Friday, August 30, 2013

#RECIPEFRIDAY: Extra Lean BBQ Bison Burgers

Heeeeeeeeeeeyyyy everyone and...

Happy #RECIPEFRIDAY to you!

Hoooooray for FUriday ;)


I'm so excited that it's Friday today because...

It's the long weekend and...

SuperFit and I are headed to Lake Placid!

But not to bike!

Our plan is to...

Hike up Mount Marcy and...

Simply enjoy our time together in a new environment! (For me at least, I've never been!)

Hiking up to the Fire Tower at the top of Luskville Falls!
We have amazing trails near us :)

Having said that...

The weather is definitely not on our side so...

We will do our best given what we have to work with!

It's not looking good lol


I should probably tell you that I'm a newbie when it comes to hiking  (I don't think the Spartan Races count as hiking excursions right?! lol)...

I mean...

I've only ever gone less than two handFUl of times and therefore...

I know I'm in for one total new experience! (It's supposed to take an entire day to hike up Mount 7-8 hours to summit but, be rest assured...we are both mindFUl of the weather...)

Having said all of that...

SuperFit is a master hiker (is there something he's not good at?! lol)...

My amazing cycling coach :)


I know I've got what (and who) I need for this hiking adventure!

I never, ever, ever, thought I'd own a pair of hiking boots.
I also said I'd never get into fitness either lol


I'm looking forward to what this weekend will bring! (Which I know, is a lot of rain lol!)


At least we've been FUelling up nicely this past week ;)

Extra Lean BBQ Bison Burgers with Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries :)

Extra Lean BBQ Bison Burgers

by *CaNdY FiT*
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Ingredients (serves 4)
    The Patty

    • 1/2 lb Extra Lean Ground Bison (or meat of your choice)
    • 2 tbsp Egg Whites (or 1 egg)
    • 1 tsp Ground Sage
    • 1/2 tsp Ground Cumin
    • 1 tsp MTL Steak Spice
    • Salt to taste
    The add-ins

    • 3/4 cup Mushrooms
    • 3/4 Small Onion, chopped
    • BBQ Sauce (of choice, to flavour)
    • Goat Cheese (to top)
    Burger Bun

    • Your choice!
    1. In a medium sized bowl, add in your meat, egg whites and spices
    2. Mix together until evenly combined
    3. Roll your meat into 4 small patties
    4. Place aside
    5. In a heated, large non-stick EVOO Oil sprayed fry pan, gently place your 4 patties
    6. Let cook
    7. Turn over once 1/2 the patty has turned brown
    8. Leave in pan until cooked then, remove from heat

    The Toppings
    1. While the patties are cooking....
    2. In a small, non-stick EVOO Oil sprayed fry pan, add in your onions and mushrooms
    3. Cook and stir around until slightly browned
    4. Add in your BBQ Sauce to coat your mushrooms and onions
    5. Let cook for about 2 more minutes then, remove from heat

    Burger Bun
    • Feel free to toast or grill your burger bun (or, leave it as is)

    Putting it together
    1. Place your burger patty on one 1/2 of the bun and, top it with your BBQ Mushrooms/Onions then, add the Goat Cheese
    2. Serve alongside Oven-Baked Fries or Salad.
    3. Enjoy!

    • Feel free to enjoy to enjoy the burger 'open-faced'
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    Hope you like my #RECIPEFRIDAY recipe!



    Now that I've shared my fave recipe of the week...

    It's your turn!

    If you have a recipe you've been making and loving...

    Share it!

    Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

    Questions FU You...

    Have you ever been hiking? If so, where? 
    Plans for the weekend?
    Favourite burger topping?

    Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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    1. Have fun this weekend! That burger & sweet potato fries looks heavenly. :)

    2. Have fun hiking! Hopefully the rain will hold off for ya!

      1. It rained on and off! It worked out well! We had an awesome time :)

    3. M,,h. I love bison burgers. And hiking. But not in the rain!

    4. I love hiking! Except my family doesn't love it as much as I. ARG. Have fun!

      Holy cow, at those burgers, though. YUM!

    5. This burger looks amazing! And so easy too. Thanks for the awesome idea and happy weekend!

    6. I don't do bison burger, but I love that you're hiking at Lake Placid! So fun! With that weather, make sure that you bring the right clothing or you may have a miserable 7-8 hours.

      1. It was sooooooooo much fun! I was well equipped (thanks to SuperFit!). Would love to do it again!

    7. Okay girl, I think Spartan counts as hiking. LOL. And you are quite equipped for hiking regarding your fitness level. I like low level hiking shoes or trail runners for hiking. I think you'll end up wearing trail runners down the line. Cuz you will wanna see all the beauty nature has to offer. And you can cover more ground running. ;)

      Bison burger, yum. never had one, but it looks so good. I think in a lettuce wrap.

      1. The hike was incredible! My Salomon's worked out perfectly! Offered great support for my ankles. Perhaps eventually I will transition to trail runners...they have peeked my interest hehehe

        Oh yes, in a lettuce wrap! That would be fab!

    8. Hiking is one of my favorite past times, I try to get out at least once or twice a week here in Utah. But whenever I plan a marathon trip in different states if there is hiking in the area, you can bet I'll be out on the trails enjoying new sights both before and after the race:)
      I have actually been hiking up near where you are going, just not on the exact trails. The placid area is beautiful, and that part of New York has some amazing trails, and waterfalls, you're going to have a great time! Enjoy your weekend!!!

      1. The hike was amazing! So many beautiful trails. Mount Marcy was incredible!

    9. we LOOOVE hiking! come here! and bring some rain, we need it! Have a blast!!

      Bison is my FAV!

      1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh that would be SOOOOO much fun LC!

    10. Spartan definitely counts as hiking! lol

      That recipe is perfect for this memorial weekend coming up! Great recipe post idea! :)

      1. Ya, that's what I thought! AROO! ;)

    11. Have a wonderful time Kierston - love that you are doing all these things!!!

    12. How FUN!!! Enjoy it!

      Those bison burgers look mouth-watering good!!!!

    13. I ADORE bison... Along with elk, venison, ostrich, wild boar and kangaroo!!!! :D

    14. I love pineapple on my burgers for sure :) Those burgers look good.

      I think you will really love hiking. I really enjoy it and find it a nice way to be outside and spend time with my boyfriend. The weather has just gotten better here so hopefully we will be doing some hiking ourselves soon too. I hope the weather for you this weekend holds out.

      1. Ohhh I've never tried pineapple on my burger before. Definitely a great suggestion!

        Hiking was incredible! I wanna do it again!

    15. MMM that burger looks so good- I wish they sold bison here in Australia- the only place I've eaten it was in America!

      Best burger topping is blue cheese...the strong texture pairs so well with a red meat burger. Damn, I have a huge craving now! Hope you enjoy the hike and the weather sticks up!

    16. Good luck and have fun on the hike!
      That Bison Burger looks heavenly, I love the addition of Feta.
      I had an ostrich burger when I was in NY this summer, it was so good!

    17. Your recipes make me seriously consider eating meat :) And I'm pretty sure I could live on sweet potato fries.

      Enjoy the hike! Hiking is second only to running as my favorite way to stay active.

      1. It was a blast! We had a great time :)

    18. i've never cooked bison before but i know my husband loves it!! may have to surprise him with this :) :)

    19. Was planning on heading out to vermont today to go hiking but the weather isn't looking so great :( Might just try to enjoy the day in Montreal and REST (like most normal people do on vacation lol). Hope you're having a wonderful long weekend!!!

      1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fun! We hiked in the rain. It didn't bother us at all (I though it would but it didn't!). Hope you're having a great long weekend too :)

    20. Hope the hike was fun :)

      Btw, love the look of those bison burgers, always wanted to try them. They look yummy.


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