Monday, August 26, 2013

Powerful Connections...

Isn't it amazing to see the ways in which we've come to connect with one another and...

How we've been able to strengthen our connections as a result of the many ways technology has evolved?

Where would we be without posting selfies?! ;)

I remember a time long ago when I visited Disney's FUture World at the Epcot Centre and...

Being amazed at the fact that one day...

I would be able to face time! (It blew me away to know that some time in the FUture, I would be able to see the person to whom I am speaking to over the phone!)

I mean...

There's no way I would've ever imagined myself with a gadget that would allow me to do something like that at the convenience of...

My fingertips! (I figured it would only happen when cars started to fly!)

Connecting to the world around me with the help of my fingertips!

But now, lo and behold...

I'm sitting here with a number of gadgets which...

Allow me to connect with my family and friends (and, the world around me) not only through face time but...

Through many other avenues too!

Technology has enabled us to be together and connect virtually when we cannot, physically.

Through the evolution of technology...

Our connections to one another have grown exponentially and...

As a result of this...

It has allowed us to open ourselves up to a world (and people) perhaps we'd never come know!

The face of not knowing ;)

Just think about it...

If it wasn't for your computer, laptop, smart phone, iPad (whatever it is you are on right now)...

You likely wouldn't be here, visiting my blog or...

Even know that a FU existed! (And, I YOU!)

Some things never change ;)

I mean...

We are now at a time where we can...

Easily build new connections through the many different facets available to us with just one click or push of a button!

It's pretty incredible if you take the time to think about it.

Having said that...

I still believe it is very important to know and be mindFUl of...

The length of time we stay plugged in vs. connecting and interacting with others!

As Pavement Runner puts it (so well)...

"There is a fine line between being connected and constantly plugged-in"! (True! To use technology (and social media) to connect and interact with others is what bring us together, whether virtually or in person. It can also motivate us on a multitude of levels to get after what we want! But, being constantly plugged in without getting out there to put these connections and interactions into play, well, that does not. The line is fine so be mindFUl of it!)


Now, after taking some time to...

Reflect upon the ways in which technology has influenced me over the years...

Not a days goes by am I not grateFUl for all the connections I've made overtime and...

For all of the interactions that have sprung out of them because of it!

In many ways...

The power of being connected has enabled me to stay in touch with myself and others on a much deeper level and...

It has also influenced my growth as an individual! (By sharing share my thoughts, goals and experiences through life via the many different channels I have to utilize, these things have allowed me grow in so many ways!)

My growth in...
Health and Fitness.


As technology and the world of social media continue to widen...

The powerFUl connections I have and will come to experience will only continue to grow as...

I move forward into the FUture!

Hold on tight cuz...
We're in for a wild ride ahead!

Having shared all of this with you...

Here are just a few ways in which technology and social media have enabled me to become more connected with my ever-evolving self and those around me!


PowerFUl are the connections that bring family together....

Utilizing the tools of the internet to bring us together on a family vacation.
Capturing the moments with my FUmily with a click of a button.

PowerFUl are the connections that bring love together....

Nothing like a few text messages to bring us to where we are today :)
We found Teddy on Kijiji :)

PowerFUl are the connections that bring friends together....

Texting our way to a fabulous run!

PowerFUl  are the connections that bring life together...

Meeting the many bloggers I came to know through social media.
Connecting with them in real life!

PoweFUl are the connections that bring goals to reality...

Sharing my journey to health, fitness and life...
Through my blog...
Through the gadgets that keep me in check and connected ;)

And (not limited to)...

PowerFUl are the connections that bring YOU and ME together!

Away we go.
Connecting and interacting.

PowerFUl isnt' it?

Question FU You...

How has technology powered your connections?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. When I started running I was over weight and had no idea what I was doing. I had tons of aches and pains so I started reading blogs for tips. Then I got on the daily mile even though I was only running maybe ten miles a week I felt really accomplished and connected with a lot of local runners (who are now my running friends). I also just got a smart phone and I'm addicted to instagram. I'm finding so many more people like me working on their baby muscles, eating clean and what not. I LOVE reading about peoples experiences, their tips and advice and connecting with people that are going through the same things I am. Its uplifting!


    1. It most definitely is! It's amazing how we can all connect and share our journeys through life and through our goals :)

      Great job in all that you are doing!

  2. Loved this! Thanks so much for sharing!

    It has definitely been a blessing for me. I've been able to share my own fitness journey with people and feel honored to know that some people find power and inspiration in my story.

    It's an amazing thing for sure!

    1. It is a that I think we don't stop to appreciate enough :) We are always wanting faster when just over a decade ago we were still using dial-up! lol

  3. Love this is so true....I love that I am able to really stay connected with my family when I have to travel for work

  4. Definitely a great post. Sometimes I like to sit and think about times when technology really didn't run everything, but at the same time I know how much good it has brought too. The connections it can create (and strengthen) are amazing, just knowing when to unplug (and I know you know this!) once in a while is super important :)

    1. Yes, I definitely now this! :)

  5. Most of the time I think that technology is great for so many of the reasons you mentioned here!! Because of technology, when my husband is deployed or out of the country for any reason - we can still stay in touch - skype, text, email!! When we were first married, that wasn't the case and we had to go long periods of time with minimal interaction - so much better now!!!

    1. So happy to hear all the ways in which you are now able to connect with your husband! Technology has grown to be something quite amazing!

  6. Fantastic reminder - I need to get better about this. I have started making myself put the phone down during dinner at least...

  7. Totally agree on that fine line!! As great as technology is, it can soak us in and missing out on real life!
    But yes - since I found the blogworls, Instagram and Twitter I came so far in my journey of recovery and fitness! It's unbelieveble what connections and friendships come out of today's Technology!

    1. Connections that brought me to you :)

  8. itz definitely helped me keep in touch with friends and family from a far!

  9. i totally agree, and pavement runner did have the right answer. Fine line! we must be careful of the too much connection but embrace the relationship connection!

    1. Absolutely! Being mindful in all that we do and use! :)

  10. I feel the same way you do. Without it I wouldn't know many of my friends that I have now. It's amazing! But sometimes it's nice to step away and live life.

  11. Connections have evolved into being MORE available to me with what technology we have today - love it!

  12. Great post - I think it really is a fine line. I love the connections I've made through technology, social media. I've met some amazing and inspiring friends that I never would have otherwise. But I've also had to remember that there is a reality that I'm missing out on when I sit glued to my phone or computer.

    1. Exactly! It's important to be aware of that fine line.

  13. Technology is amazing in the ways that it can bring people together!

  14. YAY YAY for blogger friends! LOVE YOU!

  15. I've met so many local people through blogging that I never would have met without the internet. A few are my real good friends (irl) now!!!!!

  16. Great post! So true, technology and all things techy have improved my life too!

  17. Completely agree - especially on the balance!! I've met so many amazing people & some of my best friends I met through blogging. Can't imagine if I didn't have that. But also trying to be mindful of not being tied to electronics when you're out living life. It's amazing how easily we can stay connected now though. :)

    1. It truly is! I mean, I've connected and met so many amazing people (like yourself) as a result of technology and for that, I am grateful! But yes, definitely being mindful of not being tied down is important as it can easily consume you if we don't unplug and live outside, in the real world :) O

  18. Great post! Technology has come so far and it truly is amazing the things we have that allow us to connect with our friends and family all over the world! OF course for us bloggers, Technology plays a huge role in what we love to do, but I also feel sometimes that technology isn't always for the best! I mean the fact that we can just find the answer to a question by a click of google doesn't really teach us much. Or the fact that social media has become the center of a lot of lives, instead of spending time with friends and family! Soo its great to be able to have all this technology and to stay connected with everyone, just being connected when the time is appropriate and making time to actually live and learn with out the technology!

  19. LOVE LOVE LOVE the white on white watch with your neon kicks in the background. Super jealous.

    Thanks for the shout out and next time we meet we can do a FU face, kick butt watch photo.

    1. Um. Yes. 100%. Connected we are..through watches, FUFACES and so much more! hehee

  20. Love this post! I continue to be blown away but how social media / technology have made this huge world of ours so much more accessible. I love it for all the people like yourself and Pavey, that I follow online and have been lucky enough to meet in person. I don't find it difficult to unplug and I definitely think it's necessary from time to time. Live is meant to be lived not just through online connections but in real time too. :)

    1. Ditto Phaedra! It was such a pleasure to have met you and I'm so happy we've been able to stay connected since then!

      And, I love that last thing you said. So true.


  21. I am loving these posts! Mine is coming next week or the week after BUT there is always a balance to it all! :)

  22. Definitely through blogging I've made lots more connections than I ever would before. Facebook etc lets me keep in contact with friends / family in places overseas that without it would be hard to keep in touch.


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