Friday, March 21, 2014

Life Updates, Fun Stuff and #RECIPEFRIDAY!

Hasn't this week just flown by?!

I mean...

Even though mine started off with a migraine (migraine free for 3 days so far, although I got up with a pounding/throbbing headache this a.m. that quickly dissipated)...

Every day since has simply...

Gone with the wind! (Lame I know lol)

The cold remains around here...
Even if the Spring has apparently sprung.

That being said...

Let me take a break from updating you on our vacation away...

Part I...
Part II and...
Part III.


Let me tell you a little bit about what's been going presently :)


First off...

I got these super FUreakin' sweet sunglasses from Sunski in the mail the other day! (All opinions shared about Sunski are mine and mine alone. I was not compensated for my words, I was simply sent a free pair to enjoy, which I totally am!)

I was really taken aback by the personalized note!


They are so much FUn...

How could one resist a selfie?! lol

And, without a doubt...

I feel pretty special that I'm one of the first in my neck of the woods to own a pair!

Did I mention that...

SuperFit was quite taken by them too!

Totally rocking MY Sunski's! hehe

**I must say, the people at Sunski are so, so friendly! When reaching out to me, then reading more about their story, how they give backtheir frames (among other things I perused on their website), I couldn't help but fall for them! And to be honest, I worried that the glasses wouldn't fit my face (since I have a hard time with sunglasses), but they fit just perfect! #WIN**


My hair...

In case you didn't notice...

I got my hair did!

I told my hairdresser he could have FUn...

So that he did!

I love the cut and colour!
It's subtle.
I call it the peek-a-boo :)

Loafing around...

I've been learning and playing around with my bread making techniques...

As well as...

With my flour to water ratios!

Working on opening my crumb a little more.
That said...
This sourdough loaf is my favourite yet :)

If anything...

I'm expanding my knowledge as I go along...


I'm loving every little bit of time I've had to devote myself to loafing around! (I've been keeping notes since I started back in December. From the benefits of sourdough to keeping track of my baking, flours used, fermenting phases etc...)

Whole wheat sourdough bread.

** Feel free to check out Laura's bread post where she talks bread! So many of the things she shared I've been storing in my brain (or on paper) so I really value the time she took in putting that post together!**

Enough bread talk for today lol



I've been feeling pretty powerFUl...

Bright ;)


I just don't mean in strength...

I mean...

In both body AND mind! (The two are n'sync and it feels good!)

And lastly...

Both SuperFit and I have signed up for the Canada Army Run! (Taking place in September, just a few days before my bday!)

If you remember...

I did the Army Run back in 2012, which was my very first half marathon!

Nookie and Me nearing the finish line!

What's really exciting about this race is the fact that...

This will be SuperFit's first half marathon so...

I'm really looking forward to running this race together! (And, a few friends have now signed up for it too! Seriously, it's gonna be a big party! lol)

That said...

I guess I should start running again!

I'll be ready as soon as it warms up and the snow has nearly melted!




I'm looking to you for some recipe ideas!

As I've been getting back into the groove since our holidays...

I've been sticking to our regular eats! (And not really creating anything 'new' per say.)

Some of the pics below date back to when I first made them :)

Do you see anything?
Me neither ;)
Greek Yogurt with Berries and Flax Seeds.
Low carb protein pancakes.
Egg whites topped with salad, dijon mustard and hot sauce.
Salad topped with a homemade lemon dressing and sumac.
Salad topped with Salmon and Dijon Mustard Grain.


If you have a recipe(s) you've been making and loving...

Share it!

I can't wait to see what you've cooked up!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Because Teddy said so ;)

Questions FU You...

What's new with you?
Have you registered or signed up for anything exciting?
Plans for the weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. How exciting about the half! And thank you for sharing my bread post... I wish I could place an order for some of yours. :-)

  2. The linkup widget is so cool! Thanks fir letting me share my recipes.

  3. Love everything about this post! More beautiful pictures, new hair, BREAD (you saw I also made my own this week, it is SO enjoyable!), and that you are running again! If you need any help, dont hesitate to ask :)

  4. i pre-registered at the hospital for the birth of baby itz! haha does that count as signing up for something?? ps i love your hair - so pretty!!

  5. So so exciting to be training for a first. The excitement alone gets you through training. Body and mind in sync...more than ever before :)

  6. OMG, love the sunglasses! You can come "loaf" around with me anytime. Yum!

  7. you guys are the coolest! no lie!

  8. Love it - your hair, the sunglasses, feeling strong and the half! So excited for you and SuperFit

  9. The sunglasses are super cute! And I LOVE your hair! And I really really excited you and Superfit are gonna run that race together! Yay!!!

  10. Those sunglasses are totally you! Love it. And the recipes are making me hungry. Welcome back to running--how fun that Superfit is running the race, too!

  11. Love the hair and you totally rock those sunglasses!

  12. I love your new hair! I am a hug sunski fan! And I am so excited that you are doing another half marathon! Does that mean you want to visit us in TO for a run soon?

  13. AHHH your hair makes me want to color my hair again! I love it!

  14. I need to follow your training as I am really nervous about doing my first half marathon. The bread looks so good and super cute glasses :)

  15. Absolutely LOVE the hair. So cute!

  16. LOVE your hair & glasses & just all of it! :) I so wish you lived near me with that bread! Not me near you - I can't take the cold weather in my old age! ;)

  17. Like the glasses, adorable hair, what a sweet furbaby.

    Have a blast this weekend.


  18. That hair color looks amazzzing on you!!! Especially with those sick new sunnies :)

  19. Love the glasses and I'm not really a fan of sunglasses (odd hu?!).

    The hair color looks amazing on you. Love it!

  20. LOVE the glasses, LOVE the hair, and I love your bread pictures EVERY time I see them on IG. :)

  21. Love those sunglasses. I've got the itch to do something fun with my hair. Also yay for bread-I'm so over the bread haters haha

  22. catching up on the FLIPPP SIDE.
    crazyhecticFUN weekend here.

  23. Love the new 'do! The colour is awesome!...and those shades are pretty rockin'

  24. loves the shades! super rad!


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