Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mount Marcy: The Hike Up!

I was surrounded by the most natural of environments this past weekend in Lake Placid and...

I feel blessed to have been able to experience and see the beauty of nature in its most natural of states.

Hiking my way up to Mount Marcy, Lake Placid.

Without hesitation...

My first big hiking adventure was by far....

Incredible! (From the bottom allll the way to the top...and the other direction too hehe!)

SuperFit and I really enjoyed our time hiking in the
Adirondack Mountains.

As I was both excited and a little nervous about my longest hike to date (I've only ever hiked to Luskeville Falls, in the Gatineau Park)...

I felt reassured (and safe) knowing that I had SuperFit there with me! (He's hiked up to Mount Marcy before, among many other places!)

I knew I was in good hands and that I had a great leader to follow.

As I researched this 15 mile (24km) hike before our departure...

It stated that it would take about 6-7 hours to summit! (Holy FUreakin' Moly, I thought!)

I also read that...

Mount Marcy was THE tallest mountain in New York state! (With an elevation of 5344', and ascent  of 3166')

Making our way to the top!

Needless to say...

I knew was in for something completely new and out of this world! (For me! I mean, I never thought I'd ever get into hiking seeing that I never spent any of my time doing anything like this as a kid. Growing up, I never enjoyed going 'into the bush' or going camping. I always enjoyed the urban/city setting although now, as I'm getting 'older', I'd say things are changing a little bit! lol)

Ready and excited to hike!

I must admit...

It took me a good 30 minutes to decide whether or not I wanted to buy the rain coat pictured  up above because...

I never thought to get myself one! (I mean, why would this city girl need one lol!)

We sat on this bench where...
SuperFit explained to my why I needed to be better equipped for our rainy hike!

As you can see...

I ended up getting it! (Good thing too because it rained on and off throughout our hike! Thanks to the super coat I got, I kept dry the whole time!)

Our rainy drive to the trailhead located at the Adirondack loj
At the beginning of our hiking adventure!
I was super happy with my purchase to say the least lol


Before we began our trek to the top...

We registered ourselves at base camp!

We were told that we may not make it the top due to...
weather conditions.
They also told us if there was thunder and lightening passed 'tree point'..
We would NOT want to be the tallest thing standing in New York State.
Point definitely heard!

Once we checked-in...

SuperFit set pace for us to maintain throughout!

Pacing us.

As we walked through the trails...


Climbed up the rocky hills...

There was always something to marvel at...

No matter where we were!

Indian Falls, Lake Placid.

Without a doubt...

The ground we covered to get ourselves to summit was nothing short of beautiFUl!

The trail was marked so well that...
There was no way we could get lost!
Marcy Dam...
Under construction as a result of Hurricane Irene.

Oh, and I must say...

I loved how friendly all of the hikers were as we passed one another and...

How everyone respected the ground we all walked on! (The staff were super helpFUl too!)

Revegetation Area.


Although the trail was not 'technically' challenging...

Not Marcy...
Just some of the other mountains we came to see while making our way there!

It was definitely strenuous at different points and...

It definitely kept our heart rates up!

There were a lot of lunges to be had ;)

I won't deny...

I was sweating a whole lot! (But, that may be due to the pace we were going at! lol)

Sweaty FU ;)

After a little over 3 hours of hiking...

We finally made it to the top of Mount Marcy! (We had thought we had made it earlier but, it wasn't the top! It was hard to see among the fog!)


We didn't have much of a view because it was so foggy out but...

It didn't take away from our journey to the top!

Woo hoo...
We made it!

If I can tell you one thing about being at the top it's that...

It's cooler and really windy!

Keeping it cool ;)


As we made our way back down...

We were careFUl in our footing because...

The rocks were wet (making them slippery) and because...

The risk of injury is much greater if you are not mindFUl of every step you take! (I fell once and slipped a few times!)

3 1/2 hours into our descent later....

We were back at base camp! (As we descended back to base, I realized how far we had actually come which, was a looooooooooooooong way!)

Checking out!


All in all...

Our 7 hours of hiking (total) was absolutely incredible!

Our legs were definitely tired by the end of our trek but...

We felt great knowing that we did it together! (SuperFit was proud of me and I, of myself!)


Oh and, I have to tell you...

It started to pour (and I mean pour) minutes after we got back to the trailhead! (We missed the downpour by 2 minutes!)

Let's just say...

We had good timing on our side!


All in all...

This hiking trip was absolutely more than I could have ever imagined and...

I'm super happy that I got out of my comfort zone!

I got to see and experience a whole lot of new things, and for that...

I am grateFUl!


Am I ready for another hiking adventure?!

Heck yes!

SuperFit and I are looking into other mountains we can hike up and...

I can't wait to see where we will go next!

Oh the places we will go...

Coming up: FUelling and gearing our hike up!

Questions FU You...

Have you ever hiked up to Mount Marcy or anywhere in the Adirondacks?
Do you enjoy hiking? Where do you suggest we go?
When's the last time you got out of your comfort zone?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. what a beautiful hike! glad you had such an amazing day!

  2. you two are TOO cute!! the kissing picture is the best! :)

  3. I was just yammering at the husband this weekend how much I MISSSSS HIKING!
    so so beautiful...

  4. So happy to hear you're tapping into this. Wish it wouldn't have taken me so long. Love the trails!

  5. Wow what an adventure you went on! Definitely a good thing you bought that raincoat - and I love the colour. :) A girl's gotta have pink! You must have been exhausted by the time you made it to the top.

  6. looks like an amazing hike! you got some great pictures!

  7. Awww so cute! I haven't done much hiking but it looks like fun.

  8. Beautiful! And great timing to beat the downpour. Looks like an amazing adventure.

  9. What an amazing adventure. I've never been hiking and always wanted to. This post totally makes me want to try it today!

  10. Congrats for making it to the top - and with that weather! Still, the views are absolutely stunning! Hiking here in Switzerland is BIG, we have so MANY high and beautiful mountains to hike. I did a lot when I was a kid and want to get into it more again, cause it's beautiful!

  11. Even with the fog, it still looked pretty. Way to go on that hike. I'm not sure I would commit to 7 hours of hiking!

  12. So I was just in the Adks in August and one of the families at the place we were staying went over to do Mt. Marcy! Good for you for doing it--and isn't it spectacular there? We did Mt. Snowy, which is around the same height, just closer to the place where we stayed. Got both kids up and down and felt good. Then the next day a 20-yr. old who worked where we were staying ran up and down it, carrying a 50-lb. log. Yeah, made me feel a bit less accomplished! ; )

  13. How fun! I've never done a HIKE hike and would love it!awesome job!

  14. How fun!! You guys are too cute!! I haven't gone hiking before ever, haha. It looks like a good time though.

  15. That looks like soooo much fun!!! I've never really done a huge hike. I've hiked a few times in the Smoky Mountains and in Georgia but that's it. I think I could really get into hiking but here on the Gulf Coast there isn't opportunity for hiking...no mountains lol!

  16. Wow! What gorgeous views!! 7 hours of beautiful NATURE sounds absolutely wonderful. We're so often caught up in the technical world we live in that we don't take enough time to enjoy the natural beauty around us. I can NOT wait to go hiking around here! And by the way - you still manage to look adorable while hiking!

  17. Stunning pictures! You are seriously a champ for doing 7 hours of hiking in the rain! I'm sure the views were worth it but I am such a baby when it comes to run...and hiking for that matter ;)

    You and SuperFit are too cute!

  18. I love hiking and vicariously hiked that mountain with you guys ;)

    So often we underestimate our capabilities but when thrown out of our comfort zone, our true inner strength shines through! Nice one buddy!

  19. Wow, what an amazing achievement. That hike looks inredible, glad you and Superfit enjoyed :)

  20. What an amazing adventure and gorgeous photos! It looks so beautiful there. I miss hiking. We're trying to take our boys out on hikes more because I've realized that they are such city slickers!

  21. OMG - the beauty of it all & just seeing you two together in pics - the love! I love it Kierston!


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