Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mindfully Fuelling, Replenishing and Resting...

That's right.

There's been a whole lot of FUelling and replenishing going on here! (And, some resting too!)

We are both loving Menchies right now! :)

Let's discuss...

Since I've been running...

I ran 24km this past weekend with...
2 amazing ladies!


Cycling a lot more (as of late)...

I attacked the hills last night!
Keeping my Nuun Hydration infused water with me to replenish as I go.

We (as in Coach SuperFit and I) have revised my food intake...

My mom made me Rice Krispie Squares.
I shared ;)

To ensure...

I'm getting the right amount of FUel to power my training sessions!

In-workout FUel.
These Clif Shot Blocks are awesome.

In other words...

We've switched things up a little bit so as to...

Give my body more of the energy it needs given all that I've be doing! (Which makes total sense!)

I went out for a 5K run after my 24K.
It felt good to flush out my legs :)
Did I mention how much I'm loving my Nike+ GPS Sportwatch?!
Working on my hiking skills as we prepare for Lake Placid!

Having said that...

Not only am being more mindFUl of how I am nourishing my body but...

I am also...

Being mindFUl of giving my body the rest it needs to recover! (I must thank SuperFit for reminding me of my need to take a break because sometimes, I forget! Not going to lie!)

Chilling and taking it easy with my Bear.


I am very cognisant that...

I need to be fair to my body by giving it more of what it needs! (I ask so much of my body that, it's only fair that I give back to it too! My body is my home and, I need to ensure that I give it all the love and nourishment it requires! Cheesy, but true!)

I mean...

My body is treating me so well that...

I have to continue taking care of it the best way I know how! (I'm still learning as I go along in my journey through life so, by continuing to gain the knowledge I need by listening, reading and being in tune with myself and my body, this I know will allow me to bring out the very best in me in every way, shape and form!)

Just like I take care of my Teddy Bear ;)
We thought he had an ear infection...
He didn't.

With all of that being said....

Here's a peek into what I've been eating as of late in this edition of...

What I Ate Wednesday! (I'm eating more to FUel my tank so, you're not going to see any big changes in the food I eat. When I mention the word 'diet', it simply refers to the food I'm having, nothing more. I'm living, enjoying and savouring. By switching things up, this will only ensure I'm giving my body the energy it needs so that we together (both in body and mind), can perform at our very best without running on empty...perhaps literally too hehe!)

Thanks Jenn for this great link up!
Rising with a few gulps of Rise Kombucha in the a.m.
Love this flavour!
Oatmeal Zucchini Protein Bites...
Made with some of this garden Zucchini I got from my FFA Teammate Dani!
Banana Nut Muffin Quest Bar with some Starbucks Coffee!
Great combo might  I add ;)
Dijon Salmon over Shirataki Noodles
Zevia Cola.
So many flavours to pick from!
Char Crusted Chicken, Oven-baked Sweet Potato Chips and Zucchini.
Chicken Salad in a Lemon Sumac Dressing.
Weekly Sushi.
Isobel's Cupcakes we savoured at my friend's wedding!

Have a tasty day friends!

**My long run: I had planned on running 21km on Saturday...alone. I was so excited when Nookie and Nikki were available to run too! (Finally!!!) Nikki did 16km with us and Nookie and I ended up running 24km (it just happened lol). I felt really good throughout the run and was no doubt, proud of myself to have gone my farthest ever! The last time I ran anything close to 24km was at my half-marathon last year! Post-run, I was a bit sore but, stretching consistently every day helped! Today, my legs feel like themselves again ;)**

Questions FU You...

How often do you take FUll rest days?
What have you been FUelling and replenishing lately?

Stay Tuned FU More on *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. i've been taking LOTS of rest days lately. ok fine i haven't technically "worked out" in over two weeks. i'm seeing if this makes a difference to me - all i do is walk my dog on a daily basis - i miss the gym, i'm not going to lie!

  2. I take a TON of rest days and they all be unplanned.
    Im intuitive and lately Ive INTUITIVELY needed a break.

  3. So let's see...lots of cycling and running. Now just add in a swim and you know what's next, right? ; )

    Rest is so good for the body and soul. Glad you're getting it when you need it!

  4. Great job listening to your body girl and getting the rest and fuel it needs! So glad you had such an awesome run! I love runs like that!!!

  5. I always take at least one full day off from all workouts. I think it's important mentally as well as physically. Lots of yummy eats there!

  6. So I'm a distance runner and I recently added weights to my workouts (on off days). The thing is I'm crashing, bad at mile 8. This never happened before! I'm dripping sweat (literally)and just get pale. I am eating healthy. Typically I take one gu every 6 miles. I also take salt sticks. Before a run I drink a spark energy drink (I'm thinking this may be the culprit as it has so much caffeine and this is something new). And since I don't want to have to go potty I just eat a bagel before a for a run.(minus the spark this routine has always worked) What advice do you have? I just ordered nuun as I cant stomach Gatorade and water isn't cutting it. I ran on the treadmill and downed one bottle of water per mile. I also realllllly want caffeine before a run but have to stay away from coffee so I ordered gu octane (it has caffeine). Any thoughts?

  7. I take at least one full rest day and I love it. Sleeping in, maybe a walk - but prioritizing my rest and recover my body. I also add in one moderate day which consist of 30 minutes easy cardio and nothing else.
    I love the Banana Nut Muffin Quest Bar, so good!

  8. I FU-ing love your food!

    Today is my rest day. I aim for one a week... but I always take walks. Not moving drives me insane.

  9. YAY FOR RUNNING!! And yay for resting and refueling. It all looks so great! I am sure SuperFit is happy to have a riding buddy!

  10. Wow congrats on your run this past weekend...that's awesome!!! I'm not very good at fueling during my longer runs...but I'm working on far the best "fuel" I have enjoyed has been the Sport Jelly Belly's

  11. Life is meant to be lived! And when it's not forced, it's WAY more fun ;)

  12. I'm always drooling over your eats, yum yum! Yay for froyo :)

  13. What a great run! I have just started to run a bit more "seriously" (aka longer distances) so I'm also tweaking what I eat too... more carbs!

  14. Just stared at your salmon photo for about an hour. LOL!!! Where do you get your succulent fillets?!

  15. i love that super fit is your coach too. HElps you stay focused on your needs. such good care. Rest, fuel, and lots of KOMBUCHA!

  16. Great to have company for your long run :)

    Glad Teddy Bear turned out not to have an ear infection.

    I'm taking a rest day today as my legs tell me I need it. I usually take 1 rest day a week. I've been fueling lately on whatever I can get my hands on quickly that is still somewhat nutritious since my work has gone a bit crazy.

  17. It's so important to listen to your body. Treat it well, and feed it well! :) I wish I was into distance running, but maybe one day! I need to practice on focusing on me and spending time with my own thoughts..thats for sure!

  18. Ah yes, I'm learning the fuel and rest is so important. I'm being more mindful of the rest especially. You eats look great.

    Happy wiaw!

  19. I take at least one full rest day. Fueling and resting making the body strong!

  20. LOVE how you are taking care of you!!! We learn thru life! :)

    I take 2 full rest days a week! Cookie treats too! :)

  21. Rest is so important, gotta listen to your body@


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