, and start doing speed workouts! But I know it's important to avoid injury as well =/

  8. oh i love how simple you put it, because it is!! and love the shoes

  9. I just GOOOOOO!! There is no thinking ALLOWED before I go work out, that way, mid way through, I realize what I am doing and my work out only feels half as long, LOL!

  10. I love your tips! I think that the thing that I try to remember (and it's the hardest too) is to take it slow. I can't expect that I will run the same mileage at the same pace that I ran 6 months ago or even 1 month ago when I haven't been running consistently since them.

  11. def with you on taking it slow and the shoes!!! I'm just now getting back into running... it's rough. I've been on hiatus since 2010!

  12. Great tips!!! I love that running is my me time and a time I feel its okay to be selfish and take control.


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