Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Listen To Your Body...

And don't put up a fight.

Let me explain...

After taking six FUll rest days from working out...

I'm back to resting! (Again!)

My Teddy Bear has been a great resting buddy.

Let me explain FUrther...

Saturday morning...

Both Nookie and I laced up for our first run of the week.

We were really excited about our date because...

It would give us a chance to update each other on how our rest week went while...

Being on the move.

My Nike+ GPS was pretty excited to get going again too.

As we talked about the things we accomplished while resting (I worked on de-cluttering my closet, and restoring my balance!)...

We also discussed how we could have rested a little while longer! (Neither of us thought this was possible!)

Don't get me wrong...

Exercising felt great but...

A part of us felt that perhaps we needed a little more time. (So, we decided to take things slow in our transitioning back into the groove of things.)

Slowing down to enjoy the Fall colours at my very feet.

Which brings me to Sunday morning...

I went to the gym for a chest, abs and cardio workout.

I didn't feel super strong, but I didn't feel weak either.

I felt good though.

In addition to feeling good...

It also felt good to push. To lift. To move. To feel a pump of sorts.

Without a doubt...

I simply felt at home, in my own exercising space. (Finally!)

That is...

Until I fell ill.

I've been sleeping a whole lot.


I realize the flu has been going around but...

In some way...

I feel as though this has been the Universe's way in telling me that perhaps I (am) was in need of more rest.


It wasn't (isn't) quite time for me too get back into the groove of things, just yet!

As happy as I was to return to the gym
My body wasn't.

So now...

As I focus on getting better...

I won't push myself to workout as I know my body isn't ready right now. (Today is the first day that I'm almost feeling like myself again!))

If anything...

I'm going to listen to my body, and rest a little while longer. (Until I am FUlly recovered!)

Despite my thinking that I was ready to get back into my physical routine again...

Obviously, I wasn't.

That said...

I'm okay with that.

I will take this added time to put my energies towards getting better and...

I will embrace what the Universe is telling me because...

Unintentionally has my intent to get moving again teach me that there is...

No rush. 


 I need to slow down. Rest up. And listen to my body because...

This isn't a race. (This is my health!)

Taking things slow with the Bear ;)


Speaking of not rushing...

Here are a few  delightFUl meals I've been enjoying over the past week.

While I've been intentionally eating them up...

I've also been...

Savouring each bite ever so slowly ;)

I'll be linking up to Jenn's WIAW today :)
Low carb breakfast!
(I've got a new recipe to share for #RECIPEFRIDAY!)
Greek Yogurt PB2 Sundae.
Salmon Wrapped in Seaweed
As simple as it sounds.
We went to Khao Thai in the Market.
I had the Eggplant with Chicken.
I order this every time I go.
Sushi at MHK Sushi with FUriends ;)
Dessert at Menchie's!

Salmon Seaweed Wrap

by *CaNdY FiT*
Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cooked Salmon (or protein of choice)
  • 1 tbsp Hummus
  • A few drops of Tabasco Sauce
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • Veggies of choice
Take one sheet of roasted seaweed paper, lay it flat and add your protein, hummus and veggies.
Roll it all up and enjoy!
Powered by Recipage

Have a great day my friends! (Can it be possible that my stomach flu turn into a cold?!!)

Questions FU You...

Are you good when it comes to listening to your body? As in, do you actually listen or push a little FUrther?
What has the past week unintentionally taught you?
What have you been savouring as of late?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. oooh that SALMON SEAWEED WRAP would be perfect for breakfast around here.
    Im savoring my child's childhood.

  2. YES YES YES! I'm all about listening to my body and honoring it... after all, itz the only one we've got! :)

  3. Yummy! I hope you feel better and am always glad to read about others resting because I am so bad at it. I have definitely pushed myself the past few months and now my knee is hating me for it. I have not had a real workout other than my half on Sunday in 10 days and it is killingggg me.

    1. I was bad at it too. I won't deny that! Right now, I'm just taking this slow until I get better. Then after that, I will still take my time before I get back into the full swings of things again :)

  4. oh that flu, sorry you got it. But glad you are on the mend. Extra rest is hard but needed. Hugs hugs!

    1. Yes, extra rest. I'm on day 4 lol Slowly but ever so surely xo

  5. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! I am horrible at listening to myself. I just keep plowing forward until I crash.

  6. So sorry you got sick! It's going around here too.

    We must be on the same wavelength - I did a raw salmon wrap! :)

    1. Salmon for the win ;)

      I'm slowly getting better. I think? Last night was not a night though! Gah.

  7. I also try to take sickness as the universe's way of telling me to slow down! Feel better soon love xo

    1. Yes. The Universe knows best ;)

  8. So sorry that you have been sick - never fun.
    I'm glad that you are feeling better and hope that between the planned rest and the extra rest you feel great really soon!

  9. Sorry you're not feeling well and I wish you a speedy recovery!! Good you were listening to your body, I definitely think it sends us signals permanently and we should act accordingly! I got a lot better with listening to my body, still working on some more rest!

    1. Acting. Listening. Resting. Hoping to get wayyyy better soon! xo

  10. Sometimes the universe DOES speak loud and clear! Glad you listened...much faster recovery if you give in rather than fight it. Feel better!

  11. Feel better girlie! Not sure about up there, but down here there is some stupid BUG going around that I am fighting right now too! I know that after the marathon I am DUE for a break!

  12. Ugh, hope you feel better soon! But you're absolutely right, this isn't a race. Your body will bounce back and be ready to move again before you know it!

  13. Feel better lovebug. I am in taper town, and I am enjoying my quieter schedule. And I have a whole week off following my marathon - its gonna be AWESOME!

    1. I can't wait for your big day!!! So proud of you. More than you know xo

  14. You and I would seriously be best friends if we lived closer - well, heck, we can be online best friends - because we seriously would bond over how close our food eating styles are!! I always wrap my salmon in nori. I just love eating with my hands!!!

    I hope you feel better. Salmon is the cure-all!

    1. Yes. To all of it! Salmon, Salmon should be in everything ;)

  15. Oh honey!!! Rest up!! I had the flu a few weeks back and it did turn into a little of a cold!! I hope you are feeling much better soon!!

  16. I hope you feel better soon!! I have finally jumped on the "listen to your body" train. It's amazing what a little extra rest will do.

  17. Feel better!!!!! Listen to the bod for sure - so happy you are learning this young - it took me a bit longer... :) HUGS!

  18. Feel better soon. I can usually run through a cold but when the flu hits I hide under the covers with my jammies on.
    This past week has unintentionally taught me to stop beating myself up over what I thought was a bad run and celebrate that I ran.

    1. Celebrate definitely! It happens to us all. It's what we make of it and how we bounce back that matter most :)

  19. Don't fight resting even though I'm sure you are itching to get back into the swing of things. Glad you are feeling better!

  20. Hope you feel better soon sweets! You will be back at it in no time, but you definitely need to take the time for rest if your body needs it!

  21. Love that recipe!! Love as well that you are doing the right thing and listening to your body, when you are sick it is so important too.

  22. You are amazing, my friend. Thank you for inspiring WITHOUT perspiring. Man, I'm FUnny. BOOM ;)

    1. HA! Way to make me spit out my coffee ;)

  23. It is so true that exercise and fitness isn't a race, it is our health. Good for you for listening to your body, and I am glad you are feeling better!

  24. it's awesome that you are not stressing over the timing of getting sick after you already took time off. you were wondering if you needed more time off and like you said maybe this is the universe telling you that you do. so enjoy it and get better soon! it's always difficult for me to remind myself that i'll get well faster if i take time off. you continue to inspire me!

  25. That salmon seaweed wrap looks AWESOME. I've got some seaweed at home so I will definitely be trying that - so SIMPLE! The minute I feel "off" I will back things off. I either modify my work out OR, I skip it. I find pushing through when you're sick just prolongs things and doesn't do you any good. I hope you feel better soon!

  26. What has the past week unintentionally taught you?
    That there are other things (like people) that are more important than making sure you don't miss a workout

  27. I always love your posts! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! And you are so right- this isn't a race!! It's our life, our health and our happiness that's important!

  28. I'm still learning to properly listen to my body but I have come to realize over these past several months just how important it is :)


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