Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Part II ~ Spartan Super: Getting Down and Dirty!

Hey everyone and...

Happy What I Ate Wednesday to ya! (Or should I say, What I Ate Pre/Post Spartan Race!) 

Before I give you a peek into what I FUelled with both pre/post race thanks to Jenn's WIAW link up...

I'm going to continue with my Spartan Super race recap from this past weekend! (If you missed Part I, you can check it out here!)

**Getting Down and Dirty**

The moment the horn went off...

So were we!

1.2.3. Go!

We ran for about a kilometre or so before...

The hike began! (Almost like a déjà vu from The Beast I had done last year!)

If anything...

I didn't let that fool me into think this trek was going to be easy because...

I learned my lesson the first time around! (I was definitely prepared to be challenged!)

Oh the memories!

Within the first 20 minutes of the race...

Our team separated! (I know, it didn't take us long lol)

The thing is...

It's hard to stay all together when you are racing on narrow trails and surrounded by hundreds of Warriors! (From your wave!)

We did call out for each other for a while but, eventually...

Our calling (scooby doo!) faded with every step taken! (I was okay with that because I knew I was running my own race as my own personal challenge with myself! We all were. Like I said before, whether together or apart, our togetherness never faded no matter how far we were from each other!)

**Side note: I'm not a girl who really enjoys the bush. Nope (maybe someday). Like, I'm totally not kidding when I say this race is completely out of my comfort zone. I mean, I never went camping as as a kid so, bugs, bush, breaking a nail (kidding) is not something that is familiar to me! Seriously, I've never been out in the 'wild' for more than 24 hours! lol I do like hiking though! All of that being said, the Spartan Races push me to a place where none of that matters or even crosses my mind! Getting down and dirty and in touch with the 'wilderness' is something that I come to love...on race day only ;) Hey, I'm being honest here! lol hehe**

As I continued to race along the course...

I noticed how muddy the trails were and how deep some of the muddy sections were! (It was so muddy (and sticky) to the point where people were getting stuck and losing their shoes (they continued along without them!)! SuperFit had to retrieve his shoes 4 times throughout the race! At one point, in the barbed wire section, I had to pull myself out of deep muddy hole with the help of a tree stump! My legs were suctioned in so deep that I didn't know if I could even get out it! I'm not kidding!)

Since there were no markers into how far we had gone...

I hiked, descended and ran along the course as it would have me do! (Descending was the toughest as your ankles could give out with the wrong footing. I ended up twisting my ankle twice, the first time being the most painFUl!)


I would come across my first obstacle then...

My second, third, fourth and by the end of it all...

My twenty first! (I don't know how many total but I think it was between 21 and 24!)

About 10km in!
(I think!)
The FUnny thing about these two pictures is that...
SuperFit and I were 1/2 hour away from each other  yet...
We both got snapped at the same obstacle!
(We found these photo teasers hours after the race!)

By the end of the race...

I ended up completing all the obstacles except for...

The swimming (I did end up doing the first water obstacle a panic!)...

As well as...

The rings and the last set of monkey bars! (My gloves had no more grip. I couldn't hold on for the life of me no matter how hard I tried to wipe them dry..ish. I did rock at climbing the rope though! I kept thinking in my head, pull FU pull! <---This was at the end of the race and SuperFit was watching. Last year, at this obstacle, Nookie kept calling out to me..."Kenny would be so proud if he could see you reach the top. Keep going." Now, he was there, live, watching! I reached it!)

**Honest/Open side note: when I say I did the first water obstacle in a panic it's because I had to control a panic/anxiety attack that was coming on. The water was up to my neck and freezing (<---they may have added ice to the water because they did to the mud sections!) . Anyway, I can't tell you why I panicked because I have no idea why! I've had these types of panics only a handFUl of times in my life and, this moment would be one of them (each experience being from a different type of situation). I had to control two in less than 2 minutes. Shortness of breath, uncontrollable exhalations...gah, I can't even describe you the mental processes I went through to keep myself calm. "FU it's okay. There's nothing to freak out about. You're walking, touching the ground, you're almost at the end, you're panicking for nothing. There's absolutely nothing to be afraid of!" I also remembered that I was wearing SuperFit's shirt around my wrist. If anything, it gave me the strength to push through and, suck it up! I was able to calm myself down before getting out of the water.**

Once I ran through the Gladiators and crossed the finish line...

I felt good, strong and proud of myself for what I accomplished! (Each and every obstacle varied in difficulty but I have to say, I felt really strong throughout each of them...even if I slipped at times and had to to burpees! lol)

Can you spot the GU?
I GU'd once throughout the race:)

All in all...

The Spartan Super was FUreakin' awesome and it's a race...

I would definitely do again! (As would my teammates!)

Without a doubt...

Spartan races push me far beyond my comfort zone and...

They take me a place I've never been to! (Both inside and outside of myself!)

The experience of the Spartan Races is like no other and...

You definitely feel like are a Warrior when you cross that finish line!

(Scooby doo!)



Now for the FUel!

Here's a glimpse into what I ate pre/post race! (I stuck with Oats for my carbs because they sit well with my tummy!)

Grilling up some lean protein...
To make a Big Ol' Chicken Salad!
(I had a bowl of Egg Oats before going to bed)
Caffeine with...
Oatmeal Protein Bites!
(I was so excited when I saw there was a muffin pan in the cupboard!)
During the race.
SuperFit treated me to ice cream after the race!
It was the sweetest way to celebrate ;)
We later gathered all together and toasted a great weekend of racing and friendship!


Have a great day everyone!

Love <3

Questions FU You...

What's your typical race day FUel?
What do you love most about running a race?
Do you like obstacle races? Ever think of doing one?

Stay Tuned FU More ON *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. this race sounds a lot like the Tough Mudder here. We have to get in water almost first thing. They were shoveling ice into it... I was so cold my body went into shock and I couldn't even move for a second! Wht can't they do these races DRY??? LOL!

    Congrats on that completion - ice cream was definitely in order. :)

  2. Oh my word. I don't know if I'm excited or scared to do Spartan in November! I better get training!!!!

  3. Great job on the race. I am too old and too much of a sissy to attempt a Spartan Race. It sure looked like you had fun!

  4. That race looks like it was friggin' amazing! I'm so jealous that you had an obstacle themed one nearby, I've been dying to give one a go!

  5. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    I love the post race ice cream, good idea!! I love a good soft serve ice cream cone

  6. That looks like one tough race. The oatmeal protein bites sound delicious though...I'm going to try them. Have a great day!

  7. AHHH IVE MISSED YOU as I can not comment from my phone for some reason and have been longing to tell you how I love the pics above.


  8. this race looks so hardcore, so hard, and so awesome! you all got fabulous pictures!!

  9. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    What a BADASS race!! And I love all the pics, such a great experience!
    Oats are my prefuel too, everything else upsets my tummy!

  10. This looks like SOOOO much fun! I have done really easy mud runs, but after marathon training I definitely want to try a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder :) awesome pictures!

  11. YAY FU!! Looks so fun (and kinda badass too). You ROCKED!! Love the ice cream celebration!

  12. you are a beast. I think I would die.

  13. Wow - that race sounds intense, hard and like a total BLAST!!! I'm glad you were able to push through the panic attack and keep going! I think the water stuff would freak me out, too! Now I kind-of want to try one of those races!

  14. Awesome pics! Love that last one!

  15. GiGi wants to DIG HER FACE into those protein bites!

  16. I'm so proud of you doing doing the Spartan race!! So inspiring!! I love your honesty about the race ... and the pics. So muddy :)

  17. OMG!!!!!!!! I love all the pics & the hard core stuff you pushed yourself to the limit to do - so much braver than I!!! What I learned - I don't want to do it & glad it was you & not me! ;)


  18. You are so strong lady and you look amazing in your Spartan photos ;)

  19. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    Amazing photos! Love the race recap and I hope to participate in a Spartan Race some day soon. My fav part of a race is the endorphins at the finish line and the instant community that is created with the other competitors.

  20. Awesome job and great recap! Mud runs are totally fun! :)

  21. Wow! That race sounds super hard! Way to go girl! I love all the after pictures! Beast!!!

  22. Wow what a race! I can't believe how well you did having twisted your ankle twice!!! So happy for you that you got through that and your panics :)

  23. Badass chick! You rocked it girl! Your description of the water obstacle would have would thrown me off my game too. Way to push through and finish strong!

  24. You are such a badass!! And super cute while being a badass! JEALOUS! ;-)

  25. So freaking awesome! Congrats! I totally would have freaked at the water obstacle. I think that there's something about the combination of race anticipation/excitement and cold water that kind of just knocks the wind out of you. And I love that last picture!

  26. Looks like an epic day! I can tell that you are the kind of person that makes everything you do fun, the kind of person that everyone wants to be around! Congratulations on a challenging and memorable day!

  27. You are so amazing I can't even stand it! While I've done the Spartan Sprint, I could not even fathom the beast! The Sprint is testing enough for me, especially with the hikes and ridiculous amount of wall climbs. Beast it like the Spartan you are!

  28. i LOVE all the photos. Those Spartan photos of you are Awesome!
    And you pull your anxiety just as you should - separating yourself from your attack. Never a fun experience. But in my case, while it comes on differently every time, it gets a little easier to handle as time goes on. Then again, I wish they never came on at all.
    So proud of you girl! for making the magic happen! Love all the side notes, too. haha.


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