Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Breaking Bread: Lessons Learned In The Baking...

And so I've developed a growing passion for loafing around.

It's truly not a thing of sorts I ever thought I'd get into let alone...

Think I would truly enjoy. (Or even believe I had the capability of doing on my own!)

Never say never.
Always believe in yourself.

To be honest...

The thought of baking my own bread wasn't even high on my priority list! (Perhaps not even on it.)

*Although, I did really want to take the workshop with John, and try something new with SuperFit which, I am so grateFUl we did!*

Not only did we learn to bake bread in a wood burning oven but...
In a Dutch Oven too.
This pot here is a KitchenAid.
Got it on sale at Canadian Tire.

Coming from a seldom bread eater...

I didn't realize up until I completed the workshop and...

Started on my own loaves that...

Baking bread brings forth an abundant amount of dough in the sum of knowledge and lessons learned.

With each slice...
There is a growing awareness about the karma and sweat involved in the making of the bread.

From feeding and reactivating the Sourdough Starter that John gave to our group (which follows the same principle as Friendship Bread...or a 'chain letter' of sorts)...

The process involved in bread making is one that is filled with...

Love, sweat, trial, error, customization, practice, and lots of patience.

If anything...

It is a process that resembles any goal we ever aspire to achieve in life.

Goals that often need us to be...

Patient with the results we seek while...

Working at progressing and growing through each and every step taken.

Following a recipe...
And modifying the ingredients as you go along to so that...
It works for you.

What I have learned in my first week of loafing around in my own house is that...

Baking (and breaking) bread is not only meant for its consumption.

But it is also meant to...

  1. Connect people with one another, in heart and in friendship;
  2. Serve as an act of kindness;
  3. Represent an appreciation for the relationships that fill us; and (not limited to)...
  4. Share in the bread and butter that it brings into our home.
Breaking bread with my family....
Whoever wants a piece ;)

Without a doubt...

The art of loafing around has taught me more than what I could've ever imagined, and...

As I continue forward in my bread making journey...

You can be sure my oven door will be open...

Ready to welcome the bread of knowledge that is to come with each and every loaf I make.

Questions FU You...

What lessons has cooking or baking taught you?
Is there something you love to bake or cook and share with others?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. i love this! and now i want a big slice of buttered toast!

    and love how for me breaking bread with loved ones hasnt included bread in decades and yet the LOVE hasnt shifted at all.
    (crap :-) of the family. I dont miss bread)

  3. I love how you connect everything to life so seamlessly!! Love this!!! I'm with Lindsay too...I want some bread now!

  4. So many cool lessons! I've never really stopped to think about it, but you're right- part of what I love about baking is how it draws everyone in and connects the family. And is there anything more delicious that something warm out of the oven?

  5. Aww what a cute post! I recently learned how to make bread, and I LOVE it! I cant purchase bread any more! How special it is for you! You made this into such a nice post :) I really am enjoying reading your blog!

  6. Love the metaphor. It's funny b/c I love to cook, but not bake. You know why? No patience! I think it sometimes carries over into my running, too.

  7. Through my baking and cooking I have had lots of failed recipes, but I just kept trying until I found the right one. Failure isn't bad, it helps you grow!

  8. Baking is my everything. It has taught me patience and that practice really does make (close-to) perfect. More than anything it is my therapy. It's how I cope when life gets tough. I know that sounds dramatic but it really is true! Keep on baking on ;)

  9. I am not one to bake bread, however, I do love cooking with my family, or being in the same room as my dad as he cooks up a feast. It's just so cozy and creates new memories that I will cherish for life!

  10. This is such a nice Christmas Gift! So delicious and thoughtful!

  11. at first i thought you were referring to breaking bad, haha! but now i get it. and i LOAF (LOVE) it. I make GF bread and while it doesn't rise, it's still a process worth learning and sharing

  12. With my love of bread - I LOVE THIS & so love the association & how you weaved this - I felt calm after reading!!! Love the pics - love!

  13. That bread you made looks amazing. I love reading about the way you associate bread with what you have learned and life :)

  14. Seriously...the bread looks awesome.

    The reference to life is so correct- ironically with bread considered to be the one of life's traditional 'basics'

  15. Love.

    I enjoy making cakes... i don't do from scratch, which I should learn, but even if it is from a box, I love making dessert.

  16. I used to love making desserts to share, but really stopped once I went GF. This weekend I am going to dive in and try my hand at gluten free baking for the first time.

  17. Baking is so much more than eating. It's about coming together and patience. Lots of patience when it comes to baking bread!

  18. I like to share the food. Some people consider healthy food boring and are surprised when I offer them healthy fruitcakes or cookies... I like to surprise ;)

  19. This little metaphor is amazing, I love it! And all your loaves look like they turned out wonderfully!


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