Friday, August 23, 2013

#RECIPEFRIDAY: A Juicing Connection!

You read right my friends...

I've been juicing!

After spending this past weekend with my family...

I finally got to taste some tasty juice thanks to my brother's new-found passion for...


Loading up on juice before running The Color Run!

As I hadn't seen my brother in quite some time (he's a world traveller)...

I knew he was into juicing before we re-connected face to face!

Since we've been able to stay connected and up to date with our lives through the various means we have to communicate with one another in this day and age (thank you iphone and face time!)...

I was excited to get juicing with him! (He spoke/wrote so highly of the juice that I wanted to try it out too!)

As did SuperFit ;)


I was pleased to hear that...

My sister was into it as well! (We are all really close and being able to share our life adventures with one another keeps us close no matter our proximity! Be it through phone, text, what's app, viber, facebook and (not limited to), my blog, we are always connected! Always.)

Getting her fruits and veggies in!

After reading up on juicing and seeing many of my blogger friends juicing up...

I was super pumped to get a taste of all the nutrients, coming from a variety of different sources...

Packed into one little glass for me drink up!

From this...
To that!
Feeling juicy.

Without a doubt...

It took no time for my brother to show me how to juice!


If you are new to the juicing trend (like me)...

Take a look see as to why Mr. FUntastic loves to juice!

To add to the top 5 reasons my brother likes juicing...
  1. It's FUn
  2. It's amazingly healthy
  3. It's a speedy way of getting his daily nutrients in from the veggies and fruit he juices up
  4. It's an easy way to promote health to those he loves while sharing his passion for it and, not limited to...
  5. It's revitalizing (he's seen an increase in his energy levels and focus)
He also loves watching the faces of those taking their first gulp of juice

Here are a few more things I'd like to add about juicing:
  1. Juicing removes the fiber from fruits and vegetables resulting in quicker absorption of the nutrients into your bloodstream (Fiber can slow this absorption)
  2. Blending your fruits and veggies can remove the essential vitamins and minerals from them. The blades of a blender can cut through them
  3. Be mindFUl of how much fruit (sugar) you add to your juice
  4. Fiber is important to have in your diet so don't eliminate eating your fruits and veggies
  5. Be creative and have FUn with juicing! (The options and blends are limitless! It takes eating/drinking your fruits and veggies to a whole new level!)

**Note: I enjoy juicing but I also enjoy eating my fruits and vegetables. Juicing offers a different way of getting your nutrients in (at a faster rate) :) Eating, juicing and blending your fruits and veggies are great ways to keeping your body healthy and happy. I believe a balance between all are a good way to go!**

Don't know what to juice?

Here's a little blend we made from our weekend of juicing!

Enjoy the recipe in this edition of...


Easy Carrot and Ginger Juice

by *CaNdY FiT*
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Ingredients (1 serving)

  • Carrots
  • Ginger
  • 1/2 Apple
  • Rosemary
  1. Add to your juicer and drink up!
Started my morning fresh with some journalling and juicing.
(My sis made this for me!)
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No doubt...

We had one amazing juicing connection going on! (We'll be juicing up again as a family real soon I'm sure!)

The magic of juicing.
Mr. FUntastic uses the Omega Juicer and loves it!
Quiet, easy to clean and doesn't take up much counter space!


Okay, now it's your turn...

Do you have a recipe you've been making and loving?

Share it!

Have a juicy day friends!


Questions FU You...

Do you juice? What kind of juicer do you have? (I don't have one yet!)
What would you put in your juicy blend? (Have a recipe? Link up!)
How do you stay connected with your family and friends?
Plans for the weekend?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. I sadly don't. I have been out of town so much lately I haven't had time!

    1. With a slow juicer, there is time definitely vested :)

      And yes, you've been super all over the place!

  2. I LOVE carrot and ginger juice. It's actually my favourite kind! I usually have to buy it though since I don't have a juicer :( One of the many kitchen appliances on my list of things to buy!

    1. I used my brother's....I have a blender at home. Ain't the same!

  3. Love that your family juices together. My parents juice and I always loved it. My fiance and I bought a juicer a few months ago and love using it too. Clean up is a pain in the butt, but it's totally worth it.

    I love making up crazy combinations with the juices. We use a lot of greens that we get from our CSA delivery each week.

    My favorite blend is carrot/pineapple juice, it's overload for your immune system!

    1. It was so fun to be together and to share in his new passion my brother has for juicing!

      Your blend sounds amazing!I definitely love how creative you can get!

  4. I do juice and if I may to the what do you do with the fibers... lots! I sometimes add a bit to the dogs food (mostly juiced vegies), other times I boil the fibers to create vegy/fruit stock which I then freeze and keep on hand for making soups or fancy rice and finally, I will also add some hemp seeds or nuts and spices to the fiber mixture and blend with the food processor and then dehydrate into healthy crackers! :)

    1. Christine, those are amazing ideas!!!! Thanks :)

  5. LOVE juicing...and love my NutriPro! Juicing has been helping my gut, keeps things moving and allows me tons of nutrients without a lot of fiber. Fun post!

    1. I've heard lots about the nutripro! Happy to hear that it's been helping with your gut! Much love to you xo

  6. I love juicing. I recently got a juicer and I'm obsessed! Love adding cucumbers in my juices!

  7. I NEED a juicer. Or a vitamix. Did you see Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead? That will get anybody going on juicing.

    1. No I didn't! Putting it on my list of 'to-watch'. Wait, do I want to watch it! ;) lol

  8. I used to juice all the time (years ago) not sure why I got out of it, but this made me want to break out the old juicer, it's somewhere buried behind other appliances in some cupboard:) and give it a try this weekend again! Looks like you have a really fun family - cheers -

    1. Break it out! Break it out! :) Happy juicing hehe

  9. Looks like y'all had fun!! I have considered buying a juicer, I'll have to look into the one you mentioned. I am just not sure I would use it enough. I like eating whole fruit too much, but there are a bunch of great benefits.

  10. I've been curious about juicing for a while, but haven't invested in a juicer. I've heard great things about how it benefits your body, so I'm excited for you!

  11. I'm not a juicer, in fact I've just become a newbie at making smoothies. Your treats looks yummy as usual!

  12. I have never made juice, but this post has inspired me to try. I make smoothies all the time and never really thought about the blender killing the vitamins and minerals in the veggies. Yikes. What juicer do you use? Cheers!

    1. My brother has the Omega J8006 :) He LOVES it! Let me know if you start juicing!

  13. I'm so interested in juicing at home. I love fresh juice from my local health food store but it would be much more convenient to do it at home. Looks delish! And glad that you could connect with your family doing it. Isn't facetime the best?

    1. It's amazing. Keeps us connected at all times :)

      Family times are the most precious of times xo

  14. I've not posted a new recipe for a whilst so can't add to recipe Friday. Great juice recipe though :)

    I love a juice with apple, carrot, celery and ginger.

  15. Yummy! Now you need to use all the pulp from the juicer in muffins , protein bites, crackers...

  16. Can I juice salmon? LOL!!! Okay, that'd be GROSSSSS!

  17. I love juicing! Revitalizing is the perfect word! I use a Vitamix and it's amazing!

  18. I love that you dived into juicing! Your brother is too funny haha. My current favorite juice is kale, apple, cucumber, ginger, and lemon!

    1. That juice blend sounds awesome!

  19. What kind of juicer do you have? If you peel the veggies can you just blend them? Im new to this and very interested. also you wheat grass looks so tall!!! do you harvest it and toss it or do you continue to let it grow? I have heard several different stories one being it losing its nutrients after the first harvest.

    Thank you!


    1. My brother has the Omega Juice J8006. He absolutely loves it. Quiet, easy to clean and doesn't take up too much counter space :)

      I'll get back to you are wheat grass!


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