Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fuelling: The Hike Up To Mount Marcy...

Of course...

We had to FUel our hike up to Mount Marcy so that...

We had enough energy in store for us to make it there and back! (And everywhere else without ever losing power to continue on!

At the very top of Mount Marcy.

As I wasn't really sure how physically demanding our hike to the top would be...

I followed SuperFit's advice in terms of what I should eat prior and during our adventure!

I also...

I made sure to pack us our energy and hydration supplies to ensure...

We had enough gas in our tank to last us a long time! (I mean, we didn't want to run hike on empty!) 

Hiking on empty ain't no FUn! ;)


If there's one thing I've learned over the course of my journey in health and fitness it's that...

Proper FUelling is key no matter your fitness goals! (And, to enjoy and savour all of the little extras...mindFUlly!)

If anything...

You want to make sure you are feeding your body right so that...

You can feel and perform at your very best! (And by perform I mean, both physically and mentally!)

Feeling pretty energized here lol

Having said that...

Here's a peek into what we ate during our hiking trip in this edition of...

What I Ate Wednesday! 

Thanks Jenn for this tasty link up!

**We kept it simple with bars and energy shots. I mean, we weren't going on a picnic or nothing (it was raining!) lol We packed light for speed as we knew we'd be climbing up and descending pretty quickly (which was the plan to begin with - to eat and go!). Our FUel was perfect for us as it kept our energy levels up throughout our 7 hour hike. We never missed a beat...unless of course I stopped to take pictures hehe**

Egg white omelette with oatmeal from The Breakfast Club.
We both skipped on the homefries.
Greek Yogurt Parfait.
We had a really, really big breakfast which...
Lasted us a long way!
Water infused with Nuun Hydration to ensure...
Proper hydration and replenishment throughout our hike!
A Clif Bar for SuperFit...
Oh and...
One for me too once we reached the top!
Clif Energy Shot Bloks for the way down...
This is about 5 hours into our hike.
We went to The Cowboy Restaurant for post-hiking eats!
A soup of some sort.
It was super tasty.
I can't remember what was in it!
I had heard that the burgers were amazing from this restaurant.
We had to give it a try seeing that we LOVE burgers.
It was huge.
I ate half. 
It was delish!
Coffee for the ride home the next morning...
We had wanted to stop in here but...
It was closed.
You gotta love the note!
Living life.

Have a great day friends!

Question FU You...

What's your go to fuel on-the-go or in-activity?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. clif energy bloks are the best when exercising and nuun is a great way to flavor water!

  2. I love that sign--that is the way to do it! When we did our big hike in the Adks we brought lunch along and stopped along the way to enjoy it. Your pictures are making me want to go back!!!

  3. Oh my word absolutely love that sign!!! While I'm teaching a lot of my snacks need to be on the go...rather able to fit in between classes! I like almonds and KIND bars...running I love GU (probably because I feel like I'm eating frosting!!!)

  4. Love that sign! My favorite on-the-go bar is the peanut butter Quest bar. Delicious!!

  5. Clif bars are so awesome for energy/fuel for long hikes or bike rides. I've seen them get a bad rap as not so healthy b/c of the sugars, but they're ENERGY bars duh ;-)

  6. That store sign rocks!!! I love Nuun and Clif Shot Bloks!

  7. Oh yum! You are so right about proper fueling. Whenever I don't eat before a run I feel sluggish (but it's sometimes hard to eat at 5am) I love Simply Bars for when I'm on-the-go

  8. Those burgers look amazing!! And I totally agree on proper fueling, SO important. Love Clif Bars!

  9. YAY CLIF BAR!! This looks like such a great day!

  10. Perfect eats girly!

    I love NUUN and those cliff energy blocks rock!

  11. I haven't done a long hike like that in SO long, I'm jealous! Love all the delicious food, too!

  12. That could be an ad for clif bars!!! Also that BURGER. wow. I would hike 3 mountains for that!

  13. I love that store sign! I need one for my office. :)

  14. I thought about buying that nuun stuff on iherb, but I didnt :( I should have! I havent been on a hike since I went to BLEND, but I loved it and miss it! Looks like you had a blast!

  15. Looks like you had fun! And had a great variety of fueling options.

  16. Love all the photos, glad you and Superfit had a great time, I LOVE mt Marcy! :)

    Larabars are something that I pretty much always have with me so when I need a snack it's handy!

  17. That sign is awesome! For hikes we pack homemade energy bars, PB and J sandwiches, bananas, apples or Larabars. Perfect fuel to get you going!

  18. That has got to be the best sign ever!! I would love to be able to do that at work sometimes. :)

  19. THOSE BURGERS look soooooooo deliciouss! :D What kind of bread is that?

  20. That is so awesome how they left a note to embrace the good old outdoors! the burger at the end...seriously coming on your blog recently has me leaving craving burgers each time!

  21. OMGOSH
    THATS MY HOUSE (of jerky :0))

  22. I love Quest bars-they are just way too easy!

  23. What an amazing trip. Looks like so much fun!

  24. cliff bars and quest bars are the perfect fuel! and next time, i want to come. It looks awesome!

  25. Such a fun trip & love that you shared!! I LOVE THAT SIGN on the door of the restaurant!!!!!

  26. Sorry you were not able to stop at the house of jerky but you have to forgive them with a note like that. Lol

  27. So many great eats there and it looked like such a great hike too :)

  28. Looks like a great hike!
    That note is great- living life comes first!


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