Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Getting Back Into The Groove...


Even though I'm back on the road...

I've been able to get back into my healthy living groove.

Although my days are filled...

I've been putting in a really big effort to ensure that I keep to my routine. (I'll be honest, some days it would be so much easier to call it a day and plop myself on my bed. That said, I remind myself of my own self-made commitment to my health.)

I have to be honest...

Last week was a tough one for me because I just couldn't seem to get into it but...

This week I pinched myself back into reality (not literally) and... 

Snapped myself out of my FUnk! (And I'm glad I did! I had to!)

There's no denying though that sometimes...

We fall out of our routines, or we lose our motivation but...

As long as we find our way forward again...

That is the most important thing of all.

Healthy living is a lifestyle...

It's not about feeling bad or punishing one self for losing track...

It's about being healthy and starting every new day fresh with...

The desire to be your healthiest self.

I have to admit...
I do love me some alone time at the gym.
I FUels and re-energizes me.

My commitment to my overall well-being is an important one and...

I reFUse to go back to my sedentary ways.

Through the good and most difficult days (because I do have them!)...

I know that my desire to be healthy both in body and mind will always preside.


As I continue on with my week...

Know that I am determined and ready for all that is to come my way.

One little bite at a time.

Questions FU You...

Have you ever lost your groove? On the road or at home?
How did you get your groove back?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. You are so right. Living healthy is about taking things one day at a time and not beating yourself up over things that may not go as 'planned'. Sounds like this is going to be a great week.

  2. Way to get back at it Candy!

  3. i feel like i've lost my grove in the fitness world being pregnant since i had to take a few months off... obviously i don't regret it one bit and itz for a much bigger and greater cause, but i did lunges last week for the first time in four months and couldn't walk for a week! literally!

  4. I have lost my groove right now! I am focused on a some family issues, so all of my energy I was putting into fitness, has been focused on our family issue. This inspires me to get my groove back. In fact I am headed out on a long run this morning. xoxox

  5. I love empty gyms!! Gives me so much energy! I sometimes lose my grove on the food side...when all I want to eat is chocolate :-) Thank God my body is smart enough to crave fresh produce after too much junk!

  6. I was just thinking about this today. Yesterday for the first time in weeks I didn't workout at all... and I didn't mind one bit. My groove will come back, but oh man, rest feels good for now.

  7. I think that sometimes after a break it is really hard to get back in the groove - but usually after a few days back on track I remember why I like to work out!!
    BTW - I love all the changes on your site!!!

  8. Have to admit, I have lost my motivation, issues in life just keep getting in the way, I still go to the gym every day, but haven't lost any weight in a couple of months, so today I kicked my own but in gear and did 100 minutes on the elliptical machine, now if I can keep it up and see if this helps me to get to my goal. I have also started taking a long look at what I eat, you know what they say - u r what u eat, so healthier choices are it for me. hoping I can get my groove back.

  9. Yeah, I think that downtime happens to all of us occasionally... and it IS all right as long as it doesn't last TOO long!

  10. One little bite at a time ;) It's time for me to get back into the gym! You've definitely inspired me to give it a go!

  11. yes, i have lost my groove before. It took a lot of EYE opening BLESSING to see that i just needed to be thankful, that caused my motivation to get going!! like you! <3

  12. UHHHH I have no idea where my comment went and I am kind of sad because I wrote a long one! I was complimenting your FREE GUN SHOW because damn, even if you're in a rut, those guns don't show it at all!!! You have the best arms!

  13. The same thing happened to me last night. I made myself go to Yoga class. Glad i did, turned out great. Especially the meditation at the end.

  14. I haven't lost my motivation, but I've got someproblems with my left knee and left shoulder. I have not problems untill now and I 've been training 4 fitness disciplines for 8 years regularly.Cycling- now Nordic walking as my cardio training; pilates - to stabilize & build up my deep muscles; TRX -bosu,kettle - for muscle strength and finally - crossfit with functional training to increase my fitness level.I do all this trainings with my clients at the gym also. So ..left knee pain is seem to be a thigh-patella conflict and left shoulder instability - the rotator muscles! First i thought "Gosh , too bad. Hoh am I gonna to do exercises at gym with my people?!!!".The second:"I'm going to rehabilitate my week muscles to brace them.That's the thing you always should do! Think positively & vary your functional training! Read more about your problems, find sensible exercises & learn how to do them properly! Don't pull back & keep your lifestyle STILL HEALTHY! SMILE!!!!

  15. 1. Those biceps. Want to swap?

    I find travelling (even for short periods of time) really can throw a spanner in the works- what I found was to do something active regardless for some sort of maintenance until I can fall back into a routine- from experience by putting it off made it that much harder!

    Keep soldiering on like a boss!

  16. Traveling makes it hard to be 100% unless you really prepare! I always try to stay active everyday even if its exploring just to keep myself balanced in some way. It is so easy to loose your groove but since you already know what fitness activities and healthy eats make you happy it takes a few weeks but it gets back to normal real quick! Lots of Love C

  17. Usually "fake it until you make it" works for me, but sometimes I have to wallow for a while before I am ready to get moving again!

  18. I am sure after all that training for competition you just need a break afterwards. I think everyone goes through a little funk, but I think my longest/hardest was starting back up after marathon training. Never took too long, maybe a couple weeks. Glad you're back!

  19. So glad to hear you’ve got your groove back. I think there are always moments you have where you just aren’t ‘feeling it’ like you would on other days but it is the decision you make in those moments that can make a difference. You definitely need a day off every now and then but so often when I’ve had an ‘I can’t be bothered’ thought and pushed through anyway I’ve felt SO much better for having done it.

    Inspiring post as always :) hope you are enjoying your time on the road.

    P.s. meant to say the other day love your new look for the blog.

  20. I lose my groove when traveling all the time! I'ts so hard when I don't have a routine!

  21. Definitely lost my groove before and honestly one of the best things to get it back is time. Give myself some time to just let it be. Stop feeling guilty for stepping back, stop feeling like it's the end of the world. Then eventually I am ready to kick my own ass back into things!

  22. Kierston - you know I love this - the learning process, the lifestyle commitment & all of it - how honest you are!!!

  23. Stumbled upon your blog, liking it!

    -Elise @ 9toFit.com

  24. Traveling does put a snafu in finding your groove for sure. I'm glad you are finding your way back!


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