Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just Because...


We need to do and say the things we do...

Just because.

Just because...

We want to.

Need to.

Intend to.


Feel the need to.

No matter the who, what, why and where...

'Just because' can often feel like the perfect explanation and answer for the choices we make in our lives, without giving any FUrther detail. (When being asked by someone, or by our selves.)

I 'need' coffee.
Just because.

That being said....

Often times...

'Just because' isn't 'good' enough as it doesn't elaborate or give much thought into the actions taken, or not taken. (It's totally in your hands to decide when to use that answer.)

I need my coffee.
Just because I enjoy it, it's part of my morning ritual and...
Because it FUels me with energy ;)


'Just because' can often clear up any assumptions there are out there.

Assumptions about...

What we do.
Or don't do.

What we say.
Or don't say.

Who we are.
Or aren't.

**That said, don't make assumptions or judge what you don't know. Ask questions before you assume, and make judgement. Actually, don't judge or assume. Focus on yourself, and what you do.**


With that though in mind...

I thought I would share with you (and elaborate) on a few of my own 'just becauses'.


Just because. (I want to.)

1. Just because...I can be quiet at times (often times) doesn't mean I'm upset, shy or that something is wrong. Sometimes, I am simply quiet just because I would rather listen than speak, or it's because I have nothing to say, so I won't say anything at all. Perhaps it may just be that I would rather think before I talk. Or simply just be....happy and content in the moment.

2. Just because... I have taken a break from competing doesn't mean I don't train as hard. I am not 'bulking', although I am continuously training hard at the gym, setting new goals for myself just because lifting empowers me, and make me feel good.

Continuously pushing myself...
Just because I want to. For me.

3. Just because...I am no longer following a strict competition regiment doesn't mean that I am no longer following a healthy diet. I don't eat what I want when I want just because I am not prepping for a competition. I am simply living and breathing the lifestyle I have chosen to live by, which includes exercising and eating a healthy diet FIT for me. Why?  Because, I want to.


4. Just because...I embrace change doesn't mean that change is easy for me. Like anyone, change can be a difficult thing to accept. But, knowing that change will contribute to my growth as an individual and strengthen me as a person, I must embrace the change that is bound to present itself throughout my life just because I know that change is here forever.

And those are my two cents.

Questions FU You...

What are some of you 'just because's'?
Do you feel like 'just because' is just the right answer sometimes?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. ...Im a mom doesnt mean I have to give up my identity.

  2. get after it girl! love your attitude!

  3. I can definitely relate to the just because I'm not training... since I'm not running at the moment, but I've doing lots of other cross training and more weights which has been really fun!

  4. I can so relate on #1. I am very quiet sometimes - just because. No anger, no sadness,

  5. What Miz said. I love this post and your perspective. I can definitely relate to #1 in particular.

  6. I love this. So many times i feel like we have to validate things with more than 'just because' and I don't think it's necessary. Sometimes I feel like we shouldn't have to have a better reason for something.

    Just because I am not a mom doesn't mean I don't have a busy schedule and work hard.
    Just because I want to take a day off doesn't mean I am lazy.
    Just because I choose not to react to something doesn't mean I don't care.

  7. LOVE IT!! I have been feeling kind of unmotivated and BLAH lately... So yesterday - JUST BECAUSE - I took a break and got a mani/pedi. And this week I am treating myself to some Hot Yoga it always helps to restore me!

  8. JUST BECAUSE I took some time off from running doesn't mean I can't come back strong!

  9. Just because I may seem crazy and super energetic, doesn't mean I don't love to lounge around at home in my jammies and do NOTHING! (well except maybe eat salmon! LMFAO!)

  10. my husband is #1, like you. quiet. but sometimes that just means he's content. Just because he's that way, and just because of that... i love him

  11. LOVE Kierston as usual... It feels to me like you are going thru a life change right now that is leading you to a better place for you. I may be wrong but some of your posts remind me of me.. :)

    I know people thought I was a snob when I was just shy due to me not talking much or being quiet. I know people thought I was taking steroids when I was younger just because I got big easily... with hard work I must say! :)

    I have a lot of just because things like yours! BUT one I will say here is just because it APPEARS like I all care about is lifting & being fit with muscles as I age - that is not all I care about! :)

  12. I love this (as usual!). I fully agree with your #1 and Miz's comment.

  13. Just because I am a trainer and fitness blogger doesn't mean that I am perfect in my own training and eating all the time. I'm human too, and we all just work to do the best that we can.

  14. Love all these Just Because statements and I can relate to so many of them. Especially the Just because I am quiet one so true.

    I always love your posts they always inspire me every single time I read them ;)


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