Monday, September 30, 2013

For The Love Of....

Monday already!

After taking a few days off...

This Monday morning seems to have magically appeared right before my eyes!

I must tell you...

The time I took off really did me some good as I was able to relax, enjoy and savour every moment that presented itself! (Including my birthday!)

Which included some good ol' fashion (painFUl) foam rolling too ;)


It made feel even more blessed knowing that I was (am) surrounded by my family and friends!

As I prepare myself for another week ahead...

I want to share with you all of the things I came to love in the moments in-between life as of late!

I mean...

For the love of gratitude...

Taking the time to sit back, pause and reflect upon those things that make me whole has been a great way for me to...

Deepen my appreciation for them!

In other words...

It has offered me the opportunity to...

Open my eyes and see how much I really do have! (Be it the tangible or intangible. But more the intangible than anything!)


For the love of surprises...

I was totally shocked when SuperFit took me to dinner only to be greeted by my family for a surprise birthday party at Trattoria Caffé Italia down in Little Italy! I had absolutely no idea my Dad, The Masta, had planned this. SuperFit did a great job at making up some big story about meeting up with someone that was totally unbirthday related!

My little siblings :)
My FUmily!

For the love of running...

I ran 29km (18.125 miles) to represent every year that I have lived (I've never ran that distance before!). It was an incredible run filled with gravel roads, paved roads and trails. It was also filled with marvellous company, laughter and smiles!

My amazing running partner in crime!
29km right on the dot.

**The run was awesome. It was so gorgeous out. By kilometre 27, my legs were tired (at a point where I could really feel it. I mean, they were pretty heavy). I pushed through though to reach 29km! We enjoyed the walk and the stretching post-run. I made sure to foam roll and take an Epsom salt bath right after to soothe my legs.  My legs are a bit tight right now but I expected no less. I had a great birthday run and I will definitely remember it! I'm so grateFUl to have had Nookie by my side. I must admit, her stories and motivation during the last two km helped me out a whole lot!**

For the love of FUrry pets...

I had loads of FUn hanging out with my Teddy Bear! He often reminds me to step away from it all and just be...with him! hehe (Often times, when I sit down to write, he's always the first to 'interrupt' me, Interrupt me to give me a hug. No doubt, I welcome his loving interruptions!)

Slowing down to enjoy the moment :)
I love my puppy lol

For the love of life...

I'm learning more and more to savour those moments in-between! (In-between events, goals, destinations, what have you!) Why rush through life when you can slow things right down? Right down to the point where you can enjoy what life has to offer you in lessons, in the waiting and in the moment.

For the love of love...

I love my SuperFit! Not a day goes by do I not love this man more and more. Need I say more?

I saved him from not one but two flat tires!
Like our friend Lori said...
"He probably willed the flat so that he could see you"
hehe I liked that :)

A night out to enjoy and savour.

Have a marvellous day my friends!

Questions FU You...

For the love of _____ (finish the sentence)
How was your weekend? Did you savour it?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. WOW! What a marvelous weekend! I love the idea of running a mile for every year alive although now that I'm getting up there I might have to consider using km instead of miles. :) Great job lady and enjoy the foam roller!

  2. looks like a marvelous birthday weekend indeed! :) :)

    weekend "meh" :-) off to make my week WOW!

  4. i love this. how amazing is that book?! oh and you are amazing. for the LOVE! and you found such peace and joy, that's a good bday. way to go on running

  5. Sounds wonderful! The surprise dinner sounds great, and awesome job on that run. Whew - that's a looooong one!

  6. For the love of YOUR PUPPY! I desperately want to come play! Too cute :) Surprise parties are so fun!

  7. For the love of friends, we had a couple open their cottage up to us this weekend, we had a very relaxing and enjoyable time with them, been friends for 38 years, the weather was grand. I won't try to do a km for each year of my birthday, cause I am older than dirt. LOL So glad you had a marvelous birthday, here is to many more. xo

  8. What a fun weekend! I had a good weekend too! My daughter ran with me so that was fun!

  9. WooHoo - love your birthday run!!! (I might have to go to kilometers)
    So glad that you had a great weekend and a great birthday surprise!!

  10. Woah, Kierston, 18 miles!? Awesome! Love your lovely post. Surprises, birthdays, the loves in our lives... such great things to appreciate.

  11. What a great weekend! Italian floor is the perfect way to fuel a run! And I love the idea of an 18K (thank you for translating to miles, btw. ;) ).

  12. How cute is your family. What a fun surprise and awesome job on the run! Happy Belated Bday!!

  13. I am so glad you had a great birthday! And you look so pretty all dressed up!! XOXO Have a good week!

  14. sounds like a perfect weekend!! I love your puppy dog :)

  15. I wish I'd thought of running a mile (or kilometer) per year when I was younger. Couldn't quite manage it now :-)

    I love your family, and of course, your Teddy Bear. You all look so happy you make me smile.

  16. I love your "let's roll" shirt! That's awesome! I agree with you about slowing down and enjoying the inbetween moments! :)

  17. I loved my weekend in the mountains - so much color and fun! I also realized that I like a lot more alone/down time than I used to, and that's okay. :)

  18. This is awesome- so pumped that they organised that for you!!!

    For the love of burning textbooks.

    Actually no. I need to resell those expensive mofos. I savoured my procrastination...abit too much.

  19. What a truly wonderful birthday weekend surrounded with all the amazing people in your life. So many things to appreciate and what an amazing way to celebrate your life with a 29km run!

  20. Your posts are always so uplifting and fabulous!

  21. Happy Belated Birthday!
    You and superfit are so cute together, and I love hearing how much you guys cherish each other!

  22. LOVE ALL OF THESE FAB Family pictures! xoxo

  23. LOVE THIS!!!!! You are really embracing & I love that! Teddy pics so cute!!


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