Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Loafing Around to Homemade Pizza to Popping The Question...

On Saturday, April 29...

SuperFit and I walked into a local shopping centre where we came across a Kernels Popcorn bar.

Instead of waving your hands in the air like you just don't care...
Just put popcorn on your head.

Knowing me...

And my love for the popping corn...

Doesn't everyone keep old pictures of their popcorn?!

SuperFit grabbed my two hands, turned me towards him and told me...

"FU, next weekend, let's have a movie and popcorn night, just you and me okay?"


I couldn't reFUse such a request! (And I proposed that I make a homemade pizza too to make the evening even more FUn! hehe)

As the week rolled on...

So did our routine...

We stopped and smelled the flowers during our busy days.
I received an awesome package from North Coast Naturals.
I worked out.
Chilled with my Teddy.

As soon as the weekend came around...

I very much looked forward to loafing around and...

Relaxing at home with SuperFit and The Bears.

Come Saturday....

I baked all morning, simmering in the aromas of fresh baked bread. (Which is quite delightFUl if you ask me!)

My Sesame Sourdough Loaf.


Knowing that we would be going to my little brother and sister's end of year skating show...

I went for a quick sweat session at the gym, got ready, then started on my pizza dough for the night's dinner! (This will have been my third attempt at making pizza! Seriously you should have seen the first two times!)

Once SuperFit arrived from his workout (we went at separate times because I was on a baking schedule lol)...

His pre-workout ;)

We headed out, with a couple of bags filled with my bread to give away to my family.

Cinnamon Raisin.
At the skating show.

After getting all choked up watching my little siblings skate...

Not from this past show.
I wasn't able to get any good pics because it was too dark!

We made our way to Kernels to pick up our beloved movie snack and...

To get our toppings for our pizza! (Which I desperately hoped would turn out lol)

It was a special evening for more reasons than one ;)

After close to an hour of tinkering with my pizza...

It was finally time to eat it! (Yes, eat it because it was edible!)

Need a napkin?

**Side note: SuperFit tells me that even if it hadn't turned out that he would have eaten it anyway because he wasn't going to let a failed pizza POP his bubble so to speak hehe**

After getting into our PJs...

I can look quite dashing in pyjamas ;)

SuperFit told me that he would bring our popcorn downstairs in the basement and...

That I should simply get comfortable! (Sweet deal if you ask me!)

**Side note: I insisted that he keep the popcorn in the original bag it came in because it was like going to the movies. He insisted on the bowl. I insisted again with the bag because I'm like that lol**

As he made his way downstairs...

I noticed he had two popcorn bowls (!!) at which point he then proceeded to tell me...

"Okay, I knowwww you wanted the bag but I ended up pouring your popcorn into a bowl by mistake then realized it was too late to shove it back in the bag so you're getting a bowl." (I laughed lol)

The bag disappeared from the picture.
Apparently there was good reason to..
Keeping these old photos of me and my popcorn! lol

Once the movie got started (don't ask me which movie it was because if you're thinking it was a romantic one it was quite the opposite! LOL)...

I immediately started popping popcorn into my mouth while...

SuperFit wasn't popping any kernels in his! (His stomach was off and it wasn't because of my pizza hehe)

I don't know how long we were into the movie but as I was searching the bowl for the other flavour of popcorn I had chosen (I picked two flavours)...

I hit something hard in my path.

In that moment I looked over at my popcorn date and said...

"Oh my goodness, did you put a box of chocolates in my popcorn bowl?!"

My face probably looked something like this lol
I do get giddy when it comes to sweets!

As I proceeded to take out what I believed to be chocolate...

It was a plain box.

I said...

"Oh, it's not chocolate" (Slightly disappointed lol)

As I continued to 'inspect' the box...

I thought to myself...

"This very much looks like 'THE BOX'!!! And not the kind you fill with chocolates!"

I looked over at SuperFit...

He was emotional.

I opened the box...

Looked over at SuperFit...

He was still emotional...

I then went on to say...

Oh my G !!! (Maybe 600 times before he could say anything!)

Once he popped the question (as we both sat comfortably in our lazy boy chairs)...

I said YES!

April 5, 2014


As we spent the next few moments savouring our engagement...

We then took the time to tell our family and friends! (As many as we could!)

While updating everyone SuperFit told me that...

He'd thought I was eating my popcorn way too slowly! (Which I thought was totally FUnny because the moment all was said, eaten and done, he inhaled his! So much for his stomach being 'off' lol)

He also said that...

He'd tried to stuff the box in the popcorn bag but failed! (As the bag would no longer close with the box in it. And, he didn't want to crush my popcorn! lol)


While I may not be sharing every single detail of the proposal (which was so perfect and so us!)...

What I can say is...

SuperFit really put the POP into PoPcorn and...

You better believe that...

From this day forward Kernels Popcorn will always have a special place in our hearts!

We couldn't be any more happy and excited about our engagement and...

My heart has never been so filled. (With love, happiness, grateFUlness and so much more!)



If you're asking yourselves about the date, the when, the where, the who, the what...

We're not thinking about all of those details at this very moment. 

If anything...

We want to soak up being engaged and...

Continue digesting our popcorn from the weekend ;) (I saved some for memory's sake! I need to figure out how to preserve it though! Ideas?!)


Stay Tune FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!! And major props to SuperFit for a great proposal!

  2. seriously so adorable!! i LOVE this story!!! congrats a million times!!

  3. what a fabulous proposal!!! congrats!

  4. SO HAPPY for you guys girlie -HOW ADORABLE! Yes, Savour in that engagement - details can come later, for now SHOW OFF THAT BLING!

  5. Awwwww what a beautiful story! That put a big smile on my face! So happy for you, I love reading those kind of stories, and you deserve the best. Popcorn will always be so special to you now. How very exciting! Cant wait to see the plans coming together! Congratulations! Oh, and that pizza looks amazing!

    love love love love love.

  7. Love it! So happy for you both. Congrats!!

  8. Such a beautiful proposal!! I'm so excited for you!!! You're going to be a gorgeous bride.

  9. OMG Congrats! How wonderful and what a sweet guy!

  10. Love love love this story, Congrats!!!!

  11. I was SO excited when I saw this on FB. Happy for you both!!! I can't wait to see you all dolled up as a bride. You're going to be stunning!

  12. Ohmygosh!! How exciting!! This totally caught me by surprise- sounds like it caught you off guard, too- love it. And what a gorgeous ring!!

  13. OMG!!!!! I'm so so so so so excited for you. Congratulations!!!

  14. Sweet and such a fun memory for years to come. Enjoy!


  16. Oh -congratulations!! What a super story and incredible memory that you will always have!!! You could put some of the POPcorn in one of those little cubed shadow boxes with the date - at least then if it molds it is contained:)

  17. Love hearing the whole story!! SO SWEET!!!

  18. Congratulations!!!! That is the cutest engagement story ever!!!

  19. goosebumps!! i love it. and i love that you insisted on the bag. and the failed pizza bring a nice touch

    1. I just wanted the BAG LOL ;) Thank you xoxo

  20. Love it. Such a great story.

  21. Love the story! Congratulations on your engagement!


  23. Congratulations! Wishing you all the best!

  24. This is such a wonderful story and you two are my favorite couple!! So so happy for you!!

  25. Thank you all so much for your congratulatory messages! xoxo

  26. Major major MAJOR CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  27. Oh My GOSH!!! CONGRATS!!!! My proposal was similar and so much more interesting to me than walking through a park of perfection. Proposals should be something that symbolize you and your relationship and a great story you can tell later in life. I'm so happy for you both and I think your poposal (see what I did there) was a good refection of your personalities and just...YAY!!!

  28. So thrilled for you guys! Congrats and I just loved reading the story! :D

  29. Oh yeay! I love it! Congrats!

  30. You know I have been waiting for this since I started reading you!!! I knew it would come but I did not think SuperFit would make me wait that long!!!! Tell him I said that!!!!

  31. Love the play by play, thanks for sharing, a very emotional moment! Congrats to you both!

  32. Oh my word!!!! Congrats to you both!!! Many many blessings!!!! I love this story!!!

  33. I love when engagments are a true reflection of "who you really are"! Congratulations!

  34. OH MY GOSH!!! yay!! congrats to you girl! that's so awesome! what a sweet and thoughtful proposal -perfect for the two of you!

  35. so happy for you! Amazing story .perfect!!!!!


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