Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Cruising ~ Part II: Warm Memories from Puerto Rico and St. Thomas...

Before I get into the next part of my holiday...

I must tell you that since I've been back (a week today)...

I've suffered from more migraines than I ever have...ever!


I think it's the change in temperatures, and unfortunately for me...

It doesn't seem like spring is springing by any time soon! (But I have faith lol)

But enough about that...

Let's get back to some warmer thoughts shall we?!


After cruising for a couple of days...

The sun was shining, and every one was basking in the warmth.
I often met with my Mama and Timbits for a speedy walk early in the a.m.
Formal night.

We finally made it our first port of call...

San Juan, Puerto Rico.

View from the ship.

As we arrived later in the afternoon...

We knew, based on the info provided to us about this port, that we would spend this day...

Touring the streets of San Juan, shopping and enjoying ourselves in a new city!

SuperFit has long be wanting a 'real' Panama Hat and...
He finally found one.
I managed to save him $0.22 with my amazing bargaining skills lol
I miss those rays of sunshine.

We also ended up enjoying an amazing meal at a local joint...

We asked around to see what restaurant was most popular amongst the local peeps...
This place proved to be amazing.
We loved getting a taste of Puerto Rican food!
Don't worry...
I'll share some food pics soon enough ;)

Before you knew it though...

The shops had closed after we'd savoured an incredible dinner...


It was time to head back to the ship!

That's not our ship lol

Once we settled back into our digs...

It was only a night's sleep away that we'd find ourselves in...

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas.

Our ship is right behind those bushes ;)

As this city is known for it's jewelry shops (SuperFit was in watch heaven, it was hard to follow him as he went from shop to shop looking at all of his favourites! hehe )...

I knew we'd be spending some time checking them out (I'm not big into 'fancy' jewelry, but I do love my Alex and Ani bracelets, which I did get while in St.Thomas)...

But I knew we'd all prefer...

Exploring the city via a guided tour way more! (There are local taxi drivers (and Royal Caribbean excursions) who offer guided tours of the city plus, they bring you to a beach of choice. We did have the option of going to Megan's Beach, but we wanted to check out a quieter place, which was highly recommended to us by our driver.)

Kiks and me on one of our many adventures.
Enjoying a Virgin Banana Daiquiri at St.Thomas' mountain top!
View from our tour bus.
The scenery was so amazing.

Before you knew it...

We had arrived at Coki Beach....

Where the sand was warm on my feet...

And the water...

Crystal clear!

So clear I could see SuperFit ;)
Pure bliss.
Savouring the beauty surrounding us.

Of course...

It wasn't before long that...

We had to make our way back to the ship! (Unless we wanted the ship to leave without us! lol If anything, the time we spent in St.Thomas was perfect. We got to see and do what we wanted without feeling like we missed out on anything!)


No doubt...

The evening on board would be filled with activities for us to pick and choose from which...

Often resorted to Starbucks, an evening show, touring around the ship and sometimes a nap....

Dancing on the Royal Promenade! (We had a ton of FUn during 70s night!)

With all of that being said...

I think that's enough warm thoughts for today! (I mean, I need to make them last for as long as I can lol)


Don't worry though...

Soon times we'll be exploring:

Samana, Dominican Republic and...
Labadee, Haiti.


Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

Questions FU You...

Do you enjoy exploring new cities? 
Are you adventurous when it comes to tasting new food?
How much do you want to be in some place warm right now?! ;)


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  1. I am so sick of winter. Living in NC, we should be having lovely spring weather now, but it has not come. Your beach photos make me think of our Caribbean cruise that we took in January. I miss those beautiful hot sunny days....a distant memory! You really made the most of your stops in San Juan and St. Thomas!

    1. We had such a great time! It always goes by so fast! Commmon summer time :)

  2. So sorry to hear you have had migraines :( I used to get those all the time, and they KILLED whatever plans I had that day. Hope you feel better! What stunning photos, no wonder you did not want to waste a second on social media! You sucked it all right in!

    I LOVE trying new foods, and love exploring new places! I am trying to go in every state in AMerica....I have 34 down so far :) Pretty proud of that as an English person!

    1. Ya, definitely no fun! I'm migraine free today, thank goodness. Hoping this will last longer than just a day!

      We had such a great time, and we soaked in allll in :)

      34! You rock!

  3. Not good about your migraines :(

    All of your photos look absolutely amazing. I so need a holiday right now like you wouldn't believe! :)

    1. I just want warm weather...now ;)

  4. OMG looks like a fabulous trip! Glad you enjoyed some warmth. We are leaving on our cruise on Friday! Can't wait after this horrific winter. Hope those migraines subside fast. Makes a great case for moving to a warmer climate, yes?

    I MUST I MUST show the child that photo of superfit in the water :-)
    Ill let you know what she says :-)

  6. ooooh i'm so enjoying your warm pictures right now!!!

  7. FUN FUN FUN!! Looks like you had an amazing time!

  8. Looks so amazing! You are making me want to go on a cruise. Maybe next year!

  9. I'm sorry you are dealing with migraines, the weather changes do that to me too. The constant up and down of temps lately has been hard. I could definitely go for some place warm right now! Love all the pictures, and so glad you had a great time with your family- looks like lots of amazing memories!

    1. Definitely lots of amazing memories!

      It's been the worst season for my migraines. I can't wait for the warmer temperatures!

  10. Love the pictures of the beach and sunshine!! I'm enjoying living vicariously through your trip adventures right now!
    Sorry about the migraines - I hope you are past them now and can get back to enjoying life!!

    1. hehe I'm living through my pictures too, remembering what sun and hot temps feel like lol

      And, thanks :)

  11. I love St. Thomas. So beautiful! Your pics make me want warmth and sunshine even more!

  12. I have also been suffering fomr migraines lately. I think its all the shifts in pressure with this weather.

    On a much happier note your vacations looks perfect!!!

  13. Looks like you guys had such a great trip! I've never been on a cruise, but they look like so much fun. I'm going to Mexico in April and looking at all your pictures of crystal clear waters made me so much more excited!

    Hopefully spring will spring soon!

  14. So happy you got to do this!!!!!

  15. I've loved saving up these recaps to read like a travel journal- This sounds amazing! I've never been on a cruise because I always had the false perception that you're restricted on a boat- but this proves otherwise!

    I want a panama hat too haha!


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