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Loafing Around: 10 Benefits of Sourdough...

As you know...

I've developed a passion for loafing around and...

Baking Artisan Bread.

It all started at the bread making workshop I long wanted to attend...
Back in December.

I mean...

It has become one of my vessels to utter tranquility (seriously, I get so zen when I'm in the kitchen creating and baking. I'm pretty sure my eyes light up when anyone starts talking bread with me!)...

And since I've been growing in this new-found passion of mine...

I've been really (like really!!!) enjoying and savouring every single moment I've had to devote to bread making. (Literally too! hehe)


So let's talk bread...

As bread often gets a bad wrap...

Many people often believe that in order to be healthy, you need to remove it from your diet (food you eat).


I don't believe that to be true. (Not all breads deserve a bad reputation. And trust me, I didn't know much about the world of bread up until I started baking loaves myself. Now, as I FUrther myself in this passion of mine, I'm gaining a better understanding of what could possibly make one bread healthier than another and why.)

Also, since I've been spending more time in the kitchen baking bread using my sourdough starter and...

Since I've been (and continue to be) spending more time reading, learning, and growing my understanding of how naturally leavened breads differ (and provide more benefits) from breads that are processed (and contain ingredients you can't exactly pronounce)...

I've been able to grow in my awareness about the good (yes good!) in what I've been making with my own two hands!

That said...

If you enjoy bread and are able to incorporate it into your diet (again, food you eat)...

There is (are) a healthier bread(s) available for you to pick from such as...

Those breads made with sourdough! (Sourdough is not simply a flavour nor does it always result in a sour taste (highly dependent on fermentation time and age of starter). Sourdough is what helps make your bread rise, while offering many benefits to your dough while at it!)

**Note: I don't know your fitness goals, your body nor how it reacts to grains. Everyone is different and no one way of eating is going to work for all people. Every body responds differently to all types of food which means that not all people can or are able to eat bread. But for those that can include bread into their diets (remember, the food you FUel yourself with), there is a better option for you out there to enjoy.**

So, having shared that...

Here are 10 facts/reasons why sourdough bread is a healthier option:

  1. Sourdough is made from natural occurring yeast and bacteria found in flour.
  2. Bacteria (in the flour) and yeast in sourdough work to predigest starch in grains which makes it easier for your body to digest it.
  3. Sourdough contains a healthy bacteria called lactobacillus which aids in the digestion of the bread.
  4. Lactobacillus is a good bacteria found in yogurt, kefir, sour cream and in fermented drinks. It helps feed good bacteria found in the digestive system.
  5. The lactobacillus is also known to break down phytates (which prevents the absorption of nutrients).
  6.  Long fermentation times of baking sourdough bread lowers gluten content, and it breaks down the phytic acid which allows good bacteria into your digestive system, by processing it more efficiently. In other words, it makes for easier digestion of starch on the body and, it greatly increases the micronutrient profile of the bread.
  7. Long fermentation also allow for breakdown of gluten protein. This is why some gluten sensitive individuals can have Sourdough bread.
  8. The acidic nature of sourdough slows down the rate at which glucose is released into the blood stream, lowering the bread's gluten index (preventing insulin spikes).
  9. The lactic acid is also known to better preserve the bread by its ability to inhibit the growth of mold. In other words, your bread will stay fresher longer.
  10. Sourdough bread is made of natural ingredients; ingredients you can pronounce.
With that in mind...

If you want (and are able), you can have your bread and eat it too. (hehe!)

I have a sensitive stomach and can react to anything, at any time.
My belly will tell me immediately if it likes something or not (trust me!).
So far...
I've only had a positive experiene with my bread, pizzas and focaccias.
No bloating, no nothing.
That makes me ultra happy no doubt!!! :)

**Note: You don't have to scratch bread off your list in order to be 'healthy'. Healthy is not about restrictions (if you have a fitness goal, you need to do what you need to do to get to where you want to go, which may or may not include bread for the time being). Healthy living is about discovering what works best for you and your overall well-being and, committing yourself to a lifestyle that does YOU good; exercising, eating food with benefits while enjoying the feeling of taking care of yourself from the inside out. Like all things, we can enjoy what we like (love) in moderation. knowing what FUels our body and mind best in a way that fills us  in more ways than one.**

**If you have gluten sensitivities, there are gluten-free brands out there like Udi's Gluten-Free for you to try out.  There are also incredible bloggers like Lindsay over at Cotter Crunch who share many gluten-free alternatives for you to enjoy too**

For more information on the sourdough and its benefits, here are a few more resourceFUl links:

Let's Talk Bread by Laura over Mommy Run's Fast
Sourdough 101 Crash Course by Tiffany over at Don't Waste the Crumbs
The Benefits of Fermented Foods by Lindsay over at Cotter Crunch
Long Fermented Breads for the Gluten Sensitive Tastes Great by Bon Appetit
Sourdough Bread: This is one bread that won't hit a sour note when it comes to your blood sugar by Reader's Digest

Questions FU You...

Do you eat bread? Gluten-free versions?
Did you know about the benefits of sourdough?
Do you bake your own bread?
What do you look for when buying bread? Do you look at the ingredients?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. UMMMMM okay seriously, when are you coming to Toronto again?? I need to try your bread! NOM!

  2. I never knew all of this about sour dough! Thanks so all the info...your bread pictures always makes me crave bread! They are beautiful!!

  3. Yes, I completely agree! Sourdough is one of the best bread options... and did I tell you a friend just gave me a starter? Now I have to figure out how to feed it!

    1. So exciting! Watch how much you will start taking care of it :)

  4. Very cool info. I haven't had sourdough in ages. A former step-dad used to make sourdough breads and rolls all the time when I was little.

    1. There's something so warming about homemade bread :)

  5. When I want to eat bread, I eat bread! And, sourdough IS a favorite!

  6. Thank you! I recently was given a sourdough starter and it transformed this non-baker into someone who is often seen with flour all over her. I love my sourdough starter and now I have some healthier reasons why. Now I don't feel guilty for giving some of it to my friends and even clients. I loved this post.

    1. It's amazing isn't it?! Happy you are enjoying baking it with it too! Sourdough rocks :)

  7. I didn't know that about the lower GI index for Sourdough!

  8. Wow I didn't know sourdough had so many benefits! I just like it because it's so yummy! ;-)

  9. you know i love all that fermentation goodness!!

  10. You know my answers on bread!!! :)

  11. I loooove sourdough!! And bread in general. I am a little sensitive, but once in a while a good piece of bread is all I want.

  12. Yes! I am so with you on this one, and I am currently sharing the same passion for bread making. I made my best loaf yet this weekend, and it tastes so good. I love making my own, but have not yet tried sourdough. That will go on my list :)

    1. Can't wait to hear about it when you do!

  13. I so wish I could have a hunk of that! I love me some good sourdough... the gluten just doesn't like me.

  14. Ive love love loved stalking yer bread making too!!

  15. YES! I love sourdough bread and it is without a doubt one of the healthiest choices- my dad's side of the family is diabetic yet still enjoy this bread!


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