Monday, July 29, 2013

#MIMM: Feeling Refreshed...

Hey everyone!

Doesn't it feel like it's been 11 days since we last spoke...

Oh wait...

It has been! (Time sure sails on by when you're on a cruise ship hehe!)

Labadee, Haiti <3


I just wanted to quickly check in to tell you all how marvelous my family vacation was...

On our way to Magic Kingdom, Disney World.
Feeling the magic.
Hollywood Studios, Disney World.
Formal night on the cruise.
We went to Disney first then, on our cruise :)


How good I am feeling both mentally and physically since disconnecting from it all! (And instead, focusing myself on connecting with myself, SuperFit, my family and of course, my surroundings!)

Enjoying some time in the marvelous sun!


I am feeling so refreshed (aside from this cold I'm trying to rid myself of!)...

Enjoying fresh coconut water in Falmouth, Jamaica.


I am feeling so easy breezy overall! (Everything seems so much clearer now that I've had time to clear my mind and focus on just living and the moment!)

Sailing on the Freedom of the Seas, Royal Carribean.

Did I mention I found my running mojo while on holidays?!


I ran 1 hour every day on vacation and it felt FUreakin' marvelous!

Perhaps it had something to do with the new shoes I got! (And the view I had while running on the treadmill lol)

Nike, Lunarlon

On top of running...

Both SuperFit and I had a great time trying out all of the exercise equipment on the cruise ship!

We got so excited when we saw all the new toys we had to play with!

No doubt...

We had nothing but marvelous workouts while on vacation!

We did not do this on purpose lol

All in all...

This time away really gave me the opportunity to...

Reconnect with so much more that I'd imagined that...

Not for one second am I not...

GrateFUl for everything that I came to experience and feel with those I love so much! (I feel so blessed!)

Needless to say...

Disconnecting was the best thing I could have done for me and those around me! (I'm so happy I took the time I knew I needed because I totally benefited from it, words cannot explain!)

Tiki Beach, Grand Cayman.

As the days go by (and as I settle back into my home routine, applying what I've learned while away)...

I will continue to share parts of my holidays with you all so that you can see and enjoy the things we came to do as we all connected with one another!

Cupcake making class on board!

Until then...

Have a marvelous day and...

Know that I missed you all!

Talk soon!

Happy :)

Questions FU You...

When's the last time you went on a family vacation/getaway?
What's marvelous in your Monday?

Thanks Katie for this great link up!

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. Love the picture of you on the ship. beautiful Kierston! Glad you had a wonderful vacation. Ya, can't beat those views!

  2. Oh, Friend, you DO look so refreshed and happy.


    I think I am going to take this week to disconnect as well. I think I just need a little time!

  4. Wow, views like that might be the only way I would run on a treadmill. You trip looks amazing and beautiful and I am so glad you found your mojo.

  5. Missed you too Kierston. It looks like you had a marvelous time.

  6. We were on a cruise as well back in March. I loved it! So relaxing!!
    We also trained everyday :)
    Glad you had a great trip and are feeling refreshed :)

  7. Your vacation views are gorgeous! Sounds like a great trip!!

  8. So glad you had a great vacation!!! The pictures are amazing!!! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  9. welcome back! what a great time. Glad you are refreshed and you found your running mojo! WOOHO!!

  10. you look fabulous and look totally refreshed!

  11. Missed ya girl, but welcome back! Man I wish I knew you were SO CLOSE to me in Orlando, but you were having WAY too much FUN which is what vacation is FOR!

  12. You look awesome!!

    I LOVE disconnecting & going on vacay. It always feels amazing.

    Glad you feel refreshed, you sure look it! <3

  13. Sounds like an amazing time, and some great workouts! Would love that view!

  14. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    good for you girl :) I actually like working out on vacation :) Keeps me in the right mind set!

  15. That looks so perfect! So glad you got to disconnect and get refreshed. Beautiful photos!

  16. Welcome back! What a wonderful vacation

  17. Good for you! I love disconnecting especially on vacation. There is that pressure to keep posting but it's not a true vacation if you do that! Welcome back!

  18. AnonymousJuly 29, 2013

    Sounds like such a perfect vacation!! Love all the pics. You and your family are adorable! And these views - stunning! Happy for you you could recharge and enjoy every moment!

  19. I'm so happy to see you back but more than that, I'm so happy that you're feeling happy and refreshed! Looks like you had a fabulous vacation and so glad that you were able to disconnect. Can't wait to hear more and love the matching workout outfits :-)

  20. Nice work on the running! It's hard for me to, but that's why I like it; the challenge! Super jealous of your vacation-- sometimes those are all you need to just clear you brain!

  21. You look so happy! It looks like an amazing trip - all my favorite things (cruise, disney, workouts, love!). So glad you took some time to recharge & disconnect - but welcome back!

  22. Love that "pop" cute

  23. Looks like FUn in the sun. Awesome!

  24. If I will look like you - I will do it now! ;)

    So happy you disconnected for those days - I think we all need to.... I am doing less in August but not totally disconnecting.... post Wednesday on this..

    Such wonderful pics - Kierston!!!!

  25. You look wonderful! I love Royal Caribbean and your sneakers. Glad you had a wonderful time and glad you are back :)

  26. Disconnecting from the world is so important. You look like you had a fabulous time! I'm in desperate need of a vacation. Since one isn't happening any time soon I'm thinking a staycation may be necessary!

  27. Welcome back! I need a vacation ....

  28. It's always lovely to disconnect and reconnect with your family and loved ones. I see no better way to do that than with a trip to Disney! And that cruise ship's fitness center looks mighty impressive! So glad you got to see Mickey!

  29. Looks and sounds like an absolute blast. Disney and Royal Caribbean Cruise = 2 of my fave holidays. Loved working out in the cruise gym. Glad you had safe and enjoyable travels!

  30. Glad you had a refreshing and well earned trip! Its so easy to be caught up in technology these days that when you take some time to step away from it- its like a renewed self!

    Its great you were able to spend time with your family! I think at the end of the year I might head off to singapore or malaysia with my mum and sister before I move interstate- one last family jaunt! Have a great start to your week!

  31. Next stop for you?!?! Disney LAND in CALI - And I will JOIN YOU! :D

  32. What an amazing trip! So glad you had a marvelous time. Looks fantastic.

  33. AnonymousJuly 30, 2013

    Wow, looks like you had an incredible time!
    I'm hoping to go on a Disney cruise next year..fingers crossed I can't wait!

  34. Looks like a blast!!

    That view working out is soooo ahhmazing!

  35. I'm so excited for you. So glad you had a great time , spent time with the family and still incredibly got some awesome workouts in. I'm in serious need of a vacation. I just booked 4.5 day trip to Virginia Beach to spend with 2 of my best friends over Labor day weekend, still a month out but gives me something to look forward to. Now I need to plan a trip for my man and I, we really could use the time away together without all the daily distractions.

  36. What an amazing looking vacation and one you truly deserved! So glad you got a chance to get away, unplug, unwind and find your mojo! ;)

  37. Looks like you had a very relaxing vacation. I'm jealous!

  38. Looks like an awesome vacation, I'm officially JEALOUS!! :)

  39. Well done on all that running! And i'm glad you relaxed and disconnected and got what you needed :)

    Welcome back ;)

  40. Gorgeous and FUN pics!! Our cruise went to Disney in Jan and we can't wait to do it again!! Love that ya found your running mojo :)


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