Monday, February 10, 2014

Baking Artisan Bread: A Vessel to Tranquillity.


As a seldom bread eater (although not as seldom as I once was)...

I find myself immersed in the art of baking bread.

Whether it's in the time it takes to prepare a loaf, or the patience required in the waiting in-between each phase of the process...

The knead to pace myself throughout it all is truly what brings me into a state of...

Utter tranquillity.

To be perfectly honest...

There's just something about loafing around that slows me down.

And it's a type of slowness that...

Takes me straight into a haven of calm. (I'm already calm by nature, but this really takes me FUrther into my state of calmness.)

One of my very first loaves.
I've only ever used my Sourdough Starter given to me by Master Baker John.

As we all have our own ways to whine down and relax...

Baking Artisan Bread has been my newest vessel to inner-ohm. (In addition to health, fitness, reading, writing etc...)

A vessel that's been FUelling  itself on...

A knead to slow down: and to savour the moment and, slow my mind while focusing all of myself on what I'm doing.
A knead to be patient: each and every step of the way, and not rushing to get to the finish line.

Patiently awaiting our loaves to come out of the oven.

A knead to take my time: and understand why it is that time is essential to the process. We don't get anywhere by cutting corners, even if it's to save on time.
A knead to enjoy the process: and lose myself in the making. (And eating hehe)

A knead to appreciate the lessons in the making: while broadening my knowledge of Artisan Bread making. Not only are there lessons to be learned along the way, there is a 'knead' for me to open my mind beyond my ingredient list. There is a science worth exploring.

Without a doubt...

As I continue on in my journey of Artisan Bread making...

I will continue to try out new things...

Never being afraid to step out of my comfort zone as I know that...

It is within these larger, 'scarier' steps that I will be better able to build upon my own techniques...

I'm loving the ability to create whatever it is I want as I go along.
Attending to special requests (my Dad) on classics.
I was taught that the options are endless and to simply try and add  anything without fear.
That's what I've been doing.


Grow in my new-found passion for bread making.

If anything...

Much like in life, in health, in fitness, in everything...

We must embrace the journey, in every aspect, and...

Understand that everything 'kneads' time to grow, no matter the results it is we seek.

A little slice of life.

So what about you...

What is your vessel to inner-ohm?
What brings tranquillity into your life?

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  1. It is sooo pretty, Kierston! And yummy looking. I'm glad you've found an unexpected passion through it!

  2. Love that Kierston! I totally agree, I LOVE baking my own bread now, and the stages are so enjoyable as you go through and see it develop. That bread looks wonderful, you have a talent (another one!!!) for this :) I am excited to follow your journey as you develop your own recipes!

    I am trying to find ways to relax, my running needs it right now as my mileage it getting higher, but it is tough right now as I have so much to do. I need to carve out time for it yet.....just without having to drive to yoga more!

    1. From start to finish, I'm in complete tranquillity. I've been making my own recipes since my workshop. It's been an amazing adventure. Trial and error and lesson in the making :)

  3. you KNOW I was following along with all this on social media too.

    as I brush mats out of Charming and pondered DOOOODLECHAT.

    1. Teddy just got a buzz cut. He dunnn like it one bit.

  4. yoga brings tranquility into my life :)

  5. OMG this is awesome!!! I need to bake some myself.

  6. I am frequent bread-eater and your instagram post regularly make me want to stuff my face! Love this!

  7. I enjoy your posts about tranquility and self-reflection, and the metaphor of bread-baking lends itself well to those notions of slowing down and enjoying the journey of life. Any activity that forces you to slow down and respect the art of the process is good for the soul indeed. That said, I'm having difficulty following your segue from clean eating, healthy living and food as nourishment for a healthy and fit body, and this. Of course, bread can have a place in anyone's healthy eating plan. But your new emphasis on this particular topic of is not reflective of true moderation. Most topics du jour on blogs ebb and flow; this is not the first time nor the last that readers will be left scratching their heads at the very sudden departure from the topic that appealed to your readers in the first place, made us feel invested in your journey and your life, and coming back for more.

    I hope this is taken as nothing more than gentle constructive criticism. Trust that I'm no "hater". I do wish you all the best in this journey and all others. Peace.

    1. 'Clean-eating' aside, what's to say baking bread can't be part of Kierston's diet? 80:20? 90:10? Does it matter? Does it even matter if she's eating the bread or not? The point is clearly that something cathartic like bread making is fitting in, even enhancing, an already healthy lifestyle, which I would say does have a place on CandyFit.

      For the record, I don't eat bread but I would love to experience the process of making artisan loaves myself. It sounds like a creative and calming process that I'm sure many other benefits than just basic nutrition.

    2. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have not taken what you have said as negative criticism.

      I believe in balance and moderation, and I believe that healthy living includes enjoying and savouring those very things we such a way that fits within our own lives, and what it is we strive for (in every aspect). I bake Artisan Bread and I love it …much like I love health and fitness and creating recipes that nourish.

      I have not departed from those topics you mention, I am simply sharing something I have grown passionate about, which is a part of my journey through life. Like I mentioned before, I love baking Artisan Bread...I love the process, the focus, the science, the lessons in the making and baking. That said, it is not the sole focus of my blog, it is a part of it and I'm at liberty to speak to it if I so choose.

      Thanks again for your comment. Hope you are having a great weekend :)

  8. I want to eat all the bread, ha ha. It all looks so yummy.

  9. It's bread, really healthy bread and yes I eat bread, I don't eat the whole loaf and I don't add anything to it. (it's perfect as it is) it's a carb and it has it's place in my diet.

  10. I do so completely need to slow down. I feel like every conversation I have with my husband lately is entirely about scheduling. but, there are so many things going on... oh to find the tranquil spot in between. Sigh.

    1. It can be as much as taking a deep breath :) Just being mindful of it and taking a few minutes to slow things down can go a long way <3

  11. kneading to let it form, to rise, to grow. Gosh, that's a life lesson in itself. Now i just need some good GF dough that will rise and i will join you. <3

  12. Cooking is definitely therapeutic for me. I love this because I LOVE baking bread. I just don't do it as much as I'd like. Yours look absolutely perfect!

    1. Thank you so much. It IS so therapeutic.

  13. Oh, nothing smells better than baking bread! I am intimidated by the process, but I guess I shouldn't be.

  14. Fresh baked bread is wonderful! And kneading works like meditation, doesn't it?
    I find peace and calmness in baking and cooking too, but having said that, the mess I create freaks me out a little lol :-)
    Yoga or walks along the lake work a little better for my calmness. I wouldn't mind finding one of these wonderful loaves in front of my door though :-)

    1. It definitely brings me into an ohm-like state. I love it. It calms me right down.

      Oh my goodness, if only you lived closer!

  15. I love this and the peace that it bring to you!

  16. You know I can basically echo every word of this post. :) I have yet to produce a artful crust such as yours, though... that is next for me to try. I absolutely love how baking bread holds one captive; you can't force it or bend it to your schedule, you have to become a student, measure, time, wait carefully and diligently to get the product you're aiming for. Cold rises are among my favorites, and buttermilk bread rising to JUST the perfect bread loaf shape during oven spring thrills me like I can't describe. You go, girl. Some day we will om together!

    1. Yes, ohm my goodness, that would be ohmazing! <3

  17. That should read AN artful crust*... ;)

  18. I see Candy Fit Bakery opening up around the corner! ;)


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