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Proud, Strong & Beautiful: The Girls of Florida Fitness Aylmer

Hey everyone!

I hope this day finds you well and happy!

So today my friends....

I have something special for ya!

As my FloridaFitness Aylmer Teammates prepare themselves for their upcoming competition this coming weekend with Serious About Fitness and Physique Canada

I wanted to highlight these amazing ladies as they get ready to step on stage in less than 2 sleeps from now!

If anything…

I am so, SO proud of each and every one of them as…

I know how hard they’ve worked in getting themselves to where they are today!

The commitment, dedication, sweat, strength and (not limited to) patience they have put into their prep is like no other and…

I want to take this moment to congratulate every single one of them in making their goals a reality!

No matter what happens on competition day…

They are all winners in my eyes as…

They’ve all achieved something they put their minds and hearts to!

The Girls of Florida Fitness Aylmer, coached by the amazing SuperFit...

Are strong & beautiful women and…

They have all demonstrated that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself!

So, without further ado…

Please say hello and wish these amazing ladies good luck as they share a taste into their competitive journeys with you here today!

**Missing in action: Dani, Gina and Melissa**


1. Why did you decide to compete?

Iron Moe:

After an 18 year hiatus from the stage (due to job, and injuries), it’s been nice to get back into contest shape. I want to hit my golden years not looking golden or silver for that matter, but healthy and mobile. 


The first time I competed I did it as a personal challenge.  I was looking for a goal that would push me to train harder and eat cleaner. If anything, I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I was committed to following my meal plan and my training program! Overtime, my commitment led me to see visible results and progress to my physique! If there's one thing I learned very quickly it's that... I enjoyed the whole journey from start to finish! (So much that I just had to do it again!).  As soon as my last competitive season ended, I met with my coach Ken Clement from Florida Fitness Aylmer and we discussed my competing again. We put a plan together and started working on areas to build upon. I kept my focus throughout the off season not only for competitive reasons but, because being fit and healthy was a lifestyle I chose to live by 100% of the time.  Personally, I see competing as a way of improving myself as well as trying to become a ‘better version of me’. I feel like that’s exactly what I've been doing.


I chose to compete because I wanted to see where my body/ mind could go as far as conditioning, self-improvement, discipline and motivation went! I’ve learned that a competition is far more than just your physical appearance but that it’s also a big mental challenge. It makes you see how far you can push your limits and, it enables you learn a lot about yourself. This journey was by far the most difficult thing I have ever faced but yet, it has been one of the most rewarding and beneficial experiences too! 


I chose to compete once again (for the 6th time to be exact) because I love the challenge, the discipline, the camaraderie and spirit that we develop within Team FFA . Competition day is exciting, emotional, fun filled and memorable.


After my first competition (October 2012), I wasn't sure if I wanted to compete again for a number of reasons. After giving it some thought, I decided I would give it another shot. The last time I competed, I placed 4th in Physique Canada and Top 8 in SAF which I was really proud of. This year, I decided to compete again because I wanted to take my body to the next level and ultimately, see what else it (and I) was capable of transforming into. If anything, I wanted to improve in certain areas which, eventually turned into my new motivation. Overtime, I've learned that the competition part for me is what helps me stay disciplined. It also helps me keep my eye on the prize. I’ve realized that I am more motivated when I have a goal set in mind and in place. Competing is fun and the experience is amazing. Every competition is a new learning experience for me and, I don’t regret any of the moments, good or bad!


I decided to compete again because I wanted to show that I’ve progressed through the off-season. For me, competing is not about winning because in my opinion, if you make it to the stage, you are already a winner. Competing is about setting goals and reaching them.

Photo by Chris Kiez

2. What do you love most about the prep and what have you found to be the most difficult (if anything)?

Iron Moe

I love gaining muscle and I’ve always loved lifting hot and heavy. I love clean eating, watching my body transform and the discipline it requires to compete (I love how these things trickle into the rest of my daily regime too). What’s most difficult for me is not consuming sweets as I have a sweet tooth!


I love every single part of it. Even when not competing, I workout 5 or 6 days a week and follow a very clean diet (of course I allow myself treats once in a while ;)).  I can say that the dieting and training part are the easiest parts for me as I really enjoy the structure and the planning of competition prep. The most difficult part of my prep is my patience. I’ve realized that every prep is different and that it can be hard and stressful not to see results right away or as fast as you’d wish them to appear.  Accepting yourself and staying focused are important to being successful in your prep to the stage.

Don’t give up, keep working hard and things will change. Trust your body.


The thing I love the most about my prep is the TRAINING! I’ve always loved training but now that I have a great trainer, I’ve become so much more efficient and productive! I used to be the girl who did 40 minutes of heavy cardio every day and be in the gym for 2 ½ hours! Now, I've learned how to get the best results without over-training and with minimal cardio. I've also learned that good rep range and heavy weight is the way to go (with the good form of course)!

The most difficult part of the prep is the diet. The diet is clearly a big mental discipline. You have to push through it no matter how hard it gets. 


I love being challenged with a variety of new exercises and pushing myself beyond the limits of the past throughout my prep. I also love observing the constant physical transformations my body goes through as well as seeing how my physique improves with every year that passes. In terms of the most difficult parts of preparing for a competition, things like busy work schedules, keeping to your diet and making/finding the time to train at the gym can prove to be hard at times. Also, as life can hit us with some hard/emotional events to work through, I still have to find the strength I know I have to hold my head up high, train and eat properly rather than wallow in self-pity.

Having a goal like a competition helps me refocus. It may sound like I am complaining but I am not, I am just stating the reality of my prep. It’s fun and worthwhile for me as it involves some thought and anything we truly value.


Well, what I love most about my prep is seeing my body transform week to week as well as the self-satisfaction it brings to me when I know I can accomplish so much. I also enjoy the challenge it gives me to stay focused, on track and disciplined. I have to say that this time around the most difficult aspect of my prep has been dealing with stress and a few health issues. It had me worried that I may not have been able to possibly reach my full potential but, by staying positive, that really helped me deal with all of it.  The support of my family, friends and teammates did too, of course!


I love the changes in me. No matter if they are small changes, I still take notice of them all and, that’s important to me. I feel that my conditioning and tone are better this time than the last. The most difficult part of my prep has been meal preparations for my family. I have to say, making spare ribs or some other tasty food is difficult when you are not able to enjoy it. Lately, I have been cooking by smell. I think it is working; the kids have not complained.

3. What is one tip you would give to someone who is thinking of competing?

Iron Moe:

Keep it clean, natural, and healthy. Do it for yourself not for anyone else.

Photo by Chris Kiez


Enjoy the journey! Enjoy every single moment and remember that everything is in the way you see things.... Attitude is everything, regarding the food cravings or lack of energy. It’s all in your mind so stay strong and positive about it! Life is more than unhealthy food and sugar (of course it’s fun in moderation lol), focus on what you’re allowed to eat instead of complaining on what you can’t have. Enjoy the flavours of clean, pure food, the freshness of veggies and notice how great your body feels when you feed it right. After all, competing is a personal choice not a punishment. Also, working hard on improving yourself makes you want to improve every aspect of your life and personal being! Appreciate the people around you more, take time to enjoy their presence, their support and, realize how lucky you are to have friends and family that really care for you.

One of the best parts of competing is that you get a chance to meet so many great people with the same taste and lifestyle as you. Take the time to get to know those people and, learn from them. Chances are, new friendships will be born ;)


One tip I would give to anyone thinking of competing would be to prepare yourself both mentally and physically. And most importantly, be organized in your prep! It’s when you’re not prepared that the cheats/fall backs are easier to take place. 

FUelling up on competition eats at Costco with Teammates Rose and Dani.


If you are thinking of competing, "just do it"' no matter your age or physique. Go watch a competition and seek out the advice of the experts: qualified trainer, posing instructor, suit designer. Honestly, these are all essential tools in having a successful prep. Furthermore, participate in seminars offered by the federation you choose to compete in.  Enjoy the journey and go for it.

"The greatest failure is the failure to try"

The Girls of FFA with Joan from Daydreams Fitness Wear!


If I was to give one tip to someone thinking of competing it would be "BE PATIENT".  You may not see results right away but, know that they are coming. Everyone reacts differently to diets and training programs so be patient with your own progress. It's a science really. If you are patient, you will not be disappointed once you start seeing your results. Trust me, the feeling you will have will be amazing as things evolve. Believe in yourself :)


I learned that I need to be patient with myself and others, so I guess that would be my tip: be patient.


Thank you ladies for taking the time to share parts of your journey with us today!


I am so proud of all of you and I can't wait to see you all on stage this coming Saturday!


Enjoy, have FUn and SMILE! :)

Question FU You...

Is competing something that interests you?

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. seriously so gorgeous! all those fit ladies!

  2. Great stories and advise! Did this start in Florida? I always got confused on the name of the gym ;)

    1. LOL no it didn't. We just wish we had Florida weather all year round hehe ;)

    2. haha you sure about that? I'd trade ya - 90, rainy and super humid today ;) - BUT you are MORE than welcome to visit any time!

  3. Great stories! Great inspiration. Good luck to everyone.

    I do have the same question as Kat - I always have to remind myself that you aren't in Florida ;-)

  4. What an inspirational group of women. Thanks for sharing their stories.

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  6. Amazing group. So strong and beautiful, the title is perfect.

    And SuperFit is strong and beautiful, too! I got you bro, don't worry.

  7. Amazing ladies! All of you! Hard work and dedication to the max - and it visibly pays off :)


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