Monday, November 4, 2013

The Perfect Imbalance...

We all strive for balance.

To instil a sense of moderation in our lives that will make us feel like everything has fallen into the right place.

For the past three and half years...

I've been continuously working at bringing some form of balance into my life.

A kind of balance that will bring me a sense of...

Peace and stillness within and outside of myself.

A kind of balance I can live with.

Living in balance and in peace.
On most days ;)

What I've learned though, throughout the years I've spent with myself and others...

Learning about who I am and what I long for in every aspect of my life is that...

Balance is ever-changing...


There is no perfect formula which will balance everything out.

Every round apple has its bumps.

As we change, as we evolve, as we grow...

So will our balance!

In other words...

As we progress through life...

We will continuously have to re-balance ourselves as we continue on, forward...

No matter if it feels like we are going backwards at times.

A perfectly balanced mess I've been.

Since reflecting upon my own balancing of things...

I've realized that I really don't have it all figured out.


That's okay.

That said....

There are many moments where I do feel like I do have a great handle on life...

On my relationships;
On my fitness;
On my health;
On my goals;
On my everything.

But, like I mentioned up above, there are times where...

I feel like I have no handle at all.

And that's okay too.

I don't need to be perfectly balanced at all times. 

There is no such thing as perfection.

What there is though is...

A life I have control over.

A life I am in charge of.

A life to call my own that is perfectly imbalanced.

Questions FU You...

Do you see balance as an ever-changing thing?
What are some ways in which you instil balance in your life?

**If you haven't yet checked out my guest post over at Heather's place on my definition of the perfect imbalance, you can read it here*

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  1. Yes! I am trying to re-balance my life now, since my work-life balance has gotten unbalanced.

    but Im a misfit who believes we CANNOT HAVE IT ALL--we just must want what we have.

  3. I am trying to re-balance also post-marathon - I'm loving the additional sleep and rest that my body definitely needed!

  4. balancing is definitely an ever-changing thing.... just as life is :)

  5. I feel like I'm always rechecking my balance in my life...when things get added I have to rebalance. It is hard at times because I could really pour myself into my children and then it would throw the balance off...or pour myself into my job and then it is thrown off in another direction. I'm forever checking and balancing!

  6. I definitely think we have to re-balance. Life is continually changing.

  7. I love this so much, thank you! I always struggle with myself when I am not in balance, since I expect myself to be balanced all the time. It's great to be reminded that it's ok not to be perfectly balanced every day!

  8. Yes balance is always changing, sometimes just a little readjustment in response to a "wobble" other times a major overhaul as you pick yourself off the ground

  9. I think this is such a great way to put it--balance is different at different times in our lives. I feel pretty good right now about mine, but do find it is a constant game of "correction" to keep it that way!

  10. For me, finding balance is forever changing. One moment I have it, the next I don't. It's hard to keep up, but learning to be flexible, open minded definitely help.

  11. Great post! Yes, I definitely see balance as an ever changing thing. For example, my version of balance just a short few months ago would have been scheduling workouts, eating perfectly clean and having my life in a rigid order. Nowadays I'm trying to ease up. Enjoy the life I have in front of me and not waste it away striving some arbitrary and honestly unrealistic goal. I love reading posts that are in line with my new thinking. Thank you for this beauts!

    1. totally can relate to you here davida!

  12. Always a work in progress, right?! I listen to my body's signals. When to take charge, when to relax. When to breathe deeply. etc... And I try to go with the flow.

  13. i totally and completely see balance as ever changing. for me i've been struggling to learn a NEW balance that is more acceptable and compatible with my passions. i used to think that my balance was having a drink with dinner when i go out to eat, but now i think my balance is having a drink with dinner whether i am home or in a restaurant. i used to think my balance was being okay with doing a low impact workout every now and then but now i think it's taking a complete rest day every now and then. my balance has slowly gotten less strict because i've had to get used to each little change i make in my life as i work on trying to allow myself to be more human.

  14. I used to think there was such as thing as balance in life. And was often upset that I couldn't find it. Since realizing that imbalance is natural and acceptable, I'm much happier!

  15. I have been trying to rebalance life recently as well! So many hiccups along the way, but I am slowly moving in the positive direction!

  16. I do think balance is key to happiness and that it's ever changing because that is how we continue to grow....Love you ma FU

  17. Lately I've been trying to just find a seim-balance - I don't want our business to overrun our family life but I still have to put in the time - plus the other areas of life (fitness, friends....) that have to be worked in, too. I feel imbalanced most days - I guess I will have to just realize that there really is no perfect balance!

  18. No need for perfection - so right & so hard to remember sometimes! :) Thanks for sharing with my readers, I loved your guest post. I was so happy to have you on the blog!

  19. At the beginning of the year, one of my goals for 2013 was to find balance. I don't think I'll ever achieve complete balance (nor do I want to - that's just boring!), I think I've found a good middle ground for where I am right now in my life.

  20. I do think that life calls for constant moving and shifting of parts to find what works for you in that moment or period of time. I do think that balance is elusive and I'm not convinced that we can ever achieve it. Maybe it's something more along the lines of re-shifting our priorities?

  21. A great post Kierston & love the changes in you.. For me - it seems to always be a work in progress for balance in life & me - :)

  22. I think balance is something which is not constant- it depends on the time and place and current stressors or roadblocks one is facing. I reckon your doing amazingly- Very inspiring, Kierston!

  23. Balance is always changing, it's kind of like you have to constantly rearrange things to keep the balance. Definitely something I am trying to work on. Great post as always K!

  24. I actually think I have achieved some semblance of balance in my life (amazingly enough). Now, whether I can maintain that or not will be determined by fate, but I like to stay pretty zen about the whole thing. The key is (for me) not to put too much on my plate. That seems to work.

    Hey....btw....I was chatting with a friend of mine who lives in Ottawa today. She's tempting me into the Ottawa Marathon next year. If I do it, hopefully we can meet!!!

  25. Balancing is definitely ever changing and not something that is easy to get right. I definitely find I will tend to have one key focus and spend more time on that than on other things but life definitely flips it around. Sometimes I can be really busy at work or really quiet and sometimes I am more focussed on a fitness goal than anything else. I try to keep balance by making sure I do the things that I know are being ‘kind’ to me and giving me what I need which is usually time alone to read or reflect not on social media or online just being in the moment.

    Love this post and love you are taking the time to find your balance in an ongoing way not just as something to perfect.

  26. I love this post!

    I'm not a fan of the word balance because it seems to stand for something unattainable in my world.


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