Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Our Knead [need] To Enjoy The Journey...

I just needed to knead this past weekend and...

What's even more awesome is that...

I got to knead with my little sister Kiki...

How neat is that!


Teddy of course!

In yo face! hehe

If anything...

Baking Artisan Bread has become more and more therapeutic for me since my very first loaf and..

As I continue taking care of my Levain (by feeding and reactivating it)...

My Sourdough starter I got from Master Baker John back in December.
As you can see...
It's still alive and growing ;)

I'm seeing an interesting connection between...

My knead need to continue taking care of myself and my overall well-being  (both in body and mind.) and...

My knead to continue taking care of my Starter in order for it to grow, and stay active! (Alive.)

Another vessel to my inner-ohm.
Feeling alive when I'm active and in motion.
But also...
At rest.

Much like the process of making bread (taking care of my Starter and creating my own recipes while developing my own techniques as I go along <---learning by reading and watching different hand work(wo)manship)...

The different phases of baking Artisan Bread reminds me of my journey to healthy living.

Having to...

All of these things have enabled me (and my bread hehe) to...

Grow in every way shape and form.

Always changing and evolving with each day (and baking session) that passes me by.

Without a doubt...

We all knead to live life without rush and understand that...

We knead to trust the process, take things slow, and work at our craft in order to...

Move forward, knowing that each day and every effort will be worth it!

In addition to this...

We knead to ensure that...

We enjoy each moment of our journeys through life because...

When the crumbs fall where they may (and we achieve whatever result it is we seek)...

We will be present, ready to savour it all up :)

Enjoy the journey...
You knead to.
Slow down.
You knead [need] to.

Questions FU You...

Do you take the time to slow down and enjoy the journey?
Would you rather rush to the finish line or pace yourself to get there?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. i love how KNEADING helps you (and us) realize the NEED for enjoyment, slowness, family,---> and FUlfilled life. When do we get to visit your bakery?

  2. The two knead/need (s) really do work well together, huh? Looks like a fab weekend!

  3. Love this Kierston! I definitely failed this weekend at slowing down....but this weekend starts the spring break week, so the athletes go home for a week, and I can relax! Looking forward to it! Maybe I shall try making some bread! Yes please! Love the use of KNEAD

  4. I love this analogy. You really can't rush the baking process -- great life lesson there.

  5. i KNEAD my own starter!!! must acquire.

  6. Love this so much. I really do think it's important to slow down and really enjoy more rather than rushing through and failing savor.

  7. I love this sister date! You two are so super cute!! So nice to have time with family!

  8. Love this! And love you got to spend time with your sister!

  9. I love this!! I totally KNEAD to slow life down and enjoy. It goes by too fast!

  10. I am so loving these posts!!!! Not sure I am doing a good job though.. but if I had a nice kitchen with real stuff to cook & bake, I might try this! ;) Mine is not cook friendly!

    As much as I love these posts - I want the bread! :)

  11. I am actually quite antsy right now. I feel like I have been working really hard with some pay off, but I am really itching for the BIG BANG!!!!! But I will always work hard to accomplish everything I want! :)

  12. Aw I love how big Teddy is compared to your little sis (who is so cute by the way!). I absolutely love the bread metaphor, and am glad you have been able to find is so therapeutic.

  13. I love how you can use bread as a way to slow down and enjoy life. I've learned in my later years that slowing down and enjoying the ride is where it is at.

    That pic of your sis and Teddy is too cute :)


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