Thursday, July 18, 2013

Disconnecting: Pressing The Refresh Button!

Hey everyone...

I hope this day finds you well!

I know it finds me excited for my holidays!

I'm holding in so much excitement here ;)

Last week...

I mentioned that I would be disconnecting again! 

If you missed my posts over the past month on this topic...

You can find them here and here.

I'll be honest in telling you that...

I've been finding a need to disconnect yet again and...

This urge has been growing more and more as the days go by! (I've been feeling a disconnect of sorts and, I'm not going to ignore it!)

As I will be away on holidays for the next little while...

I plan on taking this time to completely disconnect myself from the blog and other social media platforms (it helps that in some places there will be no connection available) and...

Completely connect with me, my family, my SuperFit and my surroundings!

**I may share a photo here and there to let ya'll know that I'm still alive and well! Don't worry though, I'll be back before you know it friends :)**

FUrthermore (yes, there's more lol)...

This summer I plan on blogging a little less. (I won't say how often because I don't know. It may change from week to week.)

Why? Because...

I just need some time off the computer! (Plain and simple!)

In a world where we are so connected (and are meant to connect)...

My hope is to find a better balance with these 'connections'! (It's so easy to get consumed by it all and, I'll be the first to admit that I'm an over-consumer at times! lol)


I'll be figuring out how best to keep it balanced with myself and those around me! (Without over-exhausting my mind and feeling stretched! My intra-personal connections need attention too!)

I just need...

A little refresh if you will! (We all need a refresher from time to time right?!)


Having said that...

I'll be taking FUll advantage of this season to take it! (Tis the season right LC?!?)


With all of that being said...

I am signing off to enjoy, live and simply be!

I'll see you all when I get back!

Questions FU You...

Have you hit the refresh button lately? Do you plan on to?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2013

    What a great decision to refresh!! I totally agree that we need time for ourselves and the family once in a while. I was away on vacation in the US in June and most of the time had no Internet which was GOOOD!! Love that last Quote too. Have a wonderful time and vacation Girl, enjoy it to the max!!

  2. I admire this so much! I plan on disconnecting in a few weekends for my vacation with the bf. Enjoy your time xx

  3. I wish I could completely disconnect but I can't. Maybe I will for a couple of days though. Enjoy your vacation!!

  4. Good for you!!! Enjoy every single second. I know you will!!

  5. Good luck! I need a vacation, but I don't want to plan one. I just want someone to whisk me away!

  6. Have a great vacation, you have certainly earned it, enjoy disconnecting and reconnecting with your super fit and family,life is way to short, see you when you return, Enjoy: Sandy

  7. good for you!! it does feel good to disconnect and you know we'll all be here when you feel itz good to come back! :)

  8. Love this reminder. We all need to disconnect more often! Enjoy it!!

  9. Yes, live IN THE MOMENT! Somehow i'm a crazy multitasker who uses my phone and whatnot to capture those moments lol. BUT like I've said before I have QT with friends and hubs where it's off limits. Super quiet times besides us talking :)

  10. I have weeks that I feel the need to disconnect, but I've never been a every-day-blogger, so I don't stress about it. Enjoy your time off!

  11. Totally understand! I love Summer and would rather be out enjoying it then making myself blog or be on social media when I don't want to be. Enjoy!

  12. Because my daughter and I share our blog, it is easier for us to stay refreshed. Enjoy your vacay and time away from the computer!

  13. Hugs and YES! I totally get that feeling... the need to disconnect. I think that we (as bloggers in social media) really feel this PUSH to disconnect more often than not! Enjoy your refresh/reset button!

  14. I think we all get that, but probably aren't all brave enough to do it! I do cut back in the kids are home and I want to be there for REAL for them. And I have a disconnect week coming up on August...nothing, nada, zip for a full week.

    Enjoy your break!

  15. I feel almost desperate to do the same, but somehow I find myself lingering over to the "f ing" computer. Sometimes I wonder if it's not an addiction with me. I say I want to disconnect, I feel great when I do, but why is it so hard to actually do it?!! Enjoy your time off beautiful!

  16. I think it is so great that you will be taking time for yourself and your family. Sometimes I feel like my life starts to revolve around the computer, and that plus my real job doesn't leave me with much time or attention for what's really important.

    Good for you! (That's not to say we won't miss you :-) )

  17. I have not fully disconnected in awhile, but I know I need to. i think I'm afraid to since this is now my job!

  18. Disconnecting is so important! My husband and I keep each other in check when we find one or the other (or both) is getting a little too phoney :) Have a fabulous trip!!

  19. Enjoy the vacation and free time! I try and disconnect for the weekend (or at least drastically drop my connection down) but need to do it more often.

    I fully plan on hitting the refresh button very soon. MUCH NEEDED!

  20. I usually disconnect when I go on vacation as well and I find it very refreshing :)
    enjoy your vacation!

  21. Yes! I can completely understand. That feeling of needing to disconnect has been rising up in my as well. Thankfully, I'm going on vacation in a couple of weeks and plan to do the same. I need to hit the refresh button. It's definitely the season. Enjoy your vacation!!

  22. I am right there with you. I need a break. I do. But I cannot. Not yet. But soon! Enjoy your time off. Seriously ENJOY IT :D And eat lots and lots of salmon!

  23. I hope you have not stopped reading yet because I have a post planned just like this soon - have been planning it for a while now.. like you I need to step away & think more about me & what I need for my personal week being... I will blog less like you but going to read a lot less blogs as much as I hate to say that, that is where too much of my time is going - reading & commenting & tweeting - I so understand you right now! HUGS!!!

  24. Enjoy your time off! I think it is so important to disconnect from technology and have breaks where you don't use it. I took a break earlier this year when I went to Hawaii for 3 weeks and used no technology and loved it. Pretty much whenever I go overseas I like to disconnect from the world for that time and just enjoy the moment.

    Look forward to seeing you back if and when you are ready :)

  25. Enjoy.
    I am going home to Indy for a week soon and blogging, social media, being connected will be my last priority.
    It will be all about family, friends, and a side of marathon training and if I don't connect for a whole week so be it. Sometimes we need that. Relax, enjoy, and have fun!

  26. Enjoy your time away!! We'll miss you!

  27. Love it, love this, and love YOU! Enjoy this time away, and I hope you find that balance!

  28. Awesome. That shows real balance - not just 'my life is balanced and then I blogged about it' but that the blog is also a part of life that needs balance too! You won't lose anything and you'll gain so much peace from it. Happy holiday!

  29. plugging back in on this end---hope youre feeling refreshed?

  30. good for you for disconnecting again!

  31. Enjoy the time away, we all need it sometimes! This is why I only blig a couple times a week and sometimes only once as family and my hubby quality time is most important to me! relax and enjoy hun

  32. Miss you! Love that you're disconnecting. I have been blogging a lot less lately too and just enjoying my time with my family.

  33. I love this, sending you a big hug - I couldn't agree more with you - it is so important to take a step back an reconnect with yourself when you're feeling this way. XO

  34. Its not uncommon to feel the need to disconnect during summer and the holidays. Enjoy girl. Its great for the soul to unplug.


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