Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back at it: Food, Gym, Life...

And so my holidays are officially over.


I can't believe how quickly three weeks have come and gone.

Mind you...

Every moment I had off was savoured to the very FUllest.

Not always literally ;)

I mean...

I got a chance to loaf around a ton...

Enjoy my time with my family...

In addition to (yet not limited to)...

Sprucing things up around the house!

As this is my first week back into the swing of life again...

My routine has swung its way into place quite nicely.

It all started with Starbucks!

My lifting and cardio program are back into FUll motion (literally)...

I took some rest days while on holidays so...
My 'scheduled' workouts happened when they did :)
No FUss. No muss.


When it comes to my eats...

They are back to normal too! (My last holiday dinner party was this past Saturday!)

Zucchini Egg White Bites.
Oven-broiled Rainbow Trout over a bed of salad.
Simple broth with chicken, bok choy and mushroom.
Salmon Roll Ups.

I have to tell you though...

It feels mighty good to get back into my regular programming but...

I won't deny...

It also felt great to relax and go with the flow during the holiday season. (I found balance during my time off, and the rest (on all fronts) was needed!)


As I continue on with my week and the season ahead...

I intend on continuing to nourish my body and mind right! (Both inside and out!)

Have a great day everyone!

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Questions FU You...

Are you  back at it? 
Was it easy to transition back into the groove of things after the holiday season? In all areas of life?

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  1. I think we need the yin and yang of life like this. We can't appreciate the day-to-day without some time away from it. Glad you are back at it!

    1. ahh yes, totally my thinking. yin and yang!

  2. Ah, back to life back to reality!!

  3. i'm not back at it yet.... this is our third snow day in a row! never thought i'd say this, but i'm READY to be back at it!

  4. Welcome back!! I was very ready to get back to our normal routine and our own food again. Glad you had such a good break!

  5. I said the same thing about getting back on track. I love a party, but a month of it and I'm DONE. I think my fingers have finally quit swelling for all that salt and sugar...

  6. It's good to have some downtime. I do love my routine, however! School starts tomorrow and so does my weekday 'back in the swing.' And btw, your batshirt!! Absolutely love - and with your arm and your new dark hair in the shot - my inspiration for the week! Probably the month! Thank you and have a great hump day. :)

  7. Your food always looks delish!! I am back at it but I agree...relaxing felt great too!

  8. I very much love holidays - a family, pastries, rest... What can be better? But I like to come back to routine. When life goes quietly and according to the plan, I feel more surely!

  9. I just made your oatmeal Protein bites last week, still love that recipe so much!
    I am back at it too - workouts and Food pretty much stayed the same anyway, but I'm having a hard time accepting the hassle at work :-) I was SO in the flow and it does not feel right! I guess I Need a few more days to settle in...
    Happy Wednesday lovely Lady!

  10. I feel like I could use a vacation from my vacation! ahaha It has been busy but I am happy to get back into my routine again.

  11. The house looks great! I love the pictures! Probably a weird question, but how do you get your hair to look so pretty all the time?! I hope you're staying warm!! <3 :)

  12. I'm semi back into my routine. This week is a little off because I have today off but everything else is falling into place. It may be boring but I like routine.

  13. I am always ready to get back to a routine!

  14. I am so with you. I love love the festive time of year and all the events going on and time off, but it makes me appreciate regular ole daily life so much too. Here's to healthy routines back in place!

  15. I took the 2 weeks that my boys were out of school o do more just being and relax - it was awesome!!! Glad you had such a great break and are now back at it!!!

  16. I think you need to become a full-time baker! Those loaves look incredible!

  17. My holiday is OFFICIALLY OVER at 6:30 pm tonight. I will be flying back to LA. It is time, but of course, I am a little sad. Nothing a little comforting salmon can't cure though ;)

  18. I am officially back to my routine today. I had the flu for the past week and a half, so I am super glad to be able to work out and get my usual eats in (and keep them down)

  19. I'm glad to be back into the swing of things too, but I do miss my rest time!! :)

  20. The food pics made me hungry, lol. I'm finally settling into a nice routine.

  21. LOVE LOVE your new take on life! :)

  22. i love that it all started with Starbucks :)

    back at it..and happy to

  23. I am back at it, and very happy to be. Feels good to be in routine again and focusing on the things that are important to me. I do love the holiday's but it's nice to feel 'normal' again.

  24. Definitely back to reality for me literally right now. Loved the Christmas break! :)

  25. As fun as the festive season is, I really do enjoy getting back to a routine- my body and mind definitely appreciate it!

  26. I guess I like to over complicate things because what I loved most about your day of eats was the simple broth with chicken, bok choy and mushrooms. I want some. Right now.

  27. I'm with you - it feels great to be back on a schedule, even though I did enjoy my time off too! :)


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