Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Zevia Life...

**I am about to fill you in on something exciting. But let's start with this - All thoughts, opinions and views I am about to share with you are my own, and honest. They are also refreshing, sweet and bubbly ;)**

If you aren't familiar with Zevia yet...

You will be after reading this post!

A few months ago...

I was introduced to a new cola called Zevia!

I was excited when I read up on them because...

I learned that the drink itself was sweetened with Stevia! (Which is something I love and use every day!)

I also learned that Zevia drinks:

Have 0 calories
Are gluten-free
Are all-natural and (not limited to)...
Contain no artificial sweeteners. (Win!)


When the awesome people over at Zevia sent me a case of mixed flavours to try out...

I was beyond psyched!

Loving the Cherry Cola!

In my being honest with you...

I've never been a huge pop drinker to begin with! (Only having a can of diet soda here and there.)

But now...

After being introduced to Zevia...

Not only can I enjoy a naturally sweetened soda...

I can also make a smarter decision whenever I do get that fizzy craving!

With 11 flavours to try out (those flavours currently available in Canada)...

I knew that the Cream Soda would be my first pick! (I love Cream Soda and I couldn't remember the last time I had had a taste!)

Cream soda.

There's no denying...

I made sure to make my first trial a fizzing good one!

Look at that bubbly!

After taking my first gulp (then a second and third)...

I was pleasantly surprised by the flavour as well as...

The refreshing taste of the drink itself!

Makes you wanna pop open another ;)

Since then...

I've been popping back these smarter sodas whenever I get that bubbling urge...

They are best cold and sipped on straight out of the can :)
I learned that pouring it into a glass can make it flat.


I've been baking with it too!



Now for some awesome news!

I was recently asked if I wanted to be a Zevia Certified Smart Person (Ambassador) and of course...

I bubbled up with excitement and said yes!

Getting fizzy with it! ;)

To share in my excitement...

Zevia and myself would like to give you a chance to win a taste of this smarter soda!

In other words...

5 lucky winners will win a 6 pack of Zevia cola to test out!


Then all you have to do is enter the giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Have a fizzing great day everyone :)

SuperFit trying to be smarter with his cola choices and...
Teddy too! ;)

Questions FU You....

Have you ever tried Zevia?
What's your flavour?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. lemon lime or grapefruit citrus!

  2. i love zevia!! and now i need to really try and bake with it. brilliant! congrats on the sponsorship. I still need to try the cream soda flavor

  3. Congratulations! They had the sodas at FitSocial. I'm really not a soda fan anymore, but it looks like a great product for those who are. ;-)

  4. I love zevia, I used to drink a pepsi everyday, now I buy a couple cans of zevia a week and when the craving hits I drink my zevia.

  5. That's great news, I have seen this in the natural health stores, but have not tried it, I will give it a go. I will even give one of your recipes a try. I use to pour diet pepsi on my have for thanks giving maybe I should try this.

  6. I would love to try the black cherry! Looks delish. I have totally given up diet pop and miss the fizz from time to time. I would love to give it a try!

  7. I want to try them ALL! I love cream soda but want to try a few other fruit flavors!

  8. I tried the cherry cola and LOVED it. I had no idea there was a cream soda flavour...O.M.G....MUST try that!!

  9. Love the cola flavor

  10. Black cherry, cream, or the Dr. Pepper equivalent sound awesome!

  11. I heard a lot of Zevia! I bet it's really good. Switzerland needs it! :-)

  12. Yummy!! I don't drink soda often, but these would be perfect for those soda cravings! I would love to try them! : )

  13. I've only had it a couple times but I find it more refreshing than normal pop. I want to try the black cherry

  14. Although I have never been a big soda drinker, after trying Zevia I'm hooked! It is such a delicious treat!!!

    xo Lauren

  15. My husband and I actually just tried the ginger root beer for the first time last night and we liked it. I would like to try the blacky cherry one. (Maggie)

  16. I'd love to try the Dr. Zevia! :)

  17. Well these definitely sound yummy! CONGRATS girlie!

  18. I haven't! Although cream soda is my FAVVVVV.

  19. I've never tried Zevia before but I can tell you that my flavour would be cherry! I love Cherry Coke. Thanks for sharing! I'll check this stuff out at the store!

  20. Yum! And Congrats :)

    I've tried the ginger root beer and it was awesome!

  21. I think ginger ale, cream soda or black cherry but they all sound amazing! I have never tried!

  22. I would love to try grape!

  23. Yikes, I would love to try them all!

  24. When I saw they had cream soda it brought back a lot of memories. I always loved it so that would be my first choice too.

  25. Grape and Cream Soda for starters.

  26. I would also like to try the Coke flavour. Replacing my Diet Coke with Zevia would be a healthy move.

  27. So stoked for you buddy! Great opportunity and can't think of a better ambassador!

  28. Cherry Cola!!!!!

  29. I want to try the Black Cherry!

  30. No but I did try another soft drink sweetened with stevia and it was pretty good :)

    I used to be addicted to diet soft drink but the bad not at all good for you stuff. Good to see they are coming out with some much better alternatives.

  31. Kayla ClarkeOctober 09, 2013

    I'm also from Canada - and LOVE Zevia! So nice to have a fun fizzy every now and again. Ginger Root Beer is one of my favs, but also share love the Cream Soda love (:

  32. i would love to try the cherry cola!

  33. I would love the black cherry!

  34. I'm a dt.soda junkie...so I think I must try this!



  36. Gives you the chance to splurge without really splurging :)

  37. Yum! I love Zevia but everyone seems to carry the same flavors. Hmm...I'd love to try the Grapefruit Citrus! <3

  38. I'd love to try black cherry! that's the only one I cant seem to find anywhere in mmy city!

  39. I'd love to try the black cherry! That's the only one I can't find in my city!

  40. Yes, the Grape is my favorite

  41. Yes, the Grape is my favorite

  42. YUM! I LOVE the Root beer and Strawberry! I hope to try all of them someday!

  43. Mmm mm! Ginger Root Beer sounds fantastic!!!

    --Mint C. D.


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