Monday, December 16, 2013

5 Ingredients To Healthy, Happy Holidays!

And so it's that time of year again where...

We get ready to enjoy and savour our time with our families, friends and loved ones.

A season where...

We get to rejoice in the happiness and love that surrounds us all.

And moments...

Where we get to slow down, cherish, and simply be grateFUl for everything that we have in our lives which...

Fill us to the very brim.

Or up to our knees...
In this case ;)

That being said...

No matter the season or time of year...

Not a day goes by do I not appreciate every single person and every single little thing that makes my life what it is....

Right now. On this very day.

Pets included ;)

But let's get back to the latter.

I find that during this time of year...

There is much hustle and bustle.

Things we 'need' to get done. Decorations we 'need' to put up. Finding that 'perfect' outfit for the parties we will attend. And the list goes on. (Although, truth be told, none of it has phased me whatsoever. I'm just pacing myself, without the stress.)

On top of that...

There is all the food (oh the food!) we will be surrounded by, perhaps prepare ourselves, and want to eat.


As I realize there is a fear of the dreaded 'holiday weight gain'...

I fear how much focus there has been on the added pounds.

I get it. We don't want to put on the holiday '10', so to speak.

Having said that (and in my respective opinion)...

No matter which season we are in...

Our health;
Our mindFUlness;
Our intuitiveness; and not limited to...
Our daily practice to treat our bodies right...

All of these things should always remain at the forefront of our well-being. (There is no on or off season when it comes to our health, and the holidays should be treated no different.)

If anything...

The holiday season is a season that is...

Meant to be enjoyed in every way, shape or form.

A time to slow down.
And appreciate the love that surrounds us all.

It's not a time of year that...

Should be filled with restrictions and new rules.

And FUrthermore...

The holiday season is simply a time when we can come together (which may not be often for many) in health.

It's also a time where we get to...

Celebrate life, with each other.

Yes of course we can...

1. Choose the leaner options;
2. Watch our intake of fattier, more calorie dense foods as well as alcohol and sugar laden drinks;
3. Practice balance and portion mindFUlness;
4. Be mindFUl when enjoying and 'treating' ourselves to our most favourite delights; and not limited to...
5. Keep to our exercise routine...

But these are things we practice day to day. Not just the holidays.

I like to get my sweat on...
No matter the season.

In my opinion (and to reiterate)...

The holidays aren't about worrying...

They're about...
  1. Love;
  2. Sharing;
  3. Being a part of the everlasting memories;
  4. Being together; and...
  5. Savouring the moments we will come to experience.

In making this time of year the best that it can be...

My plan is to enjoy every aspect it has to offer!

The goal isn't to lose weight (nor is it to gain) but yet...

It's to slow down and steep in all there is to be savoured! (And, I'm not just talking about food!)

If anything...

Everything that I have listed will be my essential ingredients to a healthy, happy holiday season!

Questions FU You...

What are your essential holiday ingredients?
Do you worry about the holiday weight gain?
Are you more stressed during this time of year?

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  1. as always, i love your focus and your thoughts. These should be YEAR round. sharing, caring, and all the corniness.. SAVOR each day. xxoo

  2. for me this year ESPECIALLY it is all all all about letting go.
    of so much "stuff"

  3. YES YES YES! i always find myself nodding my head in agreement with what you write! such a smart lady!! xoxo

  4. Agree that these should be essential year-round ingredients, but so important to keep them in mind during the holidays without letting it take over our whole season.

  5. I don't really worry about holiday weight gain because I try not to be restrictive during the whole year - I'm always enjoying a few treats and things. That being said, I also don't have a ton of parties and holiday gatherings that affect my regular routine, just a little more than usual. I like to use the metaphor I saw on Kath Eats of the "squiggly line" effect - some days you go over, some days you go under and it eventually all evens out!

  6. Yes! You have it completely right here.

  7. I think it's so important to focus what the holidays are and not what we worry about them to be! They're a time to enjoy family, friends and great food! When you see it as that then I think it all plays out as it should :)

  8. Can I have your snow just for a DAY!

  9. I love this!! It is all about balance. Plus it is a little known fact, but I will let you in on my secret... calories don't count from Dec 5th -Jan 1st. It is true! Now you know haha

  10. I really love this time of year - so much focus on sharing and spending time with my loved ones

  11. So well said lady!
    I used to be terribly worried about the weight gain in this season and because of that actually gained. Since I let go off these thoughts and any negative associations to treats and sweets, I enjoy and savor it much more - and never gain a pound!

  12. Love these reminders of what's important to focus on!

  13. savoring the moments... yes!! time spent with family is worth it...even if there is a couple pounds gained!

  14. I usually don't worry about what I eat... which is good because I run a bunch of miles. Although, when I do put on the weight, it is usually because I am still eating all the foods, but running less miles. My mouth is pretty much GO all the time... it's my legs that usually want the break.

    That being said, I love all things cranberries.

    Thanks for the lovely reminders to keep in mind what the holidays are all about.

  15. Yes! Savor, enjoy, move, love! Well said as usual.

  16. My last comment deleting without publishing, hence the 'test' comment. I love love loved this post! It is the right approach and right attitude to have.

  17. I love love love this so much. Just the reminder I needed.

  18. You are a wise wise ... I don't want to say Monkey. Wise FUrby? well something.

    Seriously, Kierston this post is fantastic- holidays are time to appreciate family, friends, all the happiness we are blessed with. Its not something which is a day to day occurrence- fearing weight gain or a lapse in routine will only take away from that.

  19. What fine words :) I from Russia - we don't celebrate Christmas, but soon New Year, vacation - I always worried about how they will affect my weight. Now I understand that it at all of what it is necessary to think. Thanks for a reminder :)

  20. I like the message in this post that just because it's the holiday season doesn't mean we are going to gain a bunch of weight, forget our healthy routine, eat a TON of food that our bodies don't need. I think the media gives us the idea that during holiday parties and events we will lose ALL sense of self control. That isn't true - your body tells you when you're full no matter what time of year it is. Enjoying the moments with the people around you and not focusing so much on the food is the key because most of the time when a holiday party becomes about the food it's because you made it that way. I agree that I like to get my sweat on and be careful about processed foods or too much heavy stuff all year round, not just in December.

  21. Beautiful post- all so true yet so easy to get wrapped up in the commercial aspect especially with kids. I am trying my best to keep everything simple this year!

  22. Perfectly written. I try not to stress about Holiday Weight gain or anything. I focus on sharing time and moments with family and friends and giving support to those in needs.

  23. Can I say any more but LOVE!!!!!!


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