Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 Ways To Restore Your Balance

This week has gone by quickly.


I didn't think it would after deciding to take 5 whole days off from exercising! (In actuality, it will be 6 because I didn't exercise on Sunday. I spent the day with my family!)

To tell you the truth...

I've actually been enjoying the time off from training because...

I've been able to give my body the break it's been asking of me (which I didn't want to admit needed!)...


Because I've been able to de-clutter many areas of my life that have required some de-cluttering! (I'm not done yet but, I'm closer than I was the other day lol)

In my goal to de-clutter...
I found this outfit :)

In all honesty...

I thought I'd go insane.

Grow impatient.

Worry about my body changing. (I'm being extra mindFUl of the energy I'm consuming which seems natural to me considering the fact that I'm not exercising.)

But no. I've felt felt none of that. (Although I thought I would. Immensely!)

Because of this...

This challenge has made me realize (more and more as the days go by...)

That I was in need of some time to myself...

In a less than physical sense.

I'm so happy SuperFit decided to join Nookie and me in our challenge.

No doubt...

I love exercising. Lifting. Running.

I mean...

I love being physical. Period.

That said...

I also love being still. (So I've realized...)

So like I mentioned before, this rest week has proven to be...

A great reminder (to my overall self) that my body deserves a break. (Even if my mind opposes to the the initial onset of it anyway!)


All in all...

What I've come to realize, on this present day, is that...

This 'exercise' is really about balance.

It's also about...

Seeing each day as an opportunity for me to restore myself. My balance...

And a way for me to...

Realign and strengthen my being both inside and out.

So as I finish off my REfresh...

I'm going to continue loving every bit of it...

And share with you...

What I've come to learn this past week!

To restore your balance...

We (I) all need to:

Slow down: Take a step back and relax. Allow life to be lived without pushing ourselves into to a tired state.

Stop: Realize that it's okay to rest. That our body and mind need a break. That they need time to re-charge. Also, realize that it's okay to be tired. We don't always have to be on the move. That, we do need to stop from time to time.

Live outside of our routine (switch things up): We need to take the time to focus ourselves on other parts of our being that need attention too. If not on our very selves, then the projects and things we've been meaning to do that are are non-physical. Go out. Do something different. Enjoy it!

End the worry: Understand that we are not setting ourselves back by taking time to rest. Our whole body needs time to recuperate from our physical selves. We need to give our ourselves a break. Cut ourselves some slack. And stop worrying about something as simple as resting.

Take a little breather: Just breathe. Be still. Just be.

**Of course, I still am  learning as I go. I don't have all of these pointers mastered. This is a learning experience for me and I want share it with you. So far, resting has been an eye opener for me. Makes me realize that I was tired, in need of a break. A refresher. A fresh start**

Questions FU You...

Do you enjoy your rest days? Or do you grow antsy?
Any tips on how do you restore your balance? Share them :)

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. Ive been all about the STOP.
    the NOing.
    Have you found as I have EVERYONE encourages the stop and NO --- until you have to use it with them?

  2. i used to take slim to none rest days... the past couple months have been looooong rest days for me :) at first i was patient and now i'm growing antsy!

  3. LOVE this Kierston! I have been dead tired in the gym this week. I know a break is needed. It may be soon OR after the bday. I get kinda crazy when a bday is coming up - especially at my age but I may need that break before it! :) I take 3 days off a week but the bod is screaming for more AND THE MIND! :)

  4. As always, a great post. So much truth here. I think it's kind of funny how you assume you won't be able to rest b/c you're so used to constantly doing something. Perhaps that's a lot of reflection of our society overall? I've been learning to embrace resting much more - especially this summer. It's such a nice change of pace.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Balance definitely needs to be restored. I am looking forward to my week off after my Marathon! YAY!

  6. Amazing post friend :) you are so right about EVERYTHING. I hate resting too and have been "bad" at honoring my body begging me to rest and take care of myself. I am paying the price as I am nursing a knee injury before my half on Sunday. I hate to admit that I needed the rest but it has been good for me too. Wonderful post.

  7. So glad you've been enjoying your break! I love walking and moving and doing things but I also love relaxing and being still just as much!

  8. :) great series you have done on this idea!!

  9. First off I love the new hair color! Looks beautiful. Second I love the message of balance! So key!

  10. man oh man, i sure will be thinking of this post on my next rest day! or the next time i'm beating myself up for not working out "hard enough" on a day i DO work out. it really isn't as make or break to my body type and my appearance as my mind tells me. so glad you have been enjoying yourself and spending that valuable time with friends.

  11. We all need to cut ourselves some slack. Still loving my 4 week exercise hiatus and my daily walks :) Great post friend!

  12. I definitely embrace my rest days more so now. This past week I wasn't really feeling 100% for a workout on Monday so I took an extra rest day. By Tuesday I was ready to go! I think I might take a 5 day 'recharge' break from running at least after my next race.

  13. I LOVE my rest days! you are so right about everything in this post sweets!

    Loving that outfit, perfect for fall!

  14. Rest days are a love hate. My body loves them for the most part because the break can be nice but it can also leave me antsy to do something. Mentally rest days can go either way- refreshing taking some time to relax or it can stress me out wondering if I SHOULD be doing something more.

  15. I absolutely love this... totally copying you after Nov 16th. :)

    I think I already said this, but I adore your new hair color!

  16. That's great that you were able to take a week off! To be honest, I think I'd go crazy taking more than 2 days off... Not necessarily because how I'd feel physically, but because how I'd feel mentally. Working out, even if it's a light bike ride or long walk, brings me peace and a time to disconnect from the world around me and focus on myself :)

  17. I used to hate rest days because I felt so lazy...but now my body shows it appreciates it and I embrace them. Although it was a struggle, it pays in dividends when you continue to kill the workouts and the subpar ones and less and less common! Cheers for this :)

  18. you need it, we need it. I took 6 months off, more because i had too but it was the best balance mentally and physically. Totally restored!

  19. You totally need it. It's so hard to be okay with taking time off from any of our obligations. Thank you for the reminder that it will all be okay.

  20. I can completely relate, sometimes we need to step back and re-define our lives, our routines. I have found joy in completely disconnecting from my blog and social media, it's amazing how free I felt, giving myself permission to step away and focus on my family. I also backed off from running and rediscovered my joy in that area of my life as well. It's true, just finding the balance can change your entire outlook! Thank you


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