Friday, August 2, 2013

#RECIPEFRIDAY: Tasty Eats, Yummy Treats!

Hey everyone and...

Welcome to another edition of #RECIPEFRIDAY!

I will not be showing you how to make 'Angry Bird' cupcakes today ;)


Are you as excited about the long weekend as I am?! (Yep, another long weekend for me to savour!)

Mind you...
I won't be in the hot sand at Tiki Beach!

If anything...

I'm glad I'm feeling about 80% better after spending more than half the week ridding myself of this awFUl cold and 'landsickness'! (Feeling like you are swaying can be quite nauseating and, when you add coughing, wheezing, a runny nose and fatigue into the mix, now that's a winning combo lol)

I know...

That being said...

I'm on the road to recovery...

Perhaps literally too after yesterday's fast and steady 35k bike ride!


All is good! (I'm planning on relaxing and enjoying all the good things this coming weekend has to offer! It might include the movies and a trip to Menchie's too! I still have a groupon I need to use up!)

Has it already been over 6 months since I went last?!

Moving on...

Now today...

I will be sharing some recipes I've been inspired by as of late!

Savory Zucchini Oat Cakes via...
Sarah at Ingredients of a Fit Chick

As I'm getting back into the groove of things on the homefront (since getting back from my holidays!)...

I haven't had much time to experiment in the kitchen so...

I've been sticking to the basics in my cooking! (I'll admit, I do very much enjoy my basic eats as they are clean, simple and do my body and taste buds lots of good!)

I couldn't wait to have my Oatmeal Protein Bites!
Salad à la FU!

But don't you worry...

I'll be putting together my creative juices before you know it and will have lots to share! (Mmmm, yes!)

I had a taste of two amazing cakes (carrot cake and pumpkin layer cake) before leaving for our holidays.
Our good friend Chris made them for me post my IDFA competition.
They were incredible I didn't want to share haha
I shared lots ;)

Before I get to today's recipe inspiration....

I have the NuNatural's Giveaway Winners to announce!


Liz and Shelby as well as...
Lauren from Breathe Deeply and Smile blog and...
Angela from Happy Fit Mama!

Look out for an email from me later today with more details on how to get your prize! (Thanks to everyone who entered!)

Trust me...

You will love this product! (Well, I hope you do lol)

One of my creations using NuNaturals Liquid Stevia!



On with the tasty recipes yes?!

Here we go!

Peanut Butter and Banana Protein Mug Cake via...
Amy at The Little Honey Bee.
Strawberry Baked Oatmeal via...
Madeline at Food Fitness and Family blog.
Blueberry Cheesecake Overnight Protein Oats via
Laura at Sprint 2 The Table!
Healthy Rhubarb Purée and Frozen Yogurt Pops via...
Angela at Eat Spin Run Repeat.
Easy Paleo Irish Potato Bread via...
Caren at Voodie Girl.
Healthy FUdge Brownies via...
Lucie at Swiss Fit Chick.

It all looks so good don't it?! (And, what I love most about them is all they are all easy to make!)

Okay so now...

It's your turn!

If you have a recipe you've been making and loving....

Share it!

Have a great Friday friends!

I know Teddy will!

Questions FU You...

What are your top 3 most favourite ingredients to cook with?
Do you love Fro-Yo?
Plans for the weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. ohh voodie girls irish bread looks great! i'm saving that one!

    hope you get a vacation from your vacation and rest up. hehe

    1. She has amazing recipes!!! You gotta check her out :)

      Looking forward to getting rid of this awful cough I have lingering around!

      Hope you are having a great weekend LC!

  2. Everything looks so yummy! I made the savory zucchini oat cakes and they are sooo delicious! Thanks for sharing the mugcake :) Happy recipe Friday!

    1. You bet! I'll be making those oat cakes soon!

  3. Happy Friday girl!! Thanks for linking up to my rhubarb pops. My weekend plans: Prepping to fly to Vancouver for SeaWheeze next week, relaxing, running, maybe some yoga, a friend's bday, and a tea date. Oh, and sleeping in on Sunday! :)

    1. Of course! They sound absolutely delish! I love rhubarb!

      Enjoy your time in B.C.! I absolutely love Vancouver...especially Victoria!

  4. I love that picture of you two with the cake - so cute!
    My weekend is pretty free - so I hope to enjoy most of it outside.
    Happy Friday!!

    1. That cake didn't last too long ;)

      Hope you're having a great weekend...outside!

  5. Awww, thank you for including me ! We have a long weekend here too, so wxcited! Enjoy!!

  6. i love love love fro yo!!!! my husbands family is all coming in town this weekend so we will have a fun family filled weekend! :)

    1. Yeeeeeeeee! I'm sure yoga will be involved too ;)

  7. As always....lots of amazing recipe!!! Have a great weekend chickie!!

  8. Thank you so much for including me!

    I hope you feel beter soon so you can really enjoy some of these tasty treats. Menchie's rocks!!! :)

    1. Working on getting rid of this sounds terrible! The kind you don't want anyone to hear lol

      Menchie's is so good. I love their red velvet flavour!

  9. Woohoo! Can't wait to see my prize package!

    Glad you are on the's hard enough getting back into the swing of things post vacation!

  10. Oh man, the Rhubarb Purée and Frozen Yogurt Pops are calling my name. I'm a sucker for anything rhubarb.

    I'm also a fro-yo fiend. Not so much as it's Winter here, but sometimes I just have to forget the weather and give in to my cravings.

  11. See, sweets dont' have to be absent ;) Or I'd go crazy!

    1. Ummmm yes. Me too! I am a *CaNdY* girl after all hehe ;)

  12. Mmm, some awesome recipes. So glad you're feeling better!!

  13. As mouth is watering from all your tasty eats girl! Have a great weekend!

  14. mm all those nom noms!!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  15. I'm so jealous you have a long weekend - enjoy every moment!! :)

    1. I totally am...savouring too ;)

  16. So many great recipes in one post!! Glad you're on the road to recovery and have froyo in your future!

  17. Happy Friday! Enjoy your treats and long weekend ;)

  18. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for the yummy ideas too!

  19. OMG my boyfriend would love that Angry Birds cupcake. I can't show him this! Haha. Love your blog! -Samantha

  20. OMG so many yummy recipes!!! I'm very much looking forward to the weekend but I wish I had a long weekend :-)

  21. Glad you are almost 100% better!! So many great recipes you shared there and that brownie recipe you made looks yummy!!

  22. Great choices for recipes! I see a few I want to try.

    Happy to hear you're on the road to recovery!

    1. Thanks Jill! :)

      Almost there....I've got a mean cough to get rid of!

  23. I get slightly seasick and landsick, and both are horrible, so cruises are not for me. I hope you are feeling better now. Those FUdgy brownies look great.


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