Friday, September 6, 2013

#RECIPEFRIDAY: What's Cooking...

Nothing new! (lol)

I have to be honest...

I haven't done much experimenting with recipes this past week so...

I've got nothing exciting to share today! (Wanh Wanh....I know!)

Perhaps just a #FUFACE for good measure;)

That being said...

I've jotted down a few things I'll be testing out this weekend so...

Stay tuned for some deliciousness coming your way very soon! (Well, I hope they are yummy things!)

If anything....

I've been sticking to some of my faves this week which...

Have been good! (Literally lol)

Savoury Blueberry Protein Bites.
Banana Muffin Quest Bar and a side coffee :)
Shirataki Noodle Bowls
Char Crusted Chicken Salads and...
Bison Burgers turned Meatloaf


After coming back from our amazing weekend getaway in Lake Placid...


There's been some re-adjusting going on here so that...

I can get myself back into the groove of things! (I'm not sure why but this week has been or has felt a bit off, overall. Hey, it happens!)

Nothing like taking the shoes out for a spin to...
Get back at being groovy again ;)

I mean...

With the Fall season that is fast approaching (which is fine, I'm just not ready for cooler temps!) and...

A schedule that is filling up (far too quickly)...

I guess the reality of knowing that the 'vacation' is over has set in! (Is it over already?!)

Seems like so long ago that we went on vacation!
Wishing we could go! lol

Having said that...

I'll be taking some time this weekend to re-group and re-focus...

To get my mind back to where it needs to be! (I think experimenting in the kitchen will be a great way to get me rolling again!)

I must say though...

The couple of active rest days (no cardio) that I took this week did my body good since...

I was feeling pretty tired overall! (Which makes sense after a super hike I think?! lol Pretty sure I went to bed at 8:30pm the other night!)



I think having SuperFit reminding me that...

I need to slow down has been really helpFUl in my being able to re-charge the bodytteries! (Sometimes, you just wanna go without ever thinking to stop, even for a second! LC's reminder has also made me more mindFUl about slowing down too!)

Pacing myself.


As I head off to get things done...

Know that...

I can't wait for this relaxing weekend ahead of us and...

For the Cowboy party we will be attending tonight! (I seriously love anything Country so, I'm super looking forward to the FUn to be had with some great friends!)


Oh, and you know what else I'm excited for?!

All of the recipe inspiration I will get from you all as you share what you've been making and loving as of late!

Have a great weekend my friends!

Questions FU You...

How's your first week of September been?
Are you taking the time to slow down?
Plans for the weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More ON *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. enjoy the slow down and savor that good food! mind and body will thank you. xxoo

  2. LOL, I have not been home in time to fix a real dinner all week! Now that commuter traffic is back in full force, if I can't leave work early I'd rather stay late and avoid road rage. ;-)

  3. YeeHaw! Have fun at the cowboy party!

  4. Oh, I did make a batch of slow cooker steel cut oats to get me through the week, so I will link up that recipe. ;-)

  5. Sorry for feeling off this week - I absolutely know the feeling, happens to everyone! It's so good to slow down once in a while and best thing is to party with friends on the weekend - love that pic of you on the horse! I am going to cycle the highest Pass of Switzerland this weekend - so I will need a BIG break next week! :-)

  6. my niece is having a cowgirl themed birthday in a month for her second birthday! my sister is having PONY RIDES there. it'll probably be the cutest thing ever :)

  7. Slowing down is good. I didn't do pull together a recipe for this week either...hopefully next time!

  8. yes doing much better at enjoying life and slowing down! we spent a lot of time yesterday outside soaking up the sun :)

  9. I hear ya! Cooking is not always a priority some weeks. Sometimes oatmeal for breakfast lunch AND dinner happens :)

  10. So glad you're back into running! :)

  11. So glad you're back into running! :)

  12. I want that hors please :(

  13. Will be checking out some of those recipes!

  14. Thank you for the Teddy Bear pic! Love him :-). I need to go read about your hike. I must have been awesome.

  15. Sometimes sticking to the old favorites is the way to go! I'm such a creature of habit with my food :)

  16. I'm trying the #slowdownchallenge this week, but I'm not doing quite as good a job as I could here. Running out of time (ha!). :) And that Shirataki Noodle Bowls looks delicious - I finally got those noodles this week to try out!

  17. My plan this weekend is to slow down with a few books I got, and hitting the gym because I just love it and have had a lack of motivation that seems to be finally over!

    Maria @ Asphalt & Trails

    PS LOVE, LOVE LOVE your photo on the horse!

  18. Looking forward to charging my bodytteries this weekend too! Have a wonderful weekend my dear and have a great time at the party!

  19. Cowboy party? Now that sounds like fun. Yeehaw!

  20. Sounds like a fun party!!

    Thanks for hosting another Recipe Friday, I just added my link. It has been busy for me so I've not created a new recipe for a whilst and it feels good to be start creating again :)

    Have a great weekend.

  21. All the regular foods look great! :) I think sometimes our bod & mind tell us what we don't want to admit to.. enjoy it all Kierston - it was & is good for you! :)

  22. AWW Horse back riding!! I miss it! I wish I could say that that is what I am doing this weekend but honestly I am just focusing on not MELTING TO DEATH!!! It's just too too hot in LA right now, UGH! But the second the weather starts getting cooler, I am going to find a place where I can go riding! :D

  23. I think that I'm on a similar wave length - reality of the end of summer and vacation is setting in and I'm taking time this weekend to recharge and regroup. Enjoy and savor your weekend Kierston!

  24. I am loving the Quest bars! Don't think of it as the end of summer. Think of it as the beginning of fall and all it has to offer :)

  25. Thanks for the link up! Was hoping to see another epic burger recipe after coming here last time, then leaving with a huge craving ;) Hope the weekends off to a grand start!

  26. My first week of September has been my crapiest week of the year so far...can't wait for it to be over. Enjoy your party!


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