Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recap ~ The Color Run: 7 Tips to Sweating Rainbows!

That's right...

There's a way to getting the most out of sweating rainbows at The Color Run!

It's an art really ;)

Let's discuss shall we?!

After running my very first color run this past weekend with my family...

All I have to say is...

It was truly the happiest 5K I've ever ran!

I mean...

I got to run with my little sister Kiki...

My brother, Mr. FUntastic...


My man, SuperFit!


What more could this FU ask for?!


Before the race...

We talked about what we needed in order to be ready for this run! (I asked the social media world for some tips and things before arriving the morning of! In addition to the feedback I received, the organizers did a great job in providing us with some info as well!)

I cut up our shirts for the race :)
Nothing like adding a little personal touch!

If anything...

Everything I read and all the things that were shared helped in our preparations! (I relayed the information to my family which, they were all appreciative of!)


Race day...

Our overall focus for this race would be on two things and two things only...

To have FUn and...

To get the most color on ourselves as humanly possible! (Oh, and staying together of course!)

SuperFit getting close to the second color station.
Nothing but happy here :)

Once we got to the race location...

The atmosphere was super relaxed and everyone had a smile on their face! (There was great energy no matter where you looked! It was awesome.)

SuperFit enjoying the moment!

As people were dancing and cheering...

SuperFit spotted the merchandise tent and bought himself a fanny pack to hold his stuff! (He'd been talking about one forever so, he did the right thing in finally getting one for himself lol)

As soon as he stuffed his new pack with what would end up being my things too...

We enjoyed the music and found ourselves jumping and dancing to the beat! (People were following the moves of the dancers up on stage!)

Oh and...

We also took the time to stretch before we got to running!

Before you knew it...

We were in line in the second wave of runners and...

Away we went in the midst of all the colorFUlness that surrounded us!


Throughout the course...

There would be 4 color stations and 1 water station (each station being FUll of volunteers helping to make our experience a FUn and colorFUl one!)...


No matter where you were or looked...

People were smiling and taking pictures! (It was so great to see everyone so happy!)


Nearing the end of the race...

We took out our color pouch (we each got one in our racer packs) and...

We tore it open and created a cloud of color to douse ourselves in once we crossed the finish line! (You can never get enough color on you lol)

We also wanted to colorFUlly celebrate the fact that...

My sister completed her very first 5K race!

Awesome job Kiki!

Soon after we crossed the finish...

The people at KIND Snacks were giving away bars and apples!

So much goodness in one place.

None of us had ever tried KIND snacks before but let me tell you...

Mmmm was the overall consensus!

I saved this one for my Mama :)

All in all...

The whole event, from the start to finish, was very well organized! (Did I mention there were 15,000 participants?!)

It was also...

Super FUn and...

I would suggest anyone who's thought about doing a color run to register! (It's definitely something worth experiencing!)

You know you wanna!

Needless to say...

There's nothing quite like sweating rainbows! (Sweat has never looked so good hehe)


If I can offer you 7 tips in getting the most out of your color run, these are it:

1. Have FUn: this is not a timed event so don't think you are going there to PR. The race is all about enjoying the moment, having FUn and running/walking your happiest 5K ever!
2. Wear white: so you can see how colorFUl you will get!
3. Wear an old pair of shoes: the color may stain your shoes so, don't take the risk.
4. Bring sunglasses and a bandanna: to cover your eyes and mouth throughout the color stations. 

He used my cut off sleeve to cover his nose and mouth...
and eyes hehe ;)

5. Bring a ziploc bag: to put your phone/camera in, if you want to take pictures. *note: there is a very well organized bag-check for you to check your bags, if need be.*
6. Bring a change of clothes or a towel: depending on your plans post-race, you'll want to bring a change of clothes. Also, if you are planning to get into a car, you'll want to place a towel on your seat so as not to add color to the car.
7. Wash your running gear: as soon as you get home. That is, if you want to remove the color from your apparel. The color comes out pretty good (and will come out more with every wash). If you want to keep the color, you can do so by doing this.

Have a colorFUl day friends!

Questions FU You...

Have you ever done a color run?
Did you enjoy it? Any tips you would add?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*

**Disclaimer: I am in no way connected with The Color Run. I simply wanted to recap and share all the FUn I had running this event with my family! :)**


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  1. That looks like so much fun, how cool you ran with your family! I've never been to a color run, but I want to!

  2. The color run is fun times! Now if we could have it down here in Canada temps ;)

  3. SO FUN!! i haven't done the color run yet but definitely want to in the future!!

  4. FUN!!!! I cannot wait. The Color Run in Maine has come and gone already (but I've already decided I'm doing it next year for sure) but I'm doing Color Me Rad this Saturday with the kids. We are all so excited!!!

    1. Have a blast! you and kids will love it!

  5. Sweating rainbows . . . . whoohooo! I need to try this run!

  6. OMG. Your whole family is as cute as you are! I love how much fun you all had together!

  7. Yay! Glad you liked it!!! I did mine when there was 3,000 people so this has gotten so big!!!!! Love ur shirts too!

    1. There were sooooo many people! Awesomness all around!

  8. I did a color run last year, I agree with all of these tips! I really liked it, you are right, everyone is happy and smiling. It's not something I would do all the time but once in a while with friends/family would be fun. Love that you did it with your family!

    1. Agreed! It was a blast to do with my family and would love to do it again with them!

  9. Great tips!!! The ziploc bag for your phone and change of clothes were so key when I did the color run. It was such a blast! You and your sibs are so cute :)

  10. Oh my word this looks like so much fun!!! What a great 5k to do for your sister's first!!

  11. This made me so excited!! What a fun time. I am running this next week and thank you for these tips! Well if my running shoes get ruined that just means I need new ones right?! hehe

    1. Have fun!!! Looking forward to seeing what new shoes you get ;)

  12. LOVE it girl!!! Your pictures are awesome! Yes I've done a couple of Color Runs and I'm doing another one in October! So much fun!!!

  13. I love The Color Run! This November will be the third time that I run The Color Run, and I am still super excited about it.

    I'm glad to see that you enjoyed the experience!

    1. The experience was awesome! Have fun at your next Color Run!

  14. I want to do a color run so bad! Everyone is posting about them and looks like so much fun! Ill have to wait until next year for the one around me :/

    1. Yes, check out their event calendar so you don't miss the next one! It's definitely worth doing...so much fun!

  15. so got some great pics! what a fun time with the family!!!

  16. It looks like ya'll had a great time!! We did the color run in Nashville last March, and we already have our registration for the October one :P

  17. I'm so glad you got to do a color run, we had a blast a few weeks ago too! The only tip I would add is to bring something to wipe your face off (facial wipes) and something to sit on (we brought a tarp) for the car ride home. :)

  18. Looks like fun! Awesome job to your sister on her first 5k and I love the kind bars :)

  19. i've got to do this! i think there is one race here in october!!

  20. So fun! I would love to do a colour run someday!

  21. Sounds like so much fun!! I wanted to do a colour run here in Melbourne last year but it was sold out. I plan on entering early this year.

  22. FUN!!!!!!!!!! I have seen so many posts on these runs & they have them here too! I saw some people come into our coffee place one day all colored up! :)

    1. You should have seen it...there were color runners everywhere around town!


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