Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Guard Against Getting Tired and Rest.

The topic of rest is one that I've spoken to many-a-times before and...

With every new day that passes...

More and more do I believe in the importance of resting the body AND the mind.

Teddy showing me how to rest.

I came across these words a few days ago...

And you know what?

It spoke so much truth to me. (I talked to SuperFit about these words. Both he and I strongly value the importance of rest and embrace our time to slow down. We do not see it as a drawback, nor do we cringe at the thought of resting. We breathe, just a little deeper and longer.)

No matter the context or setting in which these words were shared...

I strongly believe that it applies to all realms of life.

 I mean, so often...

We plan for rest when we are overly tired or...

When we've reached a point of feeling...

  • Drained
  • Exhausted
  • Burned out or just plain ol'
  • Pooped....

In all senses, not just physically.

If anything...

What I've learned throughout my healthy living journey (and in life in general) it's that...

We must plan to rest often. 

We must guard against getting drained before it happens because when (and if) it does happen...

We've then (perhaps) reached a point of doing too much for too long and...

As a result...

Our recovery will take that much longer.

Without any doubt in my mind...

It's important to give ourselves time to slow down and to realize that...

It's okay to rest.

It's okay not to got at it all the time and...

It's okay to press the pause button.


I don't believe that...

You're failing if you rest; or that...

You're a wimp if you need to a take a breather; nor that...

You're weak if you choose to relax, and take a step back.

I believe that...

You are being smart by giving yourself the time required to replenish your entire being with the care it deserves because...

Our bodies and our minds need time to recover.

Perhaps this resting time you can focus yourself on..
Doing things that bring you closer to our inner-ohm.

As much as it is important to listen to our bodies...

It's important to plan ahead in order to guard against over doing it.


If we want to go FUrther (no matter the area we are pursuing)...

We must understand that resting will do us good, in every way, shape and form.

We do so much already that...

It's only fair that we give back to the machine that keeps us going!

To savour each and every moment that it brings us and our being.

Questions FU You...

Do you plan your rest days or do you wait until you are overly tired?
How important is rest in your routine?

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  1. This is a huge issue for me. Burning the candle at both ends. I get so exhausted that I can't even rest very well. I know that doesn't make sense. It's hard to get the relaxation time with three kids, but I need to make it more of a priority.

  2. Agh Kierston this is SO important! I am sure you know by now that I struggle with rest. I know it is really affecting my running, and I know I could be faster (and stronger) if I was able to rest. I am trying so hard, but I think that is the problem, I cant just let it happen (rather than "try") to rest.

    I need to take your advice, and I will read through this after today (as today is my second busy day of the week), and listen, truly listen to your words. Help me relax! I am feeling all those feelings that you mentioned, I think thats an indicator I need to rest!

  3. REST is my favourite part of the week! Love Saturdays!! Although, I often don't take full advantage of them. This weekend I did! I watched the Olympics, snuggled with my puppy, and read my book. It was awesome!

  4. You are so right! It took me awhile to learn this lesson. But it's much better to plan in rest than wait until you're completely burnt out!

  5. I'm still learning this lesson - as I sit here with a kiddo that's sick probably because her body is screaming at her to slow down. I've gotten a little better as my kids are getting older of just 'enjoying' the down time at home. But, it's really hard. I wish I was as good at it as my dogs :-)

  6. I do better resting from workouts than I do from over-doing in general. I go, go, go, go until I am worn out, cranky, depressed. It's a horrible cycle and I really need to quit it. But it can be so hard when you work out in the morning, work all day, still have to manage to clean the house, make dinner (and for me, work with clients) and then go straight to bed to start over the next day. I fail to make myself a priority far too often.

  7. Definitely enjoy my down time!

  8. I have the hardest time finding that line between sedentary and overly active! I live in such an all-or-nothing world that I feel like if I'm not moving, there's no point and if I'm moving constantly I must keep going. Remembering that it's important to be active but give yourself rest is such a difficult thing for me but I know I'll get there!

  9. I usually plan them for days when I'm really busy and know that I won't have time to work out. Sometimes though I can just tell when my body has had too much and I'll take a break. Tomorrow is going to be that day!

  10. i agree! yet why do we feel the need to fight it and still keep going? I think we've wronged the rest word. It needs to be a positive thing! for sure

  11. This hits home for me right now as I am trying to heal a leg injury that has been nagging me for the past month and a half. I struggle with taking days off from exercise and just resting and they usually only come when I'm either injured or I'm forcing myself to take one. It can be hard when you genuinely enjoy that workout but you're absolutely right- rest helps us recover faster and come back even stronger, and it's how I have to look at things right now. Great post!

  12. I plan 2 full days off from workouts each week. I used to still do core or something on those days but now it is nothing but rest & recovery. I learned my lesson! :)

  13. I definitely plan my rest days. Every Friday it is! Although I've been on a 12 day rest while dealing with a respiratory infection that had me sidelined. Rest was all I wanted!

  14. Yes. Yes. Yes. I struggle with this so much. I don't get enough sleep specifically and know that I need more. I've gotten better about taking down time during the day or giving myself a break. It's the sleep I need to work on!

  15. I do not rest enough. Yes, I sleep for 7 hours a night (sometimes 6), but I am always go go go during the day. I try sometimes to take a nap if I can, but typically when I want to, I have too many things to do so I ditch the nap........ I know this is not good, however, me being like this, makes my vacations that much more amazing! LOL. Counting down the days until 4th of July!

  16. I am not very good at resting, but I am trying to be better!

  17. Somtimes my rest days are planned and sometimes they come when i need them (i.e. over tired). Judging how I feel and determining what rest I need has been something I have improved on over the years.

  18. I LOVE all the wisdom you share in your posts. I definitely need to remember that rest makes you stronger. It's like tonight I was tired and thought of getting a quick run in. Instead I'm having a cup of tea so I can kill my workout tomorrow AM :)


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