Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Healthy Living: Do What's Good For You....

Since the beginning of my venture to healthy living...

I've gone through a number of transformations.

Finally taking my health seriously.
Getting into the groove of eating real foods while...
Learning all about exercise and...
 Falling for it at the same time.
That said...

Not only have I been through a number of physical transformations over the past few years...

I am NOT this lean all year round.
This is competition day only.


I've also gone through transformations of mind and soul too. (And not just as they relate to health but me, as person.)

The glasses capture the mental strength right? ;)

The switch from my sedentary lifestyle to one that is not has resulted in my...

Being grateFUl for what my body has enabled me to do (no matter of its look!) and...

Truly feeling my strength (both inside and out) which has developed along the way! (There is and continues to be a physical and mental connection in it all!)

My biggest physical and mental challenge ever.
The Spartan Beast 2012.

With that in mind...

I've been finding lately that there's been this 'ideal' of sorts of what healthy is supposed to look like more than...

What the benefits are resulting from taking care of your overall well-being. (I feel like more emphasis is being placed on the latter, but I could be wrong. That said, when you're bombarded with all of the strong is the new this, fit is the new is the new other thing, muscle is the new this and that and oh that other thing too...the message of healthy living has the potential of getting lost in translation.)

**Health, Fitness and Healthy Living means whatever you want it to mean. You're in charge of your own life and it's yours to define...Not a poster.**

I won't deny though...

I did, for a long time, have this vision of what being 'fit' should look like  in my own journey to health and fitness. (Having competed in the past and being a healthy living blogger *well, a blogger of all things I want to write about*, along with it can come this expectation of sorts of what one SHOULD look like. Trust me, I've gotten comments about the food I eat and how my body looks different from stage day!)


After much reflection about myself, my perceptions, and my own ideals...

I've found a place where I am most happy all around. (And I didn't find this place overnight, believe me!)

And because of where I'm at, on this present day...

I know what I need to do to keep my entire being in this happy place! (A place where I feel good in all senses!)

Physically and mentally.
Even if there is no six pack to be seen.

And quite honestly...

It really matters not what the expectations are (of the media or of others) because what matters most is...

Loving and taking care of your well-being so that...

You can feel at your best! (In every way, shape and form! It's about finding a balance that works for you!)

Because trust me...

There can be a huge disconnect between the physical and the mental when you're just focused on the physical! (Healthy living requires the two to be connected, in my opinion!)

I am most happy when I feel FUll.
FUll from the people that fill my life, from those things I love doing and of course...
From the FUel I fill myself with ;)
At the end of the day...

Focus on yourself, your body, and your overall well-being and...

Do what you need to do to keep yourself healthy, happy and strong!

**Healthy living is a lifestyle. It's more than just being physical. It's doing what's good for you and FUelling yourself in a way that makes you feel at your best in every aspect of your life.**

Happy :)
Don't these sunski's rock?!

Questions FU You...

What is your take on the whole 'strong is the new' thing?
Do you find there is a lot of emphasis placed on what being healthy and fit should look like?
What fills you up?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. You are so right! It is about finding what you love about yourself, how you are most comfortable in your own skin, and being there, no matter what the media says is "in fashion" right now. I think you look great right now, and my weedy runner arms admire your strength.

    It has taken me a long time to love my body how I do now, and I am finally happy with it, even if the other elite athletes are tinier and more ripped than I am, I am at a weight that is healthy for me.

    Thanks for this post :)

    1. Loving and being comfortable in your own skin, absolutely. It's about BEING healthy, not just looking it. Make sense? :)

  2. i love how far you've come in your mental health too! what's healthy is what feels good, inside and out! you are one beautiful woman friend

  3. Awesome stuff to think about girl! Sometimes I get into an unhealthy "healthy" competition with myself (or others) and it reminds me every time that that's not my end goal

    1. It's about feeling good inside and out and doing what's right for you <3

  4. You're so right- there are messages everywhere about what fit or healthy SHOULD look like and it takes a lot of work to discover what it looks like... for you! I find myself working with body image issues often with my clients, we have such high standards for ourselves! But we'll never be happy unless we can work through the mind/spirit as well as the body, like you described.

    1. There are so many SHOULDs out there that it's hard to escape it, but we can :) We have to work on more than one level of health. It's not just appearance based, like you said, it's mind and spirit too :)

  5. Great post my friend. I definitely think being healthy and fit is more than physical, and I need that reminder very much.

  6. You are awesome girl! And you've looked beautiful at every size and shape!

  7. Love this Kierston! It goes right along with my post today and the mental side of fitness. Believe that you can and you will. There is such a push for the "ideal" fitness and what it looks like when the ideal can be different for everyone. The inside is just as important to fitness.

    1. Absolutely. You have be healthy both in body and mind. It's not just about body.

  8. Getting stronger physically definitely helped with getting stronger mentally. Though in the end it is the overall well-being (as you said) that counts for me. My Healthy LIfestyle doesn't only count my workouts, but also the enjoyment of chocolate, love, fun, cooking and everything that makes my body and soul happy.

    1. It's about doing and enjoying those things that fill you right up :) It's more than just your workouts, like you said :) xo

  9. I love that you focus on both sides of health - physical and mental. Health and Fitness is more than just way you look. And I love that you focus on the whole picture

    1. True that. It's the whole picture, it's not just the outside that counts. xo

  10. I agree that heath is more than just physical, it is mental and social too and if one if out of line I think it impacts them all.

  11. aaaand you're amazing. and beautiful! :)

  12. You know I am so with you Kierston!!! I know many don't like my more muscles & other stuff but I do what is right for me. Love this post!!!

  13. I live healthfully for my wellbeing! Exercise and eating right make me happy and that's most important in my mind!

  14. Totally agree! Even more so now that I'm a mom I'm realizing that fitness and health is more than just physical!

  15. YES! There is so much more than just the body--taking care of your emotional health is just as important. Bubble baths are my favorite way. :D

    1. Ahh yes, so good! Resting is definitely an important part of your overall health and well-being.

  16. #word!! your posts are always spot on!! :)

  17. "Healthy living is a lifestyle. It's more than just being physical." I couldn't agree more. It's not just about having a sexy body that every person dreams of. It's about your lifestyle, habits, and your love for yourself.


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