Monday, January 20, 2014

Rid Yourself Of Clutter: 4 Reasons Why It's Good For You.

It took me years to get myself motivated enough to declutter parts of my life that were in need of emptying and/or re-organizing.

It wasn't up until recently that I finally took that step forward and did something about the clutter that seemed to filled my life.

Declutting many years of my life.

Interestingly enough...

This desire to unclutter my life motivated SuperFit to do the same. (Which was great because we worked together in some areas!)


The word unclutter or declutter can be defined as...

Clearing, getting rid of, altering, or simplifying a mess, or disorder.

In my case...

Decluttering not only led me to clear my space (both internally and externally) but...

It also led me to accept (and embrace) change.

What the deuce is all of this?!
It's time to change things up in herrrrr.

It all started with the spare bedroom. (Which I have spoken about, but not in depth.)

A room that I told myself I would go through, empty and redo years ago.

There were many attempts to declutter this room but...

With every attempt, I wasn't ready.

I didn't want to face all of the things I came to possess, only to get rid of. (It was like I was ridding myself of memories, found in the things I didn't need or wear anymore <--- and yes, most of it was clothes.)

But then...

I tackled the dreaded project without pause.

It wasn't a planned date, it just happened, most likely because the timing was just right, for me. (Although really, I should have just done it when I said I would because it wouldn't have weighed on me for so long! lol)

I really should have taken a before picture.
Let's just say, you couldn't find your way around.
And the decor on the walls...

FUnny enough...

This led to my reorganization of the pantry, the linen closet, my bedroom closet, and the basement (which SuperFit got started on first).

No lie...
I didn't even know the floor was carpeted lol

Lessons learned...

Of course there were takeaways and lessons to be learned in all of this and so...

With all of that said and done (DONE!)...

This is what I learned through this experience.

This is what decluttering taught me.

This is how I learned that clearing things up is good for you, and your overall well-being.

1. Diminished stress: seriously, the moment you tackle what it is you want to get done you will feel much better overall. Whatever project or goal you have on your mind (or list), get it done. It won't weigh on you any longer and, as a result, you'll be able to minimize the stress the clutter may have been causing you in your life.
2. Mental clarity: ahhhhh. I swear, it feels so good to have cleared my mind and space of the clutter that filled it. I feel lighter and, I feel like my cranium has more space (a lot more) to see things through (literally too!). I can do anything better with a clearer mind.
3. Move forward: I won't deny it, some things were harder to let go of but, some things just took up way too much space. If what you have no longer serves any purpose, let go and move on. We can't hold on to much as we want to. We have to move forward.
4. Let go and give: As much as it is hard to let go of the things you once loved, rest assured that it doesn't get thrown away. Give your stuff away, donate it and/or sell it. At least someone out there will appreciate what it is you've got to give. You'll feel good, really, honestly :)

Letting go and moving on.

Questions FU You...

How do you deal with clutter or stuff you no longer need?
How do you feel after you've decluttered?

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  1. I declutter often. It relaxes me and the decluttering goes beyond the rooms in my house :)

  2. You hit the nail on the head...again! A good friend of mine used to ask me; how can you expect your mind to work clearly when your environment is full of clutter! He used to say the same thing as you said above; clearing your life, clears your mind! It feels good to make space and make change! Time to do it again I think, you made it look so tempting :)

  3. We're getting ready to move and I tend to DECLUTTER every month - moving will only give us MORE reason to do that! I do it a lot online and in my head too haha

  4. I LOVE to declutter! It's so satisfying. Made tougher by my pack rat husband, but I do my best!

  5. It is so true! Our home environment really impacts can really impact our stress... we try to clean out what we don't need or use regularly!

  6. I have been decluttering and it really is freeing!

  7. good job on all those bags! I bet it felt like a workout lifting that lot ;) It's funny I've been decluttering this month too - and it has felt AMAZING! I think it must be to do with starting the new year - a super fresh start to 2014!

  8. I seriously need to do this! I am moving in 12 days and my current home is a disaster! This was super motivating. Thanks!!!

  9. I'm all about decluttering - I can't stand to have a lot of stuff laying around and my thought is if I don't need or use it someone else probably can.

  10. this is something that I am really working on this year...and not not adding more "stuff" to the clutter

  11. Confession: I am an avid cleaner. When I feel stressed you can pretty much guarantee that the closets will be cleaned and reorganized. It is a coping mechanism for me. When my mind feel cluttered I opt to de-clutter my space!

  12. Let go and give! that is a huge part of it for me too. It recognizing we have so much to give too!

  13. I so need to do this & like you said, have put it off.. I did a little, felt great & stopped but I see it coming again! :) It does feel great after in so many ways!!!

  14. I approach it like you -- put it off for longer than I should and then deal with it in a frenzy. It really does have mental benefits too - I think we don't realize how much energy we spending "ignoring" clutter.

  15. I definitely put it off and then I go through spurts where I want to get rid of everything and organize everything! I need to do it more often and need to not accumulate so much stuff because there is so much stuff. When I'm done decluttering, I do feel a great sense of calm.

  16. I decluttered when we moved a year ago and--SO FAR--have completely remained that way/
    even in our new tiny house

  17. Over the break Nick and I decluttered our second bedroom too and bought new furniture for storage that we have needed for years. It was so nice to get rid of all the stuff we just don't use and I think it makes you realize how you accumulate a lot of things you really don't need.

    Great post and a great reminder to others to look at what they can de-clutter too :)

  18. I need to do this more often. I usually go every few months and seriously just purge everything. It's so freeing mentally and love having everything clean and organized!

  19. When I moved into my tiny studio apartment I had to get rid of so much of my stuff, and it was honestly the most freeing thing I have done!


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