Thursday, January 2, 2014

The New Year: Setting Intentions...

And so the New Year has finally arrived (Happy New Year!) and...

It is during this very time that we are asked about our resolutions.

What our goals are for the year?
What will we aspire to achieve?
What will we accomplish?
What will we change?

Since I didn't set any resolutions for 2013 other than...

Promising myself a lifetime resolution to my health and well-being...

I have not, yet again, set any resolutions for myself for this upcoming year...


I did set up a plan. (For what deems appropriate for me, right now.)

My plan is to...

  1. Let life happen; while...
  2. Focusing on living in (and savouring) the moment; and...
  3. Setting intentions for myself as I go along. (Be it in health, fitness, professional or personal development.)

Of course...

I can sit here and list some goals/resolutions out for you but...

I wouldn't be speaking my truth not knowing if I actually want to pursue them.

Will I compete at the GNC OPA Natural Championships that I qualified for back in June? I don't know. Maybe.
Will I run another race? A 10K, half-marathon, or a marathon (which I have thought about)? I'm not sure, but I will continue to run along and see where it will lead me to.
Will I press the 50's by year's end? I will not sacrifice form for weight, but I WILL continue to train hard.
Will I begin/finish on a few personal projects I have thought about? I will do what I can in hopes to complete those things that seem most fitting for me during this phase of my life.

Finally de-cluttering and decorating the spare bedroom I had told myself I would do.
It was actually a New Year's resolution I made for myself back in 2012.
(And on my mind for a couple of years before that lol)

Don't get me wrong...

I do love and value the idea of making resolutions but...

I am realizing that perhaps January 1 isn't the perfect timing for me to set them. (I've never been great at sticking to my resolutions so perhaps it's a sign lol)


I don't want to feel like I have to choose what my goals are right at this moment because 'it's the season'...

But what I do want to do is be sure that when I do set my intentions for the day, week, month or year that...

They are true to my being, down to the very core. (And from there, I can put a plan into place, for me, knowing that the timing is right.)

In addition to setting intentions...

My plan is to set words of intent as I go along throughout the new year. (To keep me focused in whatever it is I aspire to achieve.)

As I have seen somewhat of a trend with the words I have repeated in my writing in 2013:

  1. Learn
  2. Patience
  3. Strength
  4. Savour
  5. Slow down
  6. Balance
  7. Change
  8. Rest
  9. Refresh
  10. Disconnect; and not limited to...
  11. GrateFUlness
I have decided to list one word of intent right now. (With the plan of growing upon this list as I move forward in 2014, and with the intent of living by it/them.)

And that word which I have chosen is: 


Faith in myself and all that I can accomplish in every aspect of life.
Faith that what I do, and the choices I make will result in my development as a person.
Faith that life will work out as it will, knowing that there is meaning for what is, and what will be.

If anything, for me...

I believe that to be a good start for 2014 :)

Faith that with opens eyes, I will see what there is to be seen.

So what about you?

Do you have any New Year resolutions, intentions or words to live by?

Stay Tuned FU More ON *CaNdY FiT*

**Reminder: I will be slowing down with my blogging over the holidays, but will remain moderately active on twitterinstagram and facebook. I'm going to take this time to re-charge, in both body and mind, and will do what I can, when I can ;)**


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  1. Happy New Year Kierston!

  2. I love this, Kierston! Faith is such an appropriate word for this new year for me as well :) I hope 2014 is absolutely wonderful for you! <3

  3. I love your word. Great one to work from in the coming year. Happy new year!

  4. I don;t have New Year's resolutions, but I do have goals, or more like a to do list of things I want to get done.

  5. I hope you have another awesome and adventure-filled year!

  6. LOVE your word!! I would say from reading you this past year your posts have been so calming and challenging me to refocus on what matters most!! Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, filled with greatness ;)

  7. I try to set resolutions for myself but I totally agree that you cannot predict what will happen in life so it's perfectly acceptable to not set them or make whatever changes are necessary throughout the year. You dont need a new year to have a clean slate! Happy New Year to you my beautiful friend. Only health and happiness and the best in the world for you in 2014.

    1. I will go with the flow and set intentions as I go along :) Happy New Year to you too my friend! So happy we got to meet virtually this year!

  8. A beautiful intention for 2014!! By the way, I just noticed the new blog design, it's gorgeous!!

  9. You know what I love about you - is that your mind set seems to have changed since I first started reading your blog and I love it even more. Obviously I have always been your fan - or else I wouldn't come to your blog - but I love your new way of thinking and how we all need to live in the moment because it couldn't be more true. I think about this all the time! And I truly do cherish every minute!

    1. Wow. Gigi, I am so grateful for your words. I love your energy and focus, I do hope we get to meet one day soon :)

  10. Love your outlook of setting intentions instead of resolutions and "faith" is a great one to start with :) I similarly didn't set resolutions but made a list based on some revelations I've had recently about what things make me happy and how I can incorporate them into my life more. The first one is to take more baths. Weird, but comforting :) Happy New Year!

    1. Love your list of revelations. Happy New Year to you! :)

  11. faith is such a good word. It's GENUINE and it's believing in the unseen. YOU Have that!

    1. Thank you my friend! I look forward to this New Year...and I hope it will involve meeting you!

  12. My "goal" or resolution for 2014 is to be accountable

  13. I'm not one for resolutions either, but I'm looking forward to focusing more on what makes me happy this year and continuing to stay in tune with myself through meditation.
    And I just so happen to have a tattoo on my finger that symbolizes "faith." ;) xo

  14. I can't tell you how much I love this post!!!! I am doing what you are doing.. taking it as it goes & seeing what is right for me.. I don't want to pick something just because everyone else is doing that... life is complicated right now for me so I know things will change so I have to live that out.. :)

    1. I'm wishing nothing but the best in this new year ahead Jody! I'm so grateful to have connected with you :)

  15. I love this so much Kierston and we're definitely on the same wavelength about all of this. I can't do resolutions now just because it's the 1st of the year. It doesn't feel genuine to me but having a word (or two) to focus on helps me stay clear in my path. I look at all 12 of your words and those all ring very close to me.

  16. ahhh...........every post you write........I just sit and smile, and nod, and sometimes laugh and always enjoy!! thanks for your honesty and authenticity!! I love your WORD to begin this new year!


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