Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Part I: We Are Spartan!

Hey everyone and...

Happy Tuesday to you!


After a super long weekend (it was Canada Day long weekend here)...

I'm excited to share with you that...

My teammates and I completed the Spartan Super! (In one piece lol)


If there are two words I could use to describe our experience at this race...

They would be, from start to finish, the following...

FUreakin' awesome!


As you know...

I was a bit nervous about this race because I'd not run more than 20 minutes since my last 5K race back in May...


So, without a doubt...

That left me feeling a bit uneasy about doing Spartan! (The running aspect more than anything!)

Why not more than 20 minutes of running?

Because I simply could not find my running mojo! 

That being said...

I worked really hard at channelling my inner-Spartan! (AROO! All year round, I train consistently in and outside the gym but running, over the past few months, just wasn't a part of it!)

Last year's Spartan Beast Race.

If there's one thing I know for sure though...

I soaked up all of your words encouragement and good luck wishes! (They definitely FUelled me with Spartan strength so, thank you!)


The day before the Spartan Super...

On our way up to Mont-Tremblant...

We bumped into my Dad, The Masta, and his friends who just finished a 95km bike loop along the Ironman course! (Talk about good timing!)

We joined them for a few minutes as they loaded up post-ride!

The last time I saw Kim...
I was 6.
She was my skiing instructor!
We loaded up on caffeine ;)

After saying our goodbyes...

SuperFit and I met up with our team at the chalet we rented out for two nights! (It was literally up the street from where we saw my Dad!)


This place was sawweeet!

Cap Tremblant
3 bedrooms, washrooms, balconies, a large kitchen and...
We got a crazy last minute deal!

I gotta say...

Being around everyone totally pumped me up for the race and...

It totally got me excited about it too! (For me and the rest of my teammates, it's all about having FUn and running our own race. (And I mean that literally too. We may start together but, we may also finish separately as well which, is all good! Our togetherness always remains whether we be side by side or not!)

After settling in and talking trying out our get up for the day following...

We decided to walk around the village and tour around!

SuperFit got himself some new shoes and SuperSly...
Some *CaNdY* ;)

This touring also included...

Checking out the start/finish line!

Good thing we did this because we thought the start/finish
was way over on the other side of town lol


Race day...

As our official start time was with the 9:30am wave of racers...

We got up early to FUel and get ready!

Spartan gear.
Did I mention we did some training in the park the evening before?
hehe ;)

Once we were all geared up...

We made our way to the venue! (The right venue that is lol)

Psychedelic Spartans.

We then...

Checked in and got all our stuff in order! (Got our race rib, chip and, we filled out our liability waiver!)

Form in hand!

Without a doubt...

There was no hiding the excitement amongst our team...


Everyone around us!


Mental note...

At this point in time...

I wasn't worried about a thing other than...

Having FUn and coming back in one piece! (Trust me, injuries are not uncommon. They can happen the moment you lose your focus, I learned this the first year after I almost twisted my ankle 5 times and saw people in front and beside get hurt!)

I wore my Mizuno Wave Inspire 7s.
The same pair I wore to the Beast :)

I also made sure I didn't have to worry about other things too like...

Having enough energy to sustain me throughout the 15km (was supposed to be 12km) course! (I FUelled up to plan before the race (which I will touch on in tomorrow's post) but, you never know when you might need to GU up!)

Better to be safe than sorry!
GU was easy to reach ;)


The race...

Right before we started chanting...

"We are Spaaaaaartans, Aroo, Aroo, AROO"

Our team danced up a storm (like mad people!) and...

There was no doubt about...

How totally psyched up we all were about what we were about to do! (Not actually having any idea of what that was exactly because no race details are ever leaked!)

I should note that right before the race begun...

The announcers said there were two obstacles that would involve swimming! (I freaked out because whether or not I am able to swim , I'm not a great swimmer and have no confidence in my swimming capabilities!)

Luckily for me (and for those who don't swim)...

There was a way out of it! (They were adamant that if you couldn't (or didn't feel confident enough to) swim not take the risk! That, there was an alternate route or bridge to get your through. You'd also have to do some additional burpees which, I was a-okay with! lol! I'd wait to see the obstacle before making my decision!)

As soon as the horn blew (I think it was a horn, I have no recollection!)...

We were off! (SuperFit took off his shirt at this point and I wore it around my wrist so that if we separated, he would always be with me! Korny I know!)

Questions FU You...

Have you ever done a Spartan Race? Which one?
What did you get up to this weekend?

Stay Tuned FU Part II of our Spartan Super Race On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. Park training sounds fun! Don't worry about the whole "running mojo" thing because I'm still looking for mine.

  2. Kim CoulterJuly 02, 2013

    It was Fantastic to see you again after all these years! Love reading your adventures! :)

  3. I'm so glad you had fun!!! I totally would have taken burpees over swimming too. Can't stand it! :)

  4. So glad you had FUn! That last pic of you is awesome! You look like a spartan!

  5. The pictures of you and your team should be used by the Spartan website!!! They are awesome!!! It looks like you had so much fun!! The vacation place looks awesome too!!

  6. Oh my word. You are so awesome!!! You are getting me excited for my spartan!!!

  7. I LOVE your team outfits!!! Awesome! I sooo want to do a race with you one day....you always have so much fun!!!

  8. Ok how much do I FU-reaking LOVE your team outfits. So awesome! Looks like you guys had a blast. And I have to say that you and Super Fit are too cute for words. I've never done one of these races because I'm totally afraid I'd hurt myself. I am huge klutz at the best of times never mind adding obstacles in!! I can't wait to read part two!!

  9. See you had it in you to finish even without too many miles beforehand - you're a machine! LOVE the outfits - especially the boys' shorts LOL xo

  10. AnonymousJuly 02, 2013

    Congrats on the race!! It sounds like such a fun and great challenge!! I definitely want to do one like this next year, it's called survivalrun.com and so much fun.

  11. I've never done a Spartan race but reading your recap so far it sounds like a complete blast!!! Can't wait to read about the rest of the event!!

  12. I'm doing Spartan race next April but I did a shorter mud run with my fam last weekend and LOVEd it! But you're so right about being focused especially with uneven trails.

  13. Whoohoo - nice job! I love how you make the absolute most of it too.

  14. Love it!! Awesome pictures- it looks like a blast. I'll have to add Spartan race to my to do list!

  15. you guys are so fun! I want to come visit and be on your team. Love the whole weekend and love YOU!

  16. Love the banana costume! Hehe

  17. Wow, what an adventure! So glad that the race got you pumped up for more races along the way. Keep it up! :)

  18. AnonymousJuly 02, 2013

    Sounds like you were really having a good time! I can't wait to read the rest of the post.

    Never thought to put something like that in my sock. Good tip!

  19. I love you love of life & family!!!!!! Thank you for sharing so much of your fun & more to come - I am excited!

  20. Yay I knew you could do it!! Can't wait to hear part 2. Loving your outfits in the race :)

    I've been recommended Gu for fuel for when I do the half so good to see you using it for this!

  21. I can tell you guys had a good time! I love that the men dressed up in neon short shorts! HA! I've never run a Sparten but they look like it would be an memory maker for sure!

  22. Wow, sounds like so much fun! I've never done a Spartan race, but your team (almost) makes me want to!

  23. How fun! I have never done a Spartan but it sounds like something I would love!

  24. You guys are crazy fun! I can't wait to read about the actual race!

  25. Amazing!! It looks like you all had a great time and can't wait to read more. I haven't done a Spartan. The closest was watching a mini Spartan demo in Times Square!

  26. i LOVE the pre photo of you and hubs. Super cute! Off to read part deux!

  27. ok so I am super excited but a little nervous but I just registered for the Spartan Super in Red Deer, Alberta in September. I am like you and am terrified of the swimming obstacles because I can barely swim. any advice or tips on the race?


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