Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Living MY New Normal...

Since my last competition...

My goal has been to find and re-establish (live) my new normal.

Did I ever mention that I was voted 'weirdest' in high school?
I loved it.

The kind of normal that involves....

Listening and doing as my body and mind tell me to do (in each and every moment) without a goal that prescribes that for me! (Make sense?)

Of course...

Being mindFUl of my mental and physical being is one that has grown to be the forefront of the lifestyle I live but, now that...

I am no longer in a competition prep frame of mind (and I don't intend to be for a long while)....

Love that Bikini Joan from Daydreams Fitness Wear created for me!

There's been and continues to be...

An adjustment phase as I transition into living my new normal!

In other words...

Switching from a in-competition mentality to one that is not.

For months you follow a program that outlines your every move and then...
You're free to make your normal what you want (depending on what your post-competition goals are).
It's a weird feeling when you've been living and breathing competition for more than half the year and then...
POOF. It's done.

That being said (and like I've mentioned before)...

My plan is to live out my healthy living priorities using the knowledge I've gained and the principles I've learned through the past 3 1/2 years in my journey to health & fitness and...


Continue to live the life I've created for myself up until this present moment!

A healthy living lifestyle FIT for ME...

As much as I like structure...

This new normal of mine has been letting go of some of those things that don't need as much structuring!

Put differently...

I'm letting go of those things I can let go of now that I'm not preparing for a competition! (This new-found openness in living my new normal has enabled me to follow my senses (be intuitive) in the things I want to do and try without having to think about how it will affect my overall stage package. Just living and being in the most simple of ways has been a big breath of fresh air for me which is why, I know that my decision to take a break was a good one.)

Letting go and running free :)

As I'm working on re-balancing my entire being...

I'm enjoying and savouring the changes I'm experiencing in this new chapter of my mine and...

I'm loving what I'm learning about myself both inside and out as I continue moving forward living my new normal!

And friends...

This is just the beginning! (And mine to explore and define!)

I'm happy and I'm feeling great :)

Having shared all of this with you...

Please enjoy a peek into what I've been eating in this edition of...

What I Ate Wednesday!

Thanks Jenn for this tasty link up!
Continuing to rise and shine with Rise Kombucha.
Savoury Blueberry Zucchini Protein Bites
Dipped in PB2 and Blueberry Coulis.
I mixed this into my PB2.
Chicken Salad.
Salmon Salad.
I finally tried the new White Chocolate Raspberry Quest Bar.
Holy FUreakin' Moly!
Weekly SUSH!
One of my favourite dinner bowls right now...
Salmon (or Chicken) Shirataki Noodle Bowl
I finally went to the Farmer's Market!
We bought the puppies some treats!
Dog Treats.
Chocolate Truffle, Carob, Carrot Cake, Cran/Sweet Potato and Blueberry bites!
We ate one as per the owner's suggestion.
They were amazing. All natural and organic.
The puppies are LOVING them!
No website :(
We stopped by Alice's Village Café for lunch while in Carp.
I had a BALT (minus the B for bacon).
Chicken, Avocado, Lettuce and Tomato
Munchies at a special celebration we attended.
Pulled Chicken, Chickpea Salad and Roasted Potatoes.
We enjoyed bite sized desserts too!
Nothing like ending the week on a sweet note ;)
Easy Berry Coulis

by *CaNdY FiT*
Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 45 seconds

  • 1/3 cup Blueberries
  • 2 drops or 1/2 a packet of Stevia (optional)
  1. Feel free to use any berry of your choice
  1. In a bowl, add your blueberries
  2. Microwave for 35 seconds
  3. Remove from microwave and add your sweetener of choice
  4. Pour over your pancakes, crêpes or bites and enjoy!
Powered by Recipage

Have a tasty day friends!

Anything BUT normal ;)

Questions FU You...

Post-event (race, competition etc..), do you find it easy to transition into your new normal?
What's tasty in your Wednesday?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. I am ALL about LOVING AND LIVING life!!

  2. Love your new normal as you embark on a new chapter! You are an amazing woman and I look forward to reading about your new adventures!!!! And all of the yummy foods you'll be eating as well!

  3. what a beautiful day of eating and enjoying! i love that you added pb2 to this! i should try it.

  4. Enjoy your new freedom! Sounds like a lot of new fun awaits you!

  5. That must be a challenge going from so much structure to less! I thrive on structure but enjoy the freedom of spontaneity. Constant back and forth for me! You have the best attitude though. Teach me your ways!!!

  6. I can definitely see where it could be hard to find that new "normal" again. I know so many people sort of freak out after a marathon or half marathon because suddenly, there is no plan. Enjoy the freedom!

  7. It is SO difficult to break into a a more "free" post-competition eating reality! You truly inspire me that. It is so nice to know that there IS life post competition, plus .. you can still be HEALTHY AND BALANCED! It's amazing. And I know that mentally it is sometimes a hard concept to grasp .. But you inspire me and make the realize that there is SO. MUCH. MORE. to life. Savoring the small delicious moments (:

  8. Yay! So happy for you!

  9. Sometimes finding that "new normal" can be really difficult, but you are doing great! : )

    Living and loving life is what's most important!

  10. I'm so happy that you are loving this new phase(?) of your life right now. You sure look happy and beautiful!

    Love the presentation of the dog treats. Classy!!!

  11. After weeks of training for half marathons or 5ks, it feels really weird to quit. Because i've been in running mode for so long...but its also a relief because I'm able to love all the little things in my life again and just sit back and enjoy! LOVE LIFE! And all your food looks so good!

  12. Loving the "new normal" it's nice to change things up and focus on different things in life. Looks like you are enjoying it too, which is what matters the most!

    Transitioning after races can be hard, I usually have another race already in mind which helps. I struggled a little bit this year, marathon in may, then transitioned to 70.3 training, then once that was done in July, it was dive back into marathon training for this fall. I am really looking forward to October-December where I don't plan on training for anything specific just running and working out as I want and not need to.

  13. Yay for cheese!!! I had a WIAW Shirataki Noodle creation too. I love them. :)

    Your blueberry creation sounds so fancy. I need to borrow your coulis term... I always just refer to them as "melted" berries. You're so classy. ;)

  14. My daughter would LOVE being around the fact you eat sushi weekly. haha. Loving your new normal. That smile looks care free and that you are definitely enjoying that new normal despite not being on a competition schedule.

  15. Omg, chicken salad vs. salmon salad. GAHHHH I would have a panic attack over which to choose! LOL!

  16. I find when it is an event that I have really been focusing on and training for it is hard to let myself breathe...that'll explain the 21 half marathons I ran in 2 years! I just couldn't stop! I am trying now to listen better to my family and my own needs above trying to keep up!!

  17. It's always strange to get back to normal after a big event... and in your case, I'd imagine even more so with such a strict diet to follow. Enjoy the freedom! You're doing a great job finding balance.

  18. I can see how it can take time to re-adjust after having such a specific plan for so long. This time of year is the perfect time to start the process and enjoy your surroundings! Looks like you're off to a great start!
    And yes, the new Quest bar is out of this world!

  19. LOVING your balance in life!!! I only did 2 competitions & 1 per year & that was enough for me! ;) No way I was going to live like that all year round! Great experience though!

  20. It can be such a hard transition after you spend months and months training for something. I know post marathon I was feeling out of sorts without having a plan. Glad you are living life to the fullest!



  22. You have such a great outlook- enjoy the next chapter! P.S. What I'd do for that sushi right about now.


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