Wednesday, November 27, 2013

3 Ways To Practice Portion MindFUlness...

Portion mindFUlness is something I continue to work at day in and day out.

Let's start from the beginning shall we?

Ever since I was a wee little FU...

I've had a large appetite.

And I don't mean an average appetite when I say large...

I mean...

I've always been able to consume more than other's could imagine. (And sometimes, even myself. I only know this because people always used to comment on how much I ate.)

I remember going for Pho with The Masta when I was kid (and even hosting a birthday party at said restaurant)...

And ordering myself a large soup noodle, no meat, extra noodles.

I would eat it all.

As I grew older...

This appetite didn't dissipate.

I remember ordering the same thing while out with friends (many-a-times) and thinking...

"They only want a small bowl?! I could never feel satisfied with so little!"

I ordered a medium here with a side of spring rolls.
Phoebs, this was one awesome night. I miss you!


My appetite has always been eyeing for more. Always more.


When it came to portion sizes...

I always wanted the plate with more food on it.

And to be perfectly honest...

I never came to think of portion sizes until I began on my healthy living journey.

I just figured that I could eat a lot and that's just the way it was. (And would always be.)

I didn't care that my portions were big. I was 'hungry'. And I was going to eat. Until I was FUll. Often times, until my stomach could handle no more.

It was mindless really.

It huuuuurts.


Almost 4 years into healthy living...

I am mindFUl of not only the food I nourish myself with but...

How much my body actually requires for a healthy, happy me.

Of course...

There are times when I nourish myself a little more...

I enjoy it a whole lot too!

But in speaking to the day to day aspect of it all...

I practice portion mindFUlness. (I'm working on the intuitive too!)

I don't want to say portion control because it sounds so harsh and limiting.

That said...

Portion mindFUlness is not something that came naturally...

It is something I had to work at! (And continue to, to this day)

I mean...

It's so easy to fall into a mindless state of eating where...

You  find yourself stuffing yourself not because you are hungry, but just because the food is there. To eat.

If anything...

Being mindFUl of the portions and food I consume...

This has resulted in my feeling better overall! (Both inside and out! I mean, the IBS I used to suffer from day in and day out is far from the same! Cleaning up my diet and mindFUlling portioning things out has also led me to discover some food sensitivities too!)

No doubt...

I have SuperFit to thank in sitting me down (back before we became a couple) and...

Believing that I could turn things around and live a healthy, FUlfilling life without actually...

Filling myself up carelessly and mindlessly.

Having shared all of that...

Here are 3 ways in which I practice portion mindFUlness:

1. Less is more: I don't need to fill my plate to be satisfied. The point is to nourish, not stuff. It feels much better to finish a meal, feeling FUll of energy, as opposed to FUll of food. I'd rather get up and go than plop myself on a couch, feeling drained from eating too much.
2. Slow down: Don't eat so fast. Honestly, this is something I still work at because I know I eat really fast. Chewing, tasting and swallowing is a three step process. Not one. Slowing myself down between each bite allows me to enjoy my meal that much more. It's not a race, it's a meal.
3. Savour: Savouring my food allows me to taste all of the flavours with each bite. To scarf my food down, this does not allow me to savour the food I am eating.

Questions FU You...

Are you mindFUl of your portion sizes?
Do you have any tips to add to the list?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. great tips and just in time for thanksgiving! i think slow down is the most important... like you, i have a large appetite and eat really fast, so i really have to make a conscious effort in order to slow donw

  2. It has been 7 years now and will continue as I need to watch (to be mindful) everything I eat. It has become a way of life; I do not regret a day of my change and new life. The challenge is not eating as fast as we tend to do because of our hectic schedule! I try to savor the moment I have to rest, think and be with myself at mealtimes.

  3. Great tips - I love the way you phrase it - it's not portion control, it's portion miindFUlness. I try really hard to savor my food, too. I also find when I scarf the food down, I forget to notice how yummy it is.

  4. I definitely need to slow down. I think that's one of my biggest problems. I always have people comment on how much I can put away. Sometimes I kind of get embarrassed, unless it's after a 13-mile run ;-0

  5. YES to all!!! I am a very portion mindful person! Like you, I could eat A LOT when I was young.. after I lost the weight, it was about portion sizes & mindfulness. I do need to slow down too - I know that but it is just that I like my hot stuff hot & vice versa - but I do OK even so... :)

    Hey, that looks like Menchies yogurt! Did you seem them on Undercover Boss?

  6. These are such great tips. I find slowing down and eating mindfully is key for me. It helps so much with my digestion. Everyone makes fun of me, because I am always the last one at the table, but it works for me!

  7. I agree with everyone else- great tips, girl! Just in time for Thanksgiving. Honestly, I never struggled with over eating. It wasn't until I introduced myself to healthy living and eating that I began to struggle with it. When I began restricting certain foods from my diet, that's when it all got out of control. Now I am back and stronger than ever. I am, like you, nourishing and feeding my body the way that every strong woman should! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I am very mindful! And I think if we are eating whole, real food, we need less and it is so much more satisfying.

  9. This is something I am continuously working on. Like you, I have always had a huge appetite. As a child, this manifested as me raiding friend's pantries for all of their junk food when I was away from my strict healthy-eating parents. Now, with only me to police myself, I try to regulate my portions and be mindful, but often go overboard. Sometimes it's ok when I'm eating stuff like spaghetti squash or egg whites but not when eating calorie dense foods. This Thanksgiving I will truly be putting my restraint to the test and will keep in mind your tip: Eat slowly! Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Well now we share something else in common..... I eat for a family of 6. Whitney (above) can attest to that. Last night I ate 1 pound of Chilean Seabass (expensive appetite too, yes?) and like 4 pounds of vegetables. The night before, a little more than a pound of Salmon Steak with the same amount of veggies. It's CCRAAAZZYYY how much I can THROW DOWN. I am a bottomless pit!!! People are always so shocked - especially at Restaurants!!! The waitstaff always makes BETS with me! LOL!

    That being said, I am scared our 15 lbs turkey for 7 people is going to be TOO LIGHT - since I eat for 7 people! LOL!

  11. I loved reading this as I am/was the exact same way! Proper portions has always been a struggle for me, ever since I was super little too. To this day I want to eat the same amount as Steve, even though he weighs about 90lbs more than me. It's something that I'm working on but it definitely takes me being actively mindful of it. Every once in a while I go above and beyond but I'm definitely trying to keep things under control on a day to day basis - still enjoy all my favourites, just in the proper amounts.

  12. Love this post. Like you, I began becoming mindful of my portions as I embarked on my healthy living journey. It certainly was an adjustment but now I feel like I have a good grasp on what nourishes me rather than what fills me.

  13. learning to eat SLOW has been one of the biggest things EVER for me! I finally got better about eating the right foods, but then I was eating too much. Like your point about thinking about how you want to feel from a meal.

  14. Great post and I can totally relate. I always feel like I can eat and eat and eat but since starting Intuitive Eating I now listen to my body when it gives me the signal to say – I’m full! I don’t listen every time but I am getting better and always now notice if I eat more than when I’m full it doesn’t taste as good and also I feel so crappy after.

  15. i truly think Slowing down is key. Gosh, in all areas. Yes!

  16. I was a slow, mindful eater until I became a mama. It's hard to savor when dinner time is not so relaxing. It's definitely something I need to work on!

  17. Thanks for this post, Kierston! I ca definitely relate to all of it- having been a member of the 'clean plate club' growing up- it is a difficult concept to relearn and practice portion mindfulness. I'm working on it, but there is always that desire to finish everything, regardless of hunger!

  18. This has always been me. I have a big appetite, I think my parents were still working from a post-war scarcity mindset when they raised me to 'finish my plate' (I struggle to leave food on the plate to this day), and I eat too fast.

    That last one has come in handy as a parent (like Angela said), I need to finish quickly so I can help control the chaos that is a family dinner! Still, maybe I can follow some of your advice, hopefully starting tonight!


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