Friday, August 16, 2013

#RECIPEFRIDAY: Easy Chinese Stir-Fry

You know I'm all about the easy recipes right?!


In this edition of #RECIPEFRIDAY...

I want to share with you a recipe that I make here on the regular for SuperFit! (It's one of his fave dishes and probably, one of my easiest to make! Shhhh, don't tell him lol)

But before I do so...

Let's recap a little bit of the week shall we?


I'm super happy and proud that I rode my first 100 km (105 km to be exact) on my bike!

Post-ride :)

The plan was to do 80 km but...

At the 45 km mark...

We stopped for 5 minutes to FUel and...
Decide on our next move.

My energy levels were at a high, I felt good and...

I felt like 100 km was in my FUture! (My Dad rides 100 km every weekend (amazing right?!) so, I wanted to follow in his footsteps hehe! SuperFit reminded me that I had another 60km to go but, if I was feeling up for it, the decision was mine to make! I trusted my gut and went for it!)

Love his support and encouragement!

As I followed SuperFit throughout our route ('I stayed on his wheel' in other terms)...

He brought me to places I'd never seen before...

At our FUelling station in Wakefield.


Heights I'd also never climbed! (It was THE most hilly ride I've ever done! Mont-Cascade being the steepest hill I've ever climbed with an 18% grade!)

**Side note: As I climbed that hill (SuperFit is one hell of a climber so he typically always waits for me at the top), I kept repeating to myself  "It's a matter of perspective. Focus on climbing and reaching the top. It will get harder before it gets easier. You got this". It worked. I focused on reaching the top and not the difficulty at hand. I should also mention that SuperFit told me that if I couldn't do it, it was okay but, to give it my very best. As I approached the top, I could see his excitement as he was snapping pictures of my steepest climb to date! I could feel how proud he was...I was proud too :)**

Needless to say...

This would end up being one unforgettable ride! (And that, it was!)

One of the many hills I would end up climbing on this day.

4 hours, 1 Clif Bar and 6 Clif Shot Blocks later (as an avid cyclist and former racer, Coach SuperFit instructed me as to when I needed to FUel which, worked out perfectly to sustain my energy levels!)...

I would be pulling up to our driveway in my hot ride (lol) having completed my first 100 km ride!

Without a doubt...

It felt awesome! (I have to tell you, as we approached our house we held hands (while riding) and, we held them way up high to 'woo hoo' what I achieved! It was special hehe)

We later went for fajitas at The LoneStar to celebrate!

Ready to eat!

**If you want to see our route,  you can check it out here**


I've been running on the regular as of late and...

I've been feeling FUll of happiness because of it!


I can't tell you how good it makes me feel that...

I finally found my running mojo again!

And, in addition to that...

I'm proud of myself for pushing through those mental barriers (that were stopping me from running) and...

Re-connecting with the joy I have for it!

These Nike Lunarlon's rock my world!

Let's just say...

The 15 km I ran on Wednesday evening was nothing short of blissFUl! (I could have gone on forever! Well, so it felt! hehe)

And, when it comes to my weight training...

I've gotten all of my workouts in with each one leaving me feeling...

Strong! (My schedule has slightly changed but, it's working for me in this new normal of mine!)


On with the recipe yes?

Please enjoy this Easy Chinese Chicken Stir-Fry that is a family favourite! (My Dad makes it too!)

It's a dish I always make and...

It's one that is super versatile too! (You can basically add anything you want to it!)

Easy Chinese Stir-Fry

by *CaNdY FiT*
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15-20 minutes

  • 2 tbsp Lee Kum Kee Vegetarian Hoisin Sauce (or, to taste)
  • 1 Chicken Breast, diced
  • 2/3 cup Broccoli, chopped
  • 1/2 Zucchini, sliced
  • 1/2 Yellow Bell Pepper, diced
  • 1/2 cup Mushrooms
  • 1/3 cup Onions, chopped
  1. You can replace the chicken with Tofu, Tempeh or Beef.
  2. You can make this into a simple vegetable stir-fry without the protein, if you so choose

  • If you are watching your sodium and sugar intake, cut the amount of Vegetarian Hoisin Sauce used.
  1. In a heated, EVOO Oil sprayed fry pan, add in the vegetables
  2. Once they have slightly browned, add in the chicken then, the sauce
  3. Mix around so that the veggies and protein are evenly coated
  4. Let simmer for about 8 minutes, stirring around occasionally
  5. Once chicken is cooked, remove from heat and serve over a bed of rice
  6. Enjoy!
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Okay now...

It's your turn!

If you have a recipe you've been making and loving...

Share it!

I can't wait to see what you've cooked up!

Have a great day friends!

Questions FU You...

What are you most proud of this week?
Plans for the weekend? (I'm doing a Color Run!)

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. YUM! I love stir fry but don't love ordering Chinese food packed with all the gross stuff so we rarely eat American "Chinese" food. Your recipe looks fabulous - and easy which I love! :)

  2. Yay for your 100K ride. Yay for your running mojo. Yum for that recipe! You have it all going on this week!

  3. i love how you two do everything! lift, run, cycle! truly ENJOYING fitness! well done on that climb!! so impressed!! and now, i must make this dish. it looks like it could be a favorite.

  4. Way to go on your ride!!! I love how your dad is such a model of fitness for you...I hope my girls will see me that way when they get older! I'm proud of getting in my long run at the beginning of the week...after work...when I really wanted to just hit the beach! Love the recipe!!

  5. awesome job on the bike and running lately too girlie!

  6. Yay fot he bikeride, awesome! I am going to do a pass tour in september it's going to be killer, but reaching the top is the best!! Congrats!

  7. Congrats on the ride!!! I am trying to get more into biking since my IT band acts up every time I run. Went for my first ride this morning. Only 45 mins but it was tough. 4 hours is incredible lady!!!

    Linking up with an easy-peasy Baba Ghanoush recipe. The stir fry looks fantastic and would be great for the Sunday evening veggie dump that inevitably happens.

  8. Awesome job on your ride! And yes, easy meals are the best!

  9. So great to hear about your ride! That's awesome. I linked up my spaghetti squash frittata -- super easy meal for one (because I'm often cooking for one) your stir fry looks super delicious.. definitely pinning :) Have a great weekend

  10. congrats on the good ride, and the run!!! Gorgeous scenery, too. Looks like you're having a blast with new workouts. :)

  11. This makes me smile. I love that you're enjoying your running AND riding. I love going on new routes and seeing lovely scenery too. We usually pack Clif Bars too. I always want something to actually chew on a long ride. Happy Friday!

  12. Such great work on your ride! I was smiling when reading it b/c I could husband is always ahead of me on rides. They just have a bit more muscle mass to work with. The stir-fry looks great!

  13. Girl, I am all about this post today. 100km bike ride? Heck yes!! 18% grade??? That would make me cry--you are amazing!! And that recipe? Ummm, YUM!

  14. I can't wait to try that stir fry, I LOVE making stir fry!!!

    Congrats on such an awesome long ride, and it's so great to see you running too- your "new normal" is working really well for you!!!

    Question HOW do you ride with your hair down!!! Mine isn't as long as yours but if I ride with my hair down or in ponytail it gets so tangled!

  15. Love the recipe! Stir fry is one of my favorite go-to meals so I will most definitely be trying this out!

  16. this looks so good, I was thinking about making stir fry tonight!

  17. Wow - great job on that bike ride - that climb is incredible!!! And, I love the way y'all finished the ride (holding hands!!).
    Glad that the whole week of working out has been so great.
    And, that stir fry looks delicious!!

  18. Awesome job on the bike ride :)
    The stir-fry looks great and easy which i love too. My husband will really enjoy it.

  19. Congrats on your ride! I would love to have seen that finish! And I'm all about the running mojo ;)

  20. Wow! 100km? That's fantastic! And I'm so happy you're running all of the time now! Love the shoes! :) Thank you for the recipe - I'm always looking for a simple stir fry recipe and I'm liking yours quite a bit. So flexible!

  21. I love family workouts - you guys look so happy and I love how you are encouraging each other. Your new normal is looking good on you! :)

  22. WOOHOO on the PDR! That's awesome! I love stir fry's. So easy to just throw everything in the pan and season as needed.

  23. I love your perspective on life!!!!!! OK, I have to say this, I am waiting for the post when you show us the engagement ring! :)

  24. Yay to refinding your running mojo :) I did a 15km run myself today.

    That bike ride sounded like a good one too. Love the look of those Fajitas

    I love a good stir fry they are so quick and easy.

  25. Congrats on your ride! Yummy stir fry!


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