Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Practice Breathing More Often...It's Good For You.


I've been talking a lot about slowing down and savouring life, for what it is, right now.


As my writing often serves as my own reminders (too!) that I need to pause, and breathe just a little deeper, longer...

I feel like I'm getting better and better at becoming more mindFUl about my knead need to step on the breaks, more often than not.

As I've been focusing much of my attention on bringing myself into a state of calm (day to day), in both mind and body...

More and more do I feel like it is coming more naturally, and freely into my days.

Trust me...

I am no expert when it comes to slowing things down but...

I am conscious of the importance of it and...

How much of a necessity it is for me and my overall well-being.

I mean...

In a world where we are always on the go...

We must remember to pause and breathe, and take that extra breath of air because...

It will help us unwind (even if only for a split moment), and give us a moment of 'ahhhhhh (say it out loud now) that we may very well need. (No matter how short or long our's important that we find our own way(s) to slow things down in the 'rush' of it all.)

It sure is.
And you know what...
You can still keep on going even while resting.

If anything...

Those moments are definitely worth savouring too!

Making bread with my sis over the weekend what exactly what I kneaded ;)
See the K hehe


In talking about savouring...

I thought I would give you a glimpse into what I've been into as of late!

Perfectly balanced....
Sweet and Salty Egg Whites.
Dash of salt,  pepper, NOW Vanilla Stevia, Cinnamon and Ground Flax Seeds
Protein Shake.
Salmon Salad.
My fave ever.
Mmm yes...
Can't forget about these.
Hot water and lemon.
My drink of choice as of late.

Have a great, slowed down, and restFUl kinda day! (Remember to breathe, even in your most busiest of state.)

Questions FU You...

Do you often take the time to breathe, more deeply throughout the day? Even when you're at your busiest?
What have you been savouring lately?

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  1. I'm not always good at taking the time to breathe myself, but I teach breathing exercises to most of my clients, after I learned how powerful they are! Especially for stress management, lowering blood pressure, moderating coritsol, etc.

  2. YES!!!
    square breathing.
    slow breathing.
    all of it.
    and on the THEN do I go to school to pick up the child :-)

  3. I have been trying to be more consistent with meditation daily, it's just a moment to remind myself how important it is to slow down. I think it would probably be wonderful for me if I did more yoga daily

  4. This is a great reminder of just breathing! I feel like some days as the day gets hectic it would help me to just pause for a moment to breathe. It may change the outlook of the day!

  5. My goal is to breathe and pause on my working days....I always postpone it to weekends and vacation, which is not enough. And my body gives me obvious signs that I should do so....
    Sweet and salty eggwhites! Sounds so good, I need to try it!!

  6. What is your protein smoothie made out of...that color is beautiful! hehe

  7. I am so bad about concentrating on my breathing and slowing it down unless I am running. Odd, huh? Your eats look fantastic, especially those pancakes!

  8. Just breathe. Such a simple and effective concept. I should do more of this.

  9. Really trying Kierston!!! You are becoming a master!

  10. Breathing sounds so simple but it's really, really hard to do! I've gotten better at taking the time to stop, breathe and then move forward. Always a work in progress though!

  11. I love those moments during the day, where I really take a minute to think about the exact MOMENT I AM IN!

  12. Clearly from my blog title (Breathe Deeply and Smile) I am constantly trying to focus on breathing and letting go of negativity! Great post again!

  13. I NEED to take more time to breathe. That is why I love makes me focus, breathe, and calm myself. Otherwise I tend to go, go, go all the time.

  14. That sushi! I think you've sparked a craving in me :)

    I definitely need to take more time out to relax and slow down. My current injury us forcing me to do just that.

  15. I have been trying! But still not very successful! I am going to have a whole week of relaxing and savoring the moment though once I go to Michigan for a week tomorrow. This week has been a mad whirlwind! Thanks for the support as always Kierston!

  16. i like your reminder to breathe :) especially with this baby on the way, itz going to be more important than ever!

  17. taking your advice right now! we're going to get some fresh air and breathe!

  18. So important to remember to breathe! It makes such a big difference in my day, especially when things start to get crazy!

  19. Yoga has really helped me with this. It still a work in progress, but it has definitely helped make me more mindful.


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