Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cruising ~ Part III: MindFUlly Savouring...

Okay honestly...

During our nine days away at sea...

Aboard Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas.
Saying goodbye to St. Thomas.

I saw more food than I ever do in a year! (Truly, there's A LOT of food on a cruise ship and I seriously I have no idea where they store it all! lol)

That being said...

I was happy to hear that the food that goes uneaten doesn't just get thrown out as waste...


That it gets recycled into fish food (for one thing!)! (This is just one of the many ways Royal Caribbean commits themselves to 'save the waves', which I think is awesome! I learned this through our Q&A with the Captain and during our All Access Tour on the ship!) 

Cold room with all of the recycling.



When it comes to our eats while away on vacation...

We savoured many different things throughout our séjour, but of course...

We were mindFUl of our food choices along the way!

And while on the topic of choices...

You can definitely eat healthy food with benefits while aboard! (There's a variety of foods and cuisines you can pick and choose from and, the chefs and staff are more than happy to make your food just how you like it, all you have to do is ask! Having said that, we did very little asking. We simply practised mindFUlness, and like I said, enjoyed all the new flavours we got to try out and yes, sometimes we enjoyed a little more too hehe)

At the end of the day...

You do...



You eat in a way that FUels you and your life so that it nourishes your body and mind! (And, makes YOU happy and feel good too!)

So energizing.


So now that I have you all thinking about food (and a vacation! lol)...

How about I share some of those things we savoured while exploring the seas on and off shore! (To be honest, I really didn't take that many food pictures. I didn't want to photograph every single meal before I ate it. I just wanted to enjoy my meal, without having a photoshoot to an appetizer ;) LOL)

I'll be linking up to Jenn's WIAW today :)
One of the two breakfast pictures I took lol
Egg whites and toast with peanut butter.
I was soooo happy to hear that they made their own bread on board!
Did I mention I brought some of my own to share with my family?
Yes, I did. lol
I enjoyed the smoked salmon almost every morning!
I was really impressed with this loaf.
The crumb (inside) was so moist and the crust...
Breakfast with Kiks.
Fish, chickpea curry and spinach leaves topped with some crunchy pickles.
I brought Quest Bars for SuperFit and me.
This flavour rocks by the way!
Dinner appetizer.
Salmon and sweet potatoes.
I didn't really like that yellow sauce so I just left it there.
Chicken and rice.
Burgers and Fries from that place in NYC!
It was awesome!
At the restaurant in San Juan I told you about yesterday...
Stuffed Avocado with a side salad, rice and beans.
This meal was grrrrrrreat!
I'm sure this stuffed avocado will give you all many ideas ;)
And just so you know...
This avocado was the size of my head lol
We found a Froyo place in San Juan.
We totally savoured every bite!
Because those gummy bears I bought in NYC...
Those were gone ;)

Don't worry...

I still have a few more food pics to share but...

I want to leave those for the next part of my vacation recap which will take place in...

Samana, Dominican Republic and...
Labadee, Haiti.

Until then...

Have a great day! (I'm hoping it's warming up where you are because it ain't here!)

HopeFUlly this will help you to keep hot, hot, hot ;)

Questions FU You...

When on holidays, are you mindFUl of your food choices or, do you go all out?
Ever have stuffed avocado? Do you want to now? ;)
Tell me something tasty you've been having as of late!

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  1. Honestly Kierston, the highlight of this post was what you said about not wasting food! That is so important to me, and I had always wondered what they do with the leftovers. That makes me feel better, I hope they all do!

    Lots of wonderful looking eats! My sister and I had an all inclusive vacation a few years ago, and I too, was impressed by the variety of food, and how you could eat healthy if so desired! Glad you still enjoyed the burger and fries though :)

  2. Oh wow, beautiful beah pics - and food pics!! I love the spinning bikes with that view.
    I never go all out on a vacation, cause I know it won't make me feel good. I enjoy healthy foods, so that's what I go for - balanced out with some vacation treats for sure!!

  3. i'd like to think i have a balanced approach :) i don't go all out but i definitely really enjoy my indulgences and foods i don't typically eat on a daily basis

  4. Only 3 beans with that dish? I would have wanted a whole plate LOL. That's great to know that the food isn't just tossed into the trash. Yes, I try to remain mindful on vacation just like at home. I might let myself try a few more things, indulge a little bit more than normal, but I really try to stick to routine. My tummy and body appreciate it!

  5. OMG I love cruising, it's my favorite! Glad you had fun!

  6. I always gain weight when I go on a cruise!

  7. I love to go to warm places because there are always so many great fresh fruits!

  8. All of the food looks awesome - especially the stuffed avocado - maybe lunch will include that today!!

  9. That food all looks amazing, smoked salmon every morning--count me in! That's really cool that you got to do a Q&A session with the captain too and find out fun facts!

    As for eating on holidays & vacations I think I am pretty good about moderating what I eat. I definitely splurge but also will make up for it by lighter meals at other points in the day, or getting a good workout in.

  10. Such a good reminder that just because you are away, does not mean that you have to stop being intentional about choices.

  11. So wonderful for you!!! I am not a cruise person but it looked amazing! I bring my own food AND bread everywhere I travel! :) Fresh bread on the cruise- wow!!!!

  12. i love sitting around the dinner table all nice! family time and good food. But man, i could live at that beach. wow

  13. I am totally thinking about going on a cruise and was completely worried about the food but it looks so good! I am one of those people that indulge once in awhile on vacation I think you have to at least one night!

  14. I take Quest bars everywhere with me too!

  15. Lovely! Even when I decide to indulge on vacation, I usually find a good balance, or at least am active enough to burn off the indulgences!

  16. I HAVE ALWAYS heard that cruises are notorious for having lots and lots and lots of food!!! I remember my sister went on a cruise in Alaska for 7 days and she GAINED 10 pounds!! OMFG! I think it didn't help that there was no gym on the boat and then never really docked land at ALL! Obviously YOU DID NOT put on an ounce because you are always so motivated to work out :)

  17. OMGOSH!!
    I love the surprise HEY LOOK AT THAT SHE LINKED ME!!!!
    ((clicks away grinning and skips off to walk the doodle))

    All your vacation posts have me seriously longing for mine. Come on June!!


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