Thursday, June 27, 2013

AROO: Channelling My Inner-Spartan!

Hey everyone...

I hope this day finds you well! (Just one more day until the long weekend for us Canadians!)

If anything...

I'm happy to tell you that I'm feeling 90% better since my food allergy and/or stomach flu! (Mild cramping here and there but manageable nonetheless! FUew!)

Needless to say...

I was happy to be back at the gym last night!

I trained like my old FU self again :)

Alright so down to some business...

As mentioned to you yesterday...

I haven't been able to find my running mojo!

Sad but true.

I mean...

I just don't know what's going on!

I dunno.

And, unfortunately for me...

It's not really coming at the right time!


Why? Because...

I have my Super Spartan Race coming up this weekend (ya, this race seems to have creeped up on me out of nowhere lol)...

Channelling my inner-warrior again!
Finding my inner-Spartan last June at the Spartan Beast Race!


I can't even seem to run a kilometre without trouble!

Not even on the treadmill!


My body just doesn't want to go yet...

My mind does! (Or maybe not and I'm just FUling myself!)

I mean...

I get excited when putting my runners on but then...

The moment I hit the pavement...

Or trail.

I just can't seem to get going. 

I'm thinking I should call Nookie.


I'm hoping I can get one #brilliantrun in before this Sunday! (At least one!!!)

We'll see how it goes! (Crossing my fingers I survive the race lol)

Super Sly, Nookie, SuperFit, Annie and myself are
running this race as a Team.
I'm sure it will be FUn and...HARD! lol
There's always time for a FUFACE no matter the situation ;)

Questions FU You...

Have you ever lost your running mojo?
Have you ever run a Spartan Race?
When's the last time you had a #brilliantrun?
Want to help me channel my inner-Spartan? lol

Stay Tuned FU More On *CaNdY FiT*


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  1. I'm sure once you get out there you'll be fine. I hear it's a cool one to do - just have FUn. :)

  2. Have a blast at Spartan, get your FUface on!

  3. I bet the fun of the race atmosphere will get you going. The treadmill is hard to get excited about on the best of days!

  4. I hope the race goes well. I think everyone goes through stages of losing their running mojo, hopefully the race goes well and then that helps bring it back for you.

    It is so weird, I'm subscribed to your blog via email but never got the email for this post. I double checked I was subscribed and it said I was. I went back to older posts on your blog and realized I haven't got an email sent to me about your new posts for ages, not sure what is going on but thought I should give you a heads up :)

    1. I don't know why that is! I tried fixing the issue but it's not resolving...obviously lol

      I hope it brings it back one piece ;)

  5. Have fun!! My husband ran the Super Spartan last year and loved it!

  6. Once you are there, I'm sure you will just go, go, go! My running mojo is kind of all over the place right now. One day it's here. The next - gone!

    1. So frustrating! I'm just going to go with the flow :) That should work...right?! lol

  7. Good luck girl! Sometimes a break helps...bodies need rest to regenerate of course. Or even finding a pretty run path for nice scenery? Company for chit chat time?

  8. just have fun with it! don't worry about time or speed or anything like. make your FUface and power on, girl! xo

  9. I've lost my running mojo a few times... no worries. By the time it's race day you'll be ready to tackle the BEAST! :)

  10. I've been struggling with my running for awhile. Like you, I don't know what the problem is - I want to run but when I do it isn't pretty!!
    I hope that you have a spectacular race this weekend!!

  11. Good luck in your race. Maybe the fun of the event will help you get your running spirit back.

    I will have a post on this topic on the blog tomorrow (mostly because I've been tired and lacking running inspiration myself lately). Check it out, there may be a few ideas that can help.

    1. Looking forward to your tips!

  12. YOU CAN DO IT!! Sending you Running Rainbows and Sparkly Mojo Power!

  13. You will have a blast girl! Once you get out there you will feel the adrenaline and do fine! :-)

  14. AROOO! Or is it AR-FUUUUU! I did not enjoy the overall Spartan Race experience (the race itself was OK), but I love seeing really fit people tackle the event. Best of luck!

  15. this will help that running rut! for sure! it's fun!!! p.s. glad the tummy is better. not fun.

  16. I always go into periods where I'd do anything other than run and then times when I love it! I completed my second Spartan a few weeks back and I didn't run before hand to prepare, I just did it. However, the course is very hilly and therefore, more of a hike/trail than a running route.
    I know you'll be fine once race day hits, you'll adrenaline will propel you and take you to the finish line!! ArRROOOO! ;)

  17. I had great mojo these past 2 weeks. Then this week came and I've sunk. And I need to get out tonight for an easy 3 miler. So to help motivate, I think I'll catch the trail running group in my area tonight. Hope you find your mojo! Because it sounds like you'll need it! LOL. But I don't think it can be found on a deadmill. those things suck. Best to you and this beastly race!

  18. Waving my sparkly spartan wand and giving you some serious's ooooooooooooooge!!!

  19. I have definitely been in this spot! I kind of am right now. I have found that when I get going and keep at it even if I'm frustrated I find my groove. You're in fantastic shape so I have no doubt you'll crush the Spartan race. Good luck!


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