Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Did life surprise me when I least expected it.

The unexpected 25km/h winds during my run made for...
Interesting times.

In a matter of days...

I was able to experience and live life in the most unintentional of ways.

It was refreshing. It felt good. I learned a lot from it.

As I went into the weekend with the only intention to take things slow with my family...

All of the moments that passed me by and that I was able to soak up were unintended for.

Soaking up our time together as we continue our growth as sisters and...
As individuals.
Growing together...
365 days a year.

As we often plan out our days to the very last hour...

We don't often leave room for those seconds we have in-between to see and learn from the unintentional lessons that are right in front of us!

The In-Between by Jeff Goins.
An intentional buy for unintentional lessons to be learned.
I've been welcoming these lessons with open arms.


As we find ourselves rushing to get from one point to the next...

We don't make the time to slow down and appreciate what is happening in those very instances that fall in-between our 'destined travels'. (One of the lessons I have come to learn in Jeff's book.)

Of course...

We all have our own responsibilities and commitments to attend to but...

We also have a life to learn from as well.

And that is what I was able to learn this weekend. Unintentionally.

As I'm the type of person who loves having a plan (I plan for a living! lol)...

These past couple of months...

I've been going with the flow of life more and more as the days go by. Not really having any specific goals or plans other than doing what feels right.

Running has felt so right lately.

That being said...

With the busy Fall season that came into play faster than I'd hoped for...

The unexpected busyness I came to live left me feeling out of sorts. (Not going to lie.)

It was to the point where I wasn't taking the time to soak in everything that was happening in and around me. (But rather, wished time to fly by even faster in order to move on to the next thing on my schedule!)

I was and felt rushed. I wasn't learning any lessons. I was shoeing them away.

That is why I've been making a point to pace myself and intentionally making the effort to...

Slow down! (Again, this challenge has been an eye opener for me. And it continues to be!)

But today...

My intention is not to talk about what I intentionally did. (Or, am doing)

My intention is to share with you those unintentional moments I ended up living which...

As a result...

Ended up being lessons in disguise. (Or simply lessons undisguised just waiting to be seen with eyes wide open.)

So as I begin this week with the openness to allow the unintentional make its way into my life...

I want to let you in on those moments I unintentionally experienced over the past few days.

You can learn a lot from a cat.
Slow, relaxed and living in the now.
No worries and just going with the flow.
(Snowie is the coolest cat ever)


Unintentionally does life remind us that the unexpected cannot always be expected...

We are never too young for surprises.
My family surprised me with birthday balloons.
I was totally not expecting it!

Unintentionally does life teach us that we do not have to plan out our every move or moment...

For the first time in a long time...
I have not planned a birthday party for myself but yet...
My mama did :)
She got my most favourite cake ever.
Carrot Cake :)
My birthday is tomorrow...
I plan to enjoy the day off!

Unintentionally does life teach us to embrace change...

From a dry run to a wet run.
Soaking up the coolness of the rain to the very last drop ;)

Unintentionally does life show us to savour each and every moment no matter the spills that may occur.

Post-run foot bath my Mom prepared for me.
I unintentionally flipped it over and...
The lavender water spilled all over the floor.
We laughed long and savoured the moment.

Unintentionally does life remind us that it's okay to take a break...

And to have a piece of chocolate ;)
Unintentionally did end up not going to the gym for a week.
It did me good because I hadn't taken a FUll blown rest week from lifting in a LONG while!
I was able to recharge without intending to.

Unintentionally does life allow us to get lost and find our way forward again...

We got lost for a good 30 minutes until we found our way back again.
We thought it was FUnny.
Made for a memorable time (literally!)

And (but certainly not least)...

Unintentionally can life blossom whether we intend for the bloom or not.

Do not see the road ahead as a long one but yet...
One that is filled with lessons to be learned and memories to be made.
Don't rush your journey.
Enjoy the ride. 

Life and lessons unintended for...

It's an amazing feeling really.

Question FU you...

What has life unintentionally taught you?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. Love the post, thanks for the reminder to find meaning in all the unintentional things life hands us :-)

  2. love this! life unintentionally taught me that i can't be in control of everything. i have to try my best to stay positive, though itz hard at times, and give life my all!

  3. i just adore you! and i am so glad you got the book and the did the challenge. It's slowing down our moments and unintentionally allowing us to SOAK up and ENJOY. happy early bday! <3

  4. Love this and love you. Happy Birthday!!

  5. AWE YAY! Happy Birthday Doll! Looks like it was perfect!!

  6. Happy happy birthday!!! Love how you are living life!!! And love the cat picture...I definitely need to live like my cat lol!

  7. Beautiful post. I was just talking about the whole glorification of busy with my sister. I got her to sign up for the slow down challenge and she loved it. Happy Birthday!

  8. "Unintentionally does life remind us that it's okay to take a break...and to have a piece of chocolate." Words to live by! Happy almost birthday friend!

  9. Happy birthday to an amazingly inspirational person! Have a great day!!!!! :)

  10. You can never let life pass you by so that you only watch it in the rearview! I agree!

  11. Happy Birthday, Have lots of FUn!

  12. Life gives us so many curve balls and unintentional moments that we should treasure in every moment of if! Life has unintentionally taught me to enjoy every moment with a positive outlook on life! : )

  13. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I had learned earlier in life! So good you are learning now & such a beautiful read!

  14. You're amazing! Unintentionality for the win. You have the most beautiful family :-).

    Enjoy! I am unintentionally resting, and it's ridiculously good.

  15. I love this Kierston. It kind of amazes me how uncomfortable those spaces in between can make me feel sometimes but I also know that those moments also need to be embraced and that we shouldn't run away from (and plan away our lives). I love all the unintentional moments. Happy Happy Birthday!

  16. Beautiful reminder! I think I've been unintentionally reminded that I really have little control so I might as well relax and enjoy the journey. :)

  17. Such a great attitude! I am trying to slow down but work just gets crazier. I wonder if skipping out of town for a few days will make it slow down ...

  18. Beautifully written and so inspiring! Thanks Kierston!

  19. Such an inspiring post! So want to read that book it sounds great.

    I so hate running in the wind it is the worst! Love that your mum ran you a foot bath too cute :)

  20. Great post :) happy belated birthday! :)


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