Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Part II ~ OPA Ontario Championships: Competition Day!

Hey friends!

Today I will be continuing my recap of my journey to the OPA Ontario Championships! (If you missed the first part, you can check it out here!)

I'll also be linking up to Jenn's What I Ate Wednesday as I will be highlighting a few eats I had on competition day!


The day of the competition…

As we made our way to the competition venue…

We were all so excited that the day to compete at the OPA Ontario Championships was finally here!

Once we entered the theatre…

MP, SuperFit and I headed backstage where we would find ourselves a place to settle and prep ourselves before it was time to step on stage!

Settled in.

Soon after…

We connected with Sue who would join us in the dressing room! (There were 7 dressing rooms in total! With 444+ competitors, there was a need for a lot of space to accommodate everyone lol!)

I must tell you that…

I was thrilled when I saw Sophie (an amazing Figure competitor I met back at the November show) who was also settled in the same vicinity! (With her Coach/Husband)


She is such a sweetheart and I truly love her attitude towards competition and life itself!

Of course…

We had to get a picture together! (She suggested the FUFACE lol)

As we warmed up and practised our posing…

We chatted, took some pictures and…

Took it easy before our categories got called out!

I have to say…

I wasn’t feeling nervous or anything! (I was feeling both calm and excited to get on stage! I mean, the time to shine was finally here and, I wanted to bring out and show all the work I had put into my prep! I didn’t want nerves taking over me but rather, excitement!)

As my category approached…

I started pumping up with SuperFit! (I brought my elastic bands and a towel. We used both for different exercises to get an upper body pump going!)

Needless to say…

I was feeling pumped up both inside and outside of myself!  (Cheesy, I know hehe!)


Side note…

As I would be the first out of our FFA Team to step on stage amongst a group of 15+ ladies…

I knew that no matter the outcome (my placing) that…

I would be proud of the package I would be presenting! (I was happy with my progress and what I was able to achieve in my prep!)

And, to be quite honest…

I think being 100% happy with yourself and what you are bringing to the stage is really important because…

At the end of the day…

It’s your body and not any’body’ else’s! (I train hard, I train heavy and I am proud of what my body achieved in the time spent working out and following my program to a T! I am made the way I am and that’s what makes me, me! FUFACE and all! hehe)


The time to shine…

Once my category got called out into the waiting area…

I kept repeating in my head:

“Have Fun, be yourself, just go with it and don’t bend your knee!

**Sometimes, I bend my knee in my poses which throws things off a bit a lot. Having said that, I spent month’s fine tuning my poses and presentation so, I wasn’t going to let that knee bend LOL! I also have to thank 007 at this time in helping me bring out my inner diva! Trust me, it took a lot of work lol**


Before you knew you it…

SuperFit kissed me goodbye (he was going to watch me from the audience) and…

I was walking out onto the stage!

The feelings that came over me were like no other and…

I loved the fact that I could see familiar faces in the audience! (007, Martin, Mel, Rose and Jess! I couldn’t see SuperFit but I could hear him! lol)

As they placed us in a V –shape on stage…

That's me on the far left in the dark waiting to get into the light lol

Each ‘section’ of the V would get called up to the front for comparisons! 

Once it was my turn…

That's me in the centre.

I made sure to relax, have FUn and simply...

Be me! (I was also mindful of my poses while at it...making sure I didn't bend that knee lol)

A few front and back poses (comparisons) later…

We went back in our V-shape and that’s when they did the first call outs! (Typically, first call out means top 5!)

As they called out the numbers for the top 5…

Mine (#248) was not called! (I think I thought to myself ‘Ahh, boo’ but I was okay emotionally! I knew the competition was tough and I knew I had brought all that I could so, I had no regrets! It was what it was!)

After the first group (top 5) left the stage…

They did the second call outs! (There were 3 calls out in total)

My number was called and they placed me front and centre! (I could hear 007 going crazy, yelling out my name and everything! “FUUUUUUUUU, Super FU…J’chtaime FU!”. Pretty sure  I heard Jess going wild too lol)

We did a few more comparisons and off the stage we went! (They left me centre stage so it felt good to be there!)

As soon as I got behind the curtains…

SuperFit was there with big open arms at which point he gave me great big kiss! (He told me he was proud and that I did amazing!)

He asked how I felt and I said…

Great! (Which was true even if I knew I wasn’t top 5! I had a FUn time on stage and it was a great experience overall!)

I'm in the middle :)

I mean…

We all want to do well (who doesn’t) but…

Winning isn’t everything, wanting to is! (As 007 would say!)

**Seriously, I’m not the type person who ever talks about winning and making that my goal because my goal has always been about bringing out the very best in me! Plus, knowing that I accomplished something that I put my mind to is winning in itself!  Like I said, we all want to do well but I‘d rather go in with no expectations than being disappointed in myself. I want to be proud and I want to appreciate everything the journey has to offer me while continuing to learn as I go along! I believe that's what will make me grow stronger as I move forward. Actually, I know it will...both mentally and physically! It's about having FUn and enjoying every step of the way!**

Needless to say…

Knowing that I gave it my ALL left me without…

An  inch of regret! (I was simply grateful for the experience of competing at a Provincial level competition that I qualified for! I mean, I stood next to some amazing ladies and that was an honour in itself!)


Intermission and the night show…

As the show ran a bit later than scheduled…

The time to relax in between the morning and afternoon show was shortened!

That being said…

We took some time to go back to the hotel, debrief, eat, enjoy...

Oats and Chicken.


To see my Dad and my brother!

It meant so much to me that they were there!
I told you that my Dad surprised me by coming right?!

Before you knew it…

It was time to go!

SuperFit with my pink suitcase ;)

After settling into our new quarters…

We realized that we had a LOOOOONNNNG wait time until we would actually get on stage again for the final presentations! (Like 4 hours long!)

During this time…

MP and I chit chatted, ate our last competition meal and texted with friends and family! (I was texting Krysten who was in the audience. She had never been to a bodybuilding show before so, she was keeping me updated on what she was seeing. She got an eyeful of muscle that’s for sure lol It was cute!)

We sat on the floor underneath the beauty bar  lol

I must admit…

I (we) was getting really tired as time passed! (So, we got up and started taking more pictures!)

I was getting so tired that my tummy was starting to bloat.
I'm not joking! 


The Finals…

A few hours into the night show

SuperFit could see both MP and I were fading away (were were pooped as were others around us (who were laying down on the floor lol))


He gave us the green light on a few sweets! (That was sure to rev things back up into gear! lol)

No doubt…

We were all excited about having a little sugar!

SuperFit hadn't had sugar in a loooong time as he was supporting me throughout my diet!
I thought it was sweet that we could all savour this moment together...Literally! lol

It was mmmm mmm good!


Soon time...

The Figure category got called out! (This meant Sue was up!)

No doubt...

We were thrilled to hear that she came in 5th!

Wahoo Sue!

Once my category finally got called out…

I went out on stage, waved to the audience, did a few poses in our line up (back and front) then…

Headed backstage to pack up my things! (Trust me, it was a really quick process as the awards were only presented to the top 5 (who were called back onto the stage). All others could leave at this point (the Pros were coming in soon after us!). Badaboom Badabing! Done lol)

**We're not exactly sure where MP and I placed as the results have not yet been posted. I shall keep you, well, posted lol **Update: I placed 6th out of 16! Really happy with that!**


Time to go....

While packing up my suitcase…

I grabbed myself an apple (and a handFUl of chocolates) then...

Made my way to the auditorium to see my family and friends! (MP and I quickly changed somewhere in between! lol)

I was happy to see everyone and I was excited to see Krysten! (Who would be joining us for our post-competition celebratory dinner along with her husband Jamie, Jess and her boyfriend Andrew!)

My aunt and uncle!
Me and Krysten...

All in all…

Competing at the OPA Ontario Championships was an absolute blast and…

I enjoyed every moment of it!

I am beyond grateFUl for everyone who came out to cheer (in person and virtually) and…

No words could ever tell you how much that meant to me!

Also (and once again)...

I want to take this time to thank my Coach! (SuperFit

Thank you for all that you do in making me see that I really can achieve anything I put my mind to! (Thank you for your patience, your wisdom and for just being you! I love you!)

And, Joan...

I can't thank you enough for making me shine bright in my Daydreams Fitnesss Wear Bikini(So grateFUl for your support!)


Final thoughts...

I learned a lot from this experience and…

I very much valued competing alongside some of the top competitors across the Province!

I’m happy with what I brought forward, I am proud of what I accomplished and…

I will apply all that I've learned into my next competition prep! (I won’t be stopping here!)

When is my next competition you ask?

We’ll see! (Hehe!)

Stay Tuned for the post OPA Ontario Championships Celebrations On *CaNdY FiT*!

*Thank you to all the organizers, staff and volunteers for putting on a great event!**


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  1. the child says you look so so so so so FANCY!!!!


  2. So proud of you!! I loved following along on your journey!

  3. yayayayaya!!! SO HAPPY I got to see you compete!! LOVE! You rocked it!

    1. I am so happy that you were there Krysten!!! Much love <3

  4. You look amazing! You're such an inspiration. Hugs and congrats!

  5. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    you look great, congrats! I always thought about competing but I would def need a coach, looks like a lot of hard work but pays off!

    1. I couldn't have done it without my Coach! And, thanks so much!

  6. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    Great Job Girl!! So nice to see how it all went, I never was to a Show before!

  7. You look amazing girl!!! Xo

  8. You look fantastic!! I loved reading about the competition. So awesome to hear what a positive and fun experience it was for you. I love that you are happy with your body and all that you have achieved - you definitely should be!!!! Congratulations!!!

    1. Thank you so much Kim! It was such a great experience...I don't regret a single thing! The whole weekend was amazing!

  9. Great Post! Awesome job!!! :)

  10. YAY! I had a blast 'spectating' through Krysten and Jess's IG posts! You looked FABULOUS!

  11. I think you looked like 1st place! How amazing is you butt?! LOL!

    Enjoy all of those yummy foods and knowing you did your best. xoxo

  12. Awesome.... such a great story.

  13. congrats on such an awesome competition! You looked drop dead gorgeous, all your hard work and dedication truly paid off! Such an inspiration!

    1. Thank you Laura! I had a great time and will forever remember what fabulous experience it was! :)

  14. ah, you're a rock star girl. I'm so "fu"king proud of you!!


  15. You look amazing and I LOVE your attitude...makes you even more beautiful!!!

  16. You are beautiful inside and out!!! I love your positive attitude and think it's one that all competitors should have!! You looked amazing and I'm so happy that you were able to enjoy the entire experience! I love love love that your Dad surprised you!

    1. Thank you Maria! I was so surprised! Made my weekend even MORE special! xo

  17. Great job girl! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself. Those are some fABulous photos!!! ;) Rawwwwr!

  18. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    I have no idea why but I'm sitting here crying (happy kind). When you got called for that second round I was so excited. You workers so hard and look amazing! Thank you for taking us on this journey.

    1. awwww! Thank you so much Carli!!! xoxox

  19. I said it before and I will say it again, your attitude has completely changed my mind about this sport. Thank you for being YOU and for being wonderful and gracious.

    You look amazing and I love your bikini! I can't wait to see what is next for you.

    1. You leave me speechless. Thank you xo

  20. i feel so extremely blessed to have found your blog in the last year because your light and energy are amazing. You are a constant reminder that it's great to push to be our best selves, but only if that really means BEING our selves. Congratulations on the results of all of your hard work and enjoying your moment!!

    1. I can't thank you enough for you kind words. They have truly touched my heart. Thank you xo

  21. I'm so proud of you!! You look amazing, all that hard work really paid off. Love the video of them yelling for you, too! And how sweet of Krysten to come!

    1. Thank you! Loved having her there too!

  22. Wow, I had no idea how much work went into the actual competition night, and you rocked it! Congratulations on following through and accomplishing YOUR GOAL! What a feeling that must have been! I hope you're still on cloud 9 and eating something sweet! xx, k!

  23. Congratulations! I am so inspired by you! You are totally amazing and i loved following you on this adventure.

    Ox ox,

    1. Thank you Margo! And thanks for your virtual cheers! xox

  24. Amazing Kierston!! I'm so proud of you! You worked so hard and congratulations. I know that I've said it before but your perspective and attitude are both so incredible and inspiring. It is about the journey and it is about bringing the best you to the table.

  25. I LOVE your attitude Kierston! You looked amazing & that friggin beautiful suit too!!! I know how hard these competitions are even though I did bodybuilding so I give you soooooo much credit for just doing it & placing where you placed - amazing! It is hard stuff AND the competition seems to be harder every year with so many now doing it.... CONGRATS!!

  26. You're amazing. Beautiful, humble, and gracious. Oh, and, per the tornado, fancy :-)

  27. SUPPPPER proud of you! You look amazing in all the pics. And you are so on it with your total approach to how you FEEL vs. where you place :) Great job pretty lady, I'm super jealous of your hair - it's gorgeous.

  28. You are a rock star and embody what life is all about. Going out there, doing your best, and loving every moment. To me, that's always what wins. Love you girl!!

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  30. Congratulations!!!!! You looked amazing and so happy to be up there on the stage.

  31. You looked so dang good up there! COngratulations!

    Glad you always have a positive attitude!
    Hope you've been enjoying some, well deserved, delicious foods!

  32. LOVE your positive attitude--even more inspirational than your amazing physical progress!

  33. You looked SO SO beautiful!!!!! I am so proud of you for rocking it!!!

    Congrats! <3


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