Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Gut Happy...

I reacted badly to something I ate a couple of weeks ago (near the end of my holidays) and....

I'm pretty sure it was those darned sour jujubes. (I had them before with no reaction, only these were from some place different!)


The way my body reacted to those little bites of sour heaven pieces is something I wish never to experience again.

  1. Night sweats
  2. Chills
  3. Stomach cramping
  4. Heartburn


Not something you want to experience during the night. (Or ever!)


If anything...

It scared me was a lesson learned and...

No doubt about it...

I don't want to feel like that ever again so...

I'll be steering clear of those candies! (Makes total sense.)

You know...

I have a list of foods my tummy doesn't like. (This list began long ago.)

From veggies, to certain dairy products, to sweeteners (natural or artificial)....

There's pretty well something in every category that doesn't sit well with me. (Although, FUnny enough, some of those foods I'd once not tolerated i.e. onions, I can once again tolerate! Win!)

I do realize I suffer from IBS (but the symptoms have gone down by at least 90% since beginning on my healthy living journey) so...

I do my best to minimize any kind of unwanted 'feeling'.

Since tuning up my 'diet'(food I eat)a little a bit (now that the holidays are over)...

I've been gut happy.

My stomach has been feeling good and I, overall...

Feel like I have more energy to spend.

I think it goes without saying...

The past fours years have taught me to be more in tune with my body and...

Listen more careFUlly to those things that make me feel good (or not so good).

By paying attention to my nutrition and overall lifestyle choices...

I've been able to do my body and mind good by doing and feeding what is right for it. (Of course, I enjoy and savour a little more when I feel like it, but I am mindFUl of my choices too, and I don't go back to those things that make me feel like s&^t <--- if you know what I mean lol)

Having shared that...

Here's a glimpse into what I've been eating as of late! (All things that have made me gut happy!)

Chocolate Protein Pancakes.
Recipe coming up soon.
Simple egg white with flax seeds.
Chicken broth with bok choy.
Char Crusted Chicken Nori Wraps with Dijon Mustard Grain.
Rainbow Trout over a bed of salad.
Non-fat cappuccino.
I've been limiting my dairy, and my tummy has been happy so farr
Linking up to Jenn's WIAW today.

Have a great day!

Questions FU You...

What makes you gut happy?
Have you ever had a bad reaction to food? If so, what? Did you stop eating it?

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  1. I feel like sometimes I can give into cravings and let it be just that - but when I feel like poopy afterwards it reminds me WHY I DON'T eat like that ALL of the time - I feel ya girlie

  2. i go through phases with stomach sensitivity... sometimes dairy affects me, and most times it doesn't at all... itz weird, but my dad has the same sensitive (at times) stomach!

  3. YES!! this is completely why I went gf 20 years ago---when I had NO CLUE it was gluten Id cut out!

  4. Ugh, that is the worst! The only thing I react negatively too is pizza out- I don't know if it's the extra grease or cheese or what, because otherwise both gluten and cheese generally sit with me okay.

  5. I don't think there's anything that terribly affects me... I feel better in general with I eat cleaners foods, but nothing is excruciating. Though I can't stand jujubes. ;)

  6. I'm glad you're going to share that protein pancake recipe. I was drooling over it when I saw it the other day.

    I'm so glad you are feeling better and sorry that you have to add another food to your list. But, it's so nice to be aware and to feel better in general. Yay for a healthy diet 'the food you eat'. Love that too!

  7. Oh, I know all about the "gut happy!"

  8. I know that feeling well! Diary and I really not friends!

  9. I'm glad you can ID the culprit! I am pretty lucky in that I seem to have a steel stomach. That said, a night out at a restaurant eating heavy, rich foods I am not used to eating will give me a night of indigestion, for sure!

  10. I'm glad to hear your gut's been happy lately!! Tummy Troubles are no fun at all. I avoid lentils and artificial sweeteners - other than that I can eat everything (phew!).
    Your eats look delicious!!

  11. I feel ya on the gut unhappiness. Lots of foods set me off but it makes me anxious to think about that list so I focus on eating foods that feel good and not stressing too much when I eat the ones that don't!

  12. Oh yes, and you know I can relate to this. Glad you're got us happier now. You need to get more kombucha

  13. I am sorry to hear yo had a night like that. I had one of those in the fall last year, and it was miserable! Wouldnt wish that on anyone. It is amazing how much better you feel when you eat things that do keep your gut happy. Some of the most miserable moments in my life are runs where my stomach is not happy, especially on hard days!!!

    I cannot wait to see the recipe for the chocolate protein pancakes! Yum yum yum! Have a wonderful week :)

  14. Once I ate a lot of peanut butter that got an allergy. #badday. Now instead of immersing the spoon in jar with peanut butter again and again, I am able to afford only a tablespoon in day or something it seems. On the other hand, I can still eat almond butter - and it too isn't so bad ;)

  15. That reaction sounds terrible. So sorry! :( Can I just say, you eat wonderfully. It's inspiring!

  16. sometimes my belly doesn't like chicken if I eat it out at a restaurant

  17. gosh such a true point, now if I really go crazy on something I can tell my whole body just feels horrid and then I wonder why would I think that was a treat?!

  18. Ohh I had issues with onions too- my Asian side of the family thought I was like an alien! Not eating too much fiber, good fats and varied protein always helps!

    Um...those protein pancakes- cannot wait!

  19. I so know certain foods that do this to me so I stand clear! So glad you are better!

  20. Can't wait for that chocolate pancake recipe!

    My gut is extremely sensitive and it reacts to just about everything in a variety of undesirable ways. I just try to eat a balanced diet and avoid things that I definitely know will make me feel bad, like to much acidic stuff (coffee and tomatoes) or overdosing on fibrous veggies haha.

  21. I've always had an iron stomach up until the past few months. I've begun to track my food to see what the culprit is. So far, I can't put it on specific. Fingers crossed it goes away or I find the solution . It's not a good feeling!

  22. Oh trust me, I completely understand. This happens to me on a daily basis pretty much. Sometime always doesn't sit right in my stomach because I feel like I am officially intolerant to absolutely everything except chicken and salmon - PHEW! THANK GOODNESS salmon is okay. However, that scares me too because what happens if one day I become intolerant to those things since they're all I eat! YIPES! Lets NOT think about that.

    But ugh! Stomach problems - THE WORST!! The pain, the nausea. Whoops... Sorry to remind you of your TERRIBLE NIGHT!

  23. That sounds terrible! I wouldn't want to feel that way again either. I've always had a sensitive stomach and have been in tune to what makes me feel good or bad. And there's nothing like broth and bok choy :-)

  24. I have a list of tummy-hating foods as well, an I am constantly checking ingredients labels and menus. Although it is definitely a hassle, my gut has thanked me so much.

  25. Yes, I do what it takes to keep my gut happy! Until recently I had no idea of the benefits of a happy gut other than feeling good. Your pics are making my stomach growl!

  26. I found out a couple of years ago that I'm allergic to bananas (skin test). That would explain why I vomited and had diarrhea after I ate even one bite of banana (TMI?). Haven't had one since and I don't miss it. Unfortunately, I'm also allergic to avocado (I have the same reaction). I miss guacamole in a bad way.


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