Monday, August 5, 2013

Living Life...

Hey friends and...

Happy Monday to ya! (It's a Civic Holiday for me today so, woo hoo!)

As I've been getting over my cold over the past week and half now...

I'm pretty confident that I've got about 15% left of it to get rid of! (Because I know my body on mathematical terms lol But really, I just have a really bad cough lingering around!)

That being said...

It hasn't stopped me from living my life the best way I know how!

I saw this during our day trip to Merrickville.
It made me smile :)

Seriously though...

The past few days have brought a few awakenings on a personal front which...

I will share with you in due course plus...

It has also made me marvel in in all the marvelousness that surrounds me!

I'll be linking up to Katie's #MIMM today :)

Without a doubt...

I'm feeling grateFUl for all that I have and...

With whom I get to share those things with! (Be it tangible or intangible!)

Needless to say...

I am blessed and I don't take that for granted!

1. What's marvelous is the time I got to spend with SuperFit this past weekend: Simply enjoying each other and what we bring into each other's lives makes me happy. We love, we have fun, we are silly and we savour each moment we have together :)

We went to Merrickville on the motorcycle then...
Met up with some fabulous friends!

2. What's marvelous is the new town we came to explore: Merrickville was quaint, with a lot of character. I loved all the little shops and the glass blowing guy we came to watch! (It's was really neat!) Also, we had a great lunch at Gad's Hill Place! It was historic, authentic and true to its time! (My dish was marvelous!)

You know I took a peek into this place right?!
I didn't get anything but I sure enjoyed the smell of fresh waffle cones!
Mrs. McGarrigle's had so much cool stuff in her store!
From tasties to home needs :)
We watched this guy blow for a long while!
It was mesmerising!
Photo by our friend: Chris Kiez
Gad's Hill Place!
Where we had lunch :)
The menu was a book :)
More about the place!
Sandwich for SuperFit...
Maple Glazed Salmon for me.
It was super tasty!

3. What's marvelous is my Teddy Bear: my bear makes me so happy! He makes me laugh and I love him to pieces! He always wants to play, love and give you a great big Teddy hug!

4. What's marvelous is bumping into my dad, The Masta, at the movie theatre: as soon as SuperFit and I found ourselves seats, my dad called out our names! He was there too! We joined him for the viewing of The Wolverine and caught up with him before the movie got started. Nothing beats time with your family, planned or unplanned :)

This picture won't rotate.
Not sure why lol

And finally...

5. What's marvelous is my workouts and my climb to the top with SuperFit: since being back home from our holidays, I've had some pretty great training sessions (minus those days I was sick!). Whether I was running, riding or lifting, all that I came to do was filled with the passion I have for my health, fitness and overall wellness.  When it came to biking to the top of the Champlain Lookout, I knew I had lots of hills coming my way. As I'm not a huge hills lover, I knew that every pedal stroke I made would end up making me stronger by the end (so I had to push forward without stopping!). Much like in life, the hills we face are never easy but, once you get over them, you come out stronger than when you first started! I had a marvelous time climbing no matter how difficult (and long the hills were) at times!

Absolutely loving my Nike Lunarlon's!
They make me happy and feel as bright as the sun ;)
I found my running mojo in these!

At the top of the Lookout :)
No matter how often I do this 65km ride...
It feels like a huge accomplishment every single time :)
This was my first time up this year.
Reach for the top.
Don't stop your journey because it gets too hard, push through, learn and be strong!
The view is worth it.

Have a marvelous day everyone!

Questions FU You...

What was marvelous about your weekend?
Hills, how do you view them?
Have you ever been hiking in Lake Placid? We're thinking of going :)

Stay Tuned FU More on *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. the child and I LOVE TEDDDDDDDDY too.

  2. What a marvelous weekend it looks like you had! Great job on the bike ride and Teddy is absolutely adorable!

  3. Glad you are feeling better and had so many fun things going on! Love the photos!

    Lake Placid is amazing. It holds a very special place in my heart, my fiance and I went there on our first overnight together. It's just a beautiful place. We are going to be taking a mini-honeymoon there after the wedding because it was so important to our relationship....its would love it

  4. That does sound like a marvelous weekend and yes that bike ride is a huge accomplishment! We had a great weekend here - lots of fun with friends and family.

  5. Congrats on the bike ride!! The hills are my biggest challenge, they are killing. I am going on a pass tour soon, so I need to get going!!
    Love the color of your runners!

  6. My marvelous this weekend was spending time with my awesome family! Sounds like you had a great weekend!!! Love the pics of Teddy...such a cutie pie! And congrats on that ride..WOW!

  7. I had a marvelous weekend with family and MINIONS at Universal! Also did my marathon training runs of 16 and 3 with TONS of walking in between - boo ya!

  8. Your post is marvelous : ). The book menu is pretty cool idea and I just adore your teddy bear {so fluffy & cute}

    My weekend was marvelous spending time with my hubby and celebrating our 2 year wedding anniversary!

  9. That town you explored sounds amazing!!
    I've always been fascinated with glass blowing - the whole process is so cool!
    And, I would say the view from the top is always worth it - your view is incredible!!

  10. I hear Lake Placid is gorgeous! I love your reminder that what is marvelous is in all of the simple things around us.

  11. Your weekend looked so fun. The menu books are so creative, I love that!

  12. I love these posts!!! I love that you are living life to the fullest. I love your family love & Teddy cuteness!!!!!!

  13. I have a love/hate relationship with hills. I don't like them while I'm going up, but I know they are making me stronger, and love the feeling of accomplishment when you've finally reached it! :)

  14. What a great sounding few days! I love it when you find hidden gems in small towns! I love the variety in your fitness- it keeps things interesting and fun all the time.

  15. Cute idea for the book menu! Lake Placid is awesome - you must go!

  16. Teddy is so cute!! I love watching glass blowing, it's amazing & beautiful! :)

  17. Great pictures!

    I love me some hills! A friend and I meet every other Tuesday to run hill repeats at 4:30am. It's pretty badass to have 6.5 miles done before 6am. :)

  18. You definitely had a wonderful weekend! Great recap, as usual.

    Best part of my weekend = getting the email from you that I won the NuNaturals giveaway :D

  19. wow, nice bike! my husband would love to ride with you two! and i would love to explore that town with you. Shall we come for a visit? hehe. Glad you are feeling better

  20. Lots of marvelous there! Love the "reach for the top" photo!

  21. Looks like a great weekend! I like the phone booth photos. Fun!

  22. Teddy is so cute! Our little girl turned one this weekend!

  23. You and your man are so cute! Love how much joy you find in each other and in life! Also can I come play with your dog??? Soooo adorable!

  24. Looks like a FUn weekend all right and I am always so happy to see a pic of Teddy. Your new kicks are purty! Hope you get rid of that cough soon.

    p.s. love the look of your maple salmon...mmmmm.

  25. Teddy Bear is such a cutie pie!! I hope you are 100% better soon. I am verging on getting a cold so am dosing up on vitamin c and oranges / mandarins too.


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